• HPE

    HPE is a set of PHP scripts that collects updates from a collection of sites around the web and displays them in news boxes which can be organized on a number of pages. It uses MySQL to store data, and includes PHP3 functions that support formats raging from XML/RSS to raw HTML parsing. It also lets users select news sources and display them on a number of pages...

  • Personal Open Directory (POD)

    The Personal Open Directory calls the Netscape Open Directory (a mirror of the Open Directory Project, and a site which is better networked that ODP itself) to provide you and your users with a Web experience which looks like they've never left your site. It isn't done with homely frames or with the need to parse the huge RDFs from ODP itself, but rather grabbing the data in real-time from NOD. Not only can you customize its output, but if you run or have access to MaxComm and are an Associate, it will automatically add book links to..

  • CGI XSLT processor, is a pure Perl XSLT parser. It requires XML::Parser and CGI packages (very likely you have them) and version of Perl higher then 5.6.0. The program was designed for use as a small server which can accept user request, output result and save data on the local disk. It supports both unicode and bytes characters models. Not all XSLT 1.0 constructions are implemented and some extra features are added. ..