Server Management

  • UserGate security server

    Protect your network with UserGate Internet security server, designed to allow Internet access to be delivered safely and securely across your network. Prevent your LAN and/or Intranet users from accessing inappropriate web resources with UserGate's flexible sets of rules. Ensure that your user's computers receive only traffic that is clear of spam and viruses by using UserGate's powerful combination of dual-core Panda and Kaspersky Antiviruses...

  • Serv Ping Website and Webserver Monitoring

    Don't let downtimes ruin your business! Great website uptime means more visitors to your website. Anything can happened on the web. Your webhost uptime information might be different from your site as they might be hosted on a different server. Internal server uptime monitoring can also irrelevant as they're inside the same firewall. Servping provides website and web server monitoring and send you email or SMS when downtime happens. You can rapidly response and save your business. Actively monitors from geographically differs on 9 point across ..

  • WinaXe Windows X Server

    Windows X Server, Run Linux and Unix on Windows Desktop. The WinaXe Windows X Server is a program that emulates the X terminal on your PC. WinaXe is XServer implementation of the X11 R6 release of the X Window System. The X Server can run one or more X Window based client applications (X clients) that are resident on a host computer. The host can be any computer that supports the X protocol..

  • Arctor D2D Backup

    Arctor D2D Backup is a powerful online server managemnt tool using which you can backup files and folders from the system. This program gives a hot redundancy solution for your data backups and enables you to to retrieve latest version of your files from the archive. This utility supports spreadsheets, address books, word documents, database files, images, videos, etc., and creates a disk mirror where you can copy all your important files to a CD or DVD with your favorite CD writing software...

  • mod_rewrite made easy

    The most useful mod_rewrite resource: tutorials, guides and examples. A detailed explanation picks builds on the sparse official documentation, providing an invaluable resource for all webmasters wishing to utilize the power of mod_rewrite. Caters for beginner to advanced abilities. ..

  • ActivXperts Network Monitor

    ActivXperts Network helps you to keep the servers in your network functioning well. It provides numerous ways to avoid and detect serious errors on your servers. It uses different ways to monitor the states of the network servers, like: ICMP checking, TCP connectivity checking, service state detection, event log content checking, disk space checking, database checking, and many more. You can also write your own user-defined check routines in VBScript. It supports latest technologies; enhanced technologies like WMI and ADSI, offers easy installa..

  • Ubuntu Web Server Setup Automation Script

    Every linux server administrator sometimes find a difficult situation when preparing web server for their sites. In some case they may need to learn how to setup each web server on every linux OS version. With this utility you can automate your installation of web server of your choice. This utility support these web server : 1. Apache2 2. Nginx 3. Lighttpd and also MySQL, PostgreSQL, and FTP server. Notes : Only support Ubuntu Server 9.04 - 15.04..