Customer Support

  • Macro Independence

    Macro Independence is a Windows utility that records and plays back mouse and keyboard events and save to file simultaneity.It allows you to record your keyboard strokes and mouse movements. Then you can replay those recorded events at anytime. Macro Independence is used to control, monitor, trigger, or report on your windows automation actions without any operator/work people. In additional, Macro Independence is your Auto Operated System solution. ..

  • Sales-n-Stats Free edition

    Sales-n-Stats Free Edition is a fully-featured package, combining Live Chat and Web Statistics. Unlike other software companies, we do not trim the functionality of the free version of our software with Sales-n-Stats Free Edition you get all the features of the commercial version. The only limitation is an amount of daily web traffic being analyzed and a number of live chat sessions per day. Employ Sales-n-Stats at no cost!..

  • Omnistar Kbase Knowledgebase Software

    Omnistar KBase is a dynamic knowledge base software system that empowers you to create dual repositories of searchable and useful information for your website visitors and internal employees. With Omnistar Kbase, you get a full FAQ section, a customizable user interface, a user feedback section, and even a built in glossary feature, all in one easy to use package...

  • Sales-n-Stats Live: 3 in 1 customer care software.

    Sales-n-Stats Live is 3 in 1 software for adding online customer service to your website, monitoring current business situation at your site and analyzing its performance via website statistics. This software along with live help via text or voice (VoIP) chat will recognize your visitors, e.g. returning or VIP clients. The information about what they are currently doing or did in the past is at your fingertips. All that and much more, comes to your business with Sales-n-Stats Live software...

  • AnswerChat

    This is an online Customer Relationship Management program with which you can provide live chat service to your online visitors to clear their doubts regarding your products thereby increase your sales volume as well as you can build better relationship with your customers. It comes in three different packages with different feature options to suit any type of business. Some of the important features of this tool allows unlimited chats per month, tracks visitors of your site, ability to push web pages or files, real time visitor counter box, al..

  • e-Contacto

    This is a simple and easy to use tool with which you will be able to provide live chat support to your online website visitors and customers in real time. The features that are available with this tool include the ability to send and receive chat messages by email, provides sound alerts whenever a visitor is online, allows the visitos to leave messages when the support staff is offline and has many other features. More features are available in the Pro version of this tool...

  • StaffOnline Audio video live customer support and live help

    StaffOnline offers you the possibility to interact with Web surfers online. With StaffOnline , agents that are online are reachable in audio video and chat with a simple click. They will be able to offer much more interactive and assertive services, making your business more accessible and your website more human...

  • Close fit Help desk support software

    Close Support is a suite of applications that operate together to allow your organization to manage its technical support operation. Working with Close Support will make your help desk become more effective and in better control. This table provides a brief introduction to the Close Support applications and exactly what is included with each of the purchase options. Click on any link to get further information. ..

  • Web Site Hitchhiker With Master Resell Rights

    Website HitchHiker is an easy to use Javascript browser that attaches itself to your webpages. Visitors to your site can EASILY bookmark, print pages, search, and more. In addition, you can move the HitchHiker to anywhere on your page. Users can close the Website HitchHiker and easily bring it back by double clicking anywhere on your page. The script is easy to install. All you have to do is copy the code into body of your page and upload 2 images. It's something that is different and will get your website remembered. ..

  • Pathworks Software

    Pathworks Software offers innovative help desk and customer support software for a Web 2.0 world. We offer Self Service that simply works, tech support for the masses, and powerful procedure management. Pathworks leverages the web to accelerate problem resolution for agents and customers. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings drive up agent productivity by providing highly assisted self-service. ..

  • Gulfstream Helpdesk

    Web based customer support solution designed to suit businesses of all sizes- from one-person-shops to the world's largest corporations. It provides organizations with the ability to effectively manage email flow, improving overall customer support and satisfaction. In addition, the software is created with the advanced knowledge base support, which facilitates sharing of valuable expertise with customers and employees...

  • Live Chat Software

    Karichat is an award winning Live Chat Software for small business websites starting at only $4.95/month. Great for increasing Sales and providing Live Help to your customers. Try it for Free today. ..

  • CRM

    CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a CRM software which is a collection of methodologies that helps an organization to build the relationship with their customers in an organized way. With this system, an organization can cater the needs of their customers quickly and efficiently and allow them to contact the right personnel to clear their doubts. The CRM tools will give the support professionals of your organization to access the details of the customers immediately so that they could give a personal touch to the customers who are cont..

  • Instant Housecall Remote Support

    Securely control your customer's mouse and keyboard from anywhere through firewalls and routers. No port forwarding and no dynamic IPs to worry about. Invitation-only access. Work from your home, office, or Internet cafe. Reboot your customer's PC into safe mode, Auto-reconnect, Transfer files, Chat, Accept online payment, and Track session history. Vista and UAC support. 15 Day Unlimited Free Trial. Lots of free goodies...

  • Communicate

    The Communicate is an online customer support tool that can be used to create a community of your website visitors. It provides the webmasters or site owners with the data regarding any actions that is taking place on their website. It allows to monitor the actions of their online visitors, ability to locate the country of your visitor, allows you to interact with them and to solve their queries, and much more..

  • RealTimeQuery: Live Help System for Websites & More

    The perfect tool for offering live help to your website visitors. With RealTimeQuery your visitors can contact you while visiting your website. The program acts as a server on your PC not depending on external servers. RealTimeQuery tracks your visitors and shows their country, IP, the webpage the visitor is seeing, the operating system, the web browser, and the webpage from where the visitor accessed your site. The program presents a worldmap where you can see the number of visitors from each c..