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Online tutorials and guidelines on how to program in ruby on rails.
  • Listing files in a directory with Rails

    In a recent application I am building I needed to pull file names and directory names from a local directory. I searched all over the net for this and found nothing. After reviewing a few of rails built in functions I came across Dir.glob(). If you feed this method a path to a directory it will then come back with an array of the names and directories listed..

  • visual_effect with a delay

    One of the coolest things I ran across in RJS was the delay method. This delay method will do just that and delay a number of seconds. So lets say you need to highlight something that was just added to the page after the user submits it...

  • SEO on Rails

    and Tricks for improving your RoR app so it is search engine friendly. ..

  • Rails and SQL queries

    Ruby on Rails is Model-View-Controller web-application framework. Rails uses ActiveRecord database abstraction classes to work with SQL tables. However, sometimes it is more convenient to work with plain SQL queries(without any model classes) for specific database operations. ..