Scripts and Programs

List of scripts and programs written in ruby on rails
  • Ezror

    Ezror is the easy, simple way to install and configure everything you need to get your Rails app up and running. Simple download the script, enter in the required information and Ezror will take care of the rests. Its really that simple!..

  • Onyx Gallery

    Onyx is an open source Ruby on Rails based image gallery. It is designed to be clean and intuitive, flexible, customizable, and quick. Features Customizable Themes(more coming soon) Organize Images by Category/Tag Secure Admin area Upload your images from your computer or a direct URL Built-In RSS feed generator Cool Image Viewer & Slidehow Comments for each Image ..

  • IP2Location open source APIs in Ruby

    IP2Location is a Ruby library that enables the user to find the country, region, city, coordinates, zip code, ISP and domain name that any IP address or hostname originates from...

  • Mystic

    Mystic is an open source trouble ticket system written in ruby on rails(RoR). It is designed to be fast, flexible and customizable. It also provides a simple, easy to use interface that's quite intuitive...

  • Thistle

    Thistle is an open source tumblelog application that's easy to install and easy to configure. Thistle supports several post types: text, quotes, link, photo, video, event and code. ..

  • SaaS Rails Kit

    The SaaS Rails Kit is a software as a service "starter kit" that provides a pain-free way to add subscription management, recurring billing, and credit card management functionality to any Rails app, so developers can quickly build membership-based web services using Ruby on Rails. Features: -No local credit card storage. - Automated billing script runs nightly for anniversary billing. - Automated notification and retry of failed renewals. - Free accounts and one-month trials are supported...

  • Amethyst

    Amethyst is an open source, ruby on rails based blog application. It is customizable, user-friendly, and very simple to use. Whether your like to write technical articles, personal babblings, or any sort of notable thought, Amethyst can organize it for you!..

  • Kandan a free open source chat app

    Kanban is an open source Ruby on Rails chat application that supports multiple chat rooms and channel. It also support file uploads. It sports a clean interface and chat rooms or conversations can be opened as tabs. Kandan's code and assets are dual-licensed. Kandan is available generally under the AGPL, and also under a custom license via special agreement. The slickest chat app out there. Open-source and well-supported to boot...