Web Traffic Analysis

  • CQ Counter

    CQ Counter is an online tracker that allow webmasters to analyse their website traffic periodically. By using this script webmasters can find through which search engine or website did the visitor enter the website, number of hits made by them daily, weekly, hourly, monthly etc., what type of operating system is used by the visitors, browser type used by them, how many times the pages are reloaded and visitors IP address. Password protected statistics is available with pro version..

  • Seo Stats

    Know how many backlinks and indexed pages your site have in the biggers search engines ..

  • KlickPatrol - Monitor and reduce Click Fraud

    KlickPatrol is an advanced click fraud monitoring service that allows you to track PPC ad clicks from all of your campaigns across multiple domains. Detailed reporting allows you to search on keywords, search engines, and high risk click behavior. KlickPatrol also supports visitor alerting when click fraud is suspected, a surprisingly effective means of deterring pay per click fraud. The script is easy to set up and involves including a small snippet of javascript on your landing page...

  • UA Tracker Project

    The UA Tracker Project was developed to analyze unique user-agent strings from everyday web traffic. User-agent data is collected from any website displaying the UA Tracker icon. User-agents are logged in a database, counted, and displayed in a table. Unique strings are saved to a simple plain-text file, with the most common strings located at the top. Since the data is updated in real-time, the file is always up-to-date with the most common user-agents. The text file is available for download, ..

  • ROI Web Site Traffic

    Online service for calcuating return on investments put into advertising. Effective system and affordable pricing. Automatic code generation. Convenient and easy-to-use Web interface of admin area with step-by-step wizard for advertisement campaigns. Complete financial reports of different types about return of your investments. Information about your advertisement campaigns will be password protected from unauthorized access or modifications...

  • URLLogs.com

    Use any of our huge collection of sub/domains to track your ad. cmpaigns, traffic links, leads, page nacigation. Integrates in flash easily, SEO friendly, 100% anoynmous and transparent redirection. Friendly user-interface, totally free...

  • Google PageRank on Your Website

    PageRank is Google's way of deciding a page's importance. It matters because it is one of the factors that determine a page's ranking in the search results. It isn't the only factor that Google uses to rank pages, but it is an important one. Now you can add a free PageRank image and display Google's PageRank of your website to your visitors - without a toolbar. Its very easy to install - just choose one of the fancy PageRank image designs, grab the HTML code from our website and paste it into your website! ..

  • Estats4all

    Estats4all is a counter program which is used to track the website. This script tracks the visitors information and display it on the website they are, number of page hits, counts download files, top ten referers, it avoid repeated hits by the visitors by storing IP address and cookies, top territories, top ten domains, views per day graphic, system resolution etc., Users can hide the referer logs and also they can enable or disable their own hits...

  • tetigi

    The statistics available on Tetigi provide an in-depth knowledge of the audience and a detailed analysis of your web site performance. You are given all the elements necessary to evaluate the opportunity of making any changes to increase traffic or to better focus on your users target. Tetigi statistics can be accessed through the following menus: Visits, Referrers, Pages, Visitors and System. Moreover, the Administration menu contains a full range of options to customize most of functions...

  • Stat08.com - Web traffic tracker and analytic

    Stat08.com offer free service of web traffic tracker, counter with graphical graph. All information of your site's visitors will be tracked such as daily/monthly unique visitors and page loads, external referrer, search engine referrer, keyword search, visitor path and many other information that benefit to your business. Member will get web site uptime monitoring which provide you an alert both email and SMS (optional) alert when your web site down or interrupted. All services is FREE. ..

  • Free Conversions Tracking, Heat Map, and Geo Location Tool

    Conversionstats.com allows you to track multiple websites in a easy and simple interface, unlike other tracking tools. Conversoins allows you to track your sales conversions from paypal, 2checkout, and other major payment gateways. Compare your conversions and visitors on our search engines results, payperclick campaigns, and more. You also get a free heat map for all your websites and a unique geo location tracking tool for your site, all free...

  • HotSEOToolKit.com

    HotSEOToolKit.com is an collection of free hot seo tools for the discerning webmaster and also free submit to over 8,000+ search engines directories and FFA( Free for all) Links pages. ..

  • eMI System

    eMI System is an effective online web traffic analyzing program that has the ability to maximize your e-market income. This remotely hosted application is bundled with several essential utilities like search engine submission and ranking, tracking resources, website optimization etc., to help you to have complete control over your online business. Through this application you would be able to increase the ROI of your advertising campaigns...

  • All is fun SEO stats

    display your site info , pages indexed , backlinks , pagerank , total pageviews , total unique visitors , today page views , today unique visitors , yesterday page views , yesterday unique visitors full customizable choose colors and info to display ... ..

  • Log Analyser

    Loganalyser.com is an online web statistics solution. Through the use of Urchin 5 software we are able to provide you with the most accurate and reliable stats available on the market..

  • Google PageRank™ checking tool

    Place a small dynamic image with your PageRank on your website and show your visitors that you're doing a good job. Attract advertisers or link traders with this small and easy to install gadget. Now support for hosted weblogs (wordpress) ..

  • Site Popularity Google Gadget

    Search Engine Optimization is a big part of today’s Website Design. Knowing how popular your site is very important too. Almost every web directory has tools to show you this but… wouldn’t it be nice if you had a simple tool that did that for you, without the hassle of entering many sites? Add this Google Gadget to your iGoogle Page or your Google Desktop, enter an URL and within seconds, get your site’s Google PageRank and Alexa Ranking, and the number of backlinks to your site, as reported by Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Altavista and AllTheWeb. ..