• Banckle Site Search

    Banckle Site Search provides secure, on-demand search engine solution for your websites. Its advanced control panel allows you to re-index or schedule automatic indexing and provides website visitors with relevant search results against accurate phrases. They can also search most common file types like; HTML, text, XML, Microsoft Office Files - Word, Excel and RTF etc. Banckle site search tracks each search submitted and provides you with reports and statistics to analyze the search trend in deep. Certainly, you can configure reports in any way..

  • Advanced Virtual Search Engine

    Advanced Virtual Search Engine is a web search engine that allows users to search the net for their search terms. This program gives choice to search the entire web or specific categories and countrywise. There are even options to select languages, number of results to be displayed per page, family filter, choices of descriptions, ranking and search to match all words, any word and exact phrase...

  • Eksploras Web Directory and Web Search

    Eksploras Web Directory and Web Search is a script that helps users to perform searches on the website. This program comes with more than 460,000 categories over 3.8 million sites. Business, news, sports, shopping, games, health, computers, recreation etc. Users can choose a specified directory to search the website contents...

  • search engine

    Add a search engine to your site. Just copy and paste the code, there are different options and layouts. We deliver relevant and high quality search results...

  • Fusion Bots Site Search Engine

    Fusion Bots Site Search Engine is a website searching program that helps users to create search engine. Through a search box, site visitors can search contents on their websites. This program offers site map, reporting solutions and site search for your website. Users can integrate this software to improve site navigation into their active website...

  • Ask Colman

    Ask Colman is a fast meta searchengine that combines the biggest searchengines in the world. Ask Colman also spiders the internet to find the best mp3 files, image files. A lot of new features will follow. Also a lot of games can be runned on Ask Colman ..

  • emetasearch

    emetasearch is a meta search engine based on javascript and results on perl. This program searches on top search engines like amazon for users search phrases. The searched outputs comply with HTML and CSS standards. This program is remotely hosted and hence users need not bother about updates. Creating this search engine on your website is just pasting an html code into your site...

  • Crazyrhino

    Crazyrhino is a search engine script where visitors can search websites for their keywords. Search results are got with documents having the maximum search keyword. This program has many features like, no database, no CGI programmming, no installation, generating intelligent reports and above all this is a free to use script..

  • My Google

    By placing a simple bit of html on your website you can add custom google search results. The code can be fully customised so that users dont realise that they have left your website/blog. NEW! you can now add you google adsense pub number to the script so you can make money off the search results. ..

  • Allayers Script Search

    Search within the best web script portals (also this one :-) for scripts, tutorials, samples and everything related to web programming. This search engine indexes and displays it's own results and does not depend on other SE's. You can suggest sites for spidering...

  • Bravenet Site Search

    Bravenet Site Search is a fastest search in which users can access the details very quickly by giving specific keyword. It is one of the easy way of site searching to fetch results, so that the customer can easily find their required needs. It will be easy to install by just coping the code and this search application can be integrated into any custom website..