Polls and Voting

  • Rate That Page - The free ratings script

    RateThatPage is a modern, dynamic way to allow the visitors of your web pages to rate your content. With no fees to pay, user friendly configuration, no fuss installation and no maintenance it is the perfect solution for both personal and business websites. ..

  • AskItOnline - Create powerful online surveys FREE

    AskItOnline is a powerful online survey creation and deployment system. Our intuitive survey builder lets you design and create your surveys in a fraction of the time. With our powerful reporting options, we help you make sense of all that data from all of your respondents. With more advanced and powerful options just around the corner, AskItOnline will soon offer the most sophisticated survey reporting options available online!..

  • Simple Polls

    Online Free Remotely Hosted Poll Service. Currently You can create your own yes/no and multiple polls, easily plug them into your web site. Main Features: * Super easy to create, easy to add and customize. * Programing skills are not required, just copy and paste it to your site. * Your hosting don't need to support PHP,ASP,JAVA or any other web programing language. ..

  • Ballot-Box.net - Polls

    Ballot-Box.net - Polls is a useful remotely hosted program for website owners to generate interactive tools on their web based systems by running multiple polls and surveys. Features included are: customizable parameters with unlimited polls creation, maximum of 15 question and answers with each poll, setting expiring date, allowing single vote from an IP address, generating results in percentage and numeric with seperate windows, archiving old polls, supports comments from voters, and still lot more...

  • Free Brolmo Poll

    When you create a poll you need to copy a single line of HTML code and then put it on your web page. There is nothing that needs to be installed by you. All files and databases are hosted on our servers. Once you put the HTML code on your web page you can edit your poll question, answers and options via your own password protected administration page and there is no need to update your pages. You can use the poll on ANY web page - HTML, HTM, PHP, ASP, CGI, PL, JSP.... and other valid html based web page. Free Brolmo Poll has been tested on almo..

  • Koops Free Polls

    Features: - No ads or pop-ups - 100% free - Unlimited polls per account - Unlimited votes per poll - Realtime statistice - Control panel - Up to 20 questions per poll - Radio buttons or drop-down menu - No PHP / MySQL required - No HTML knowledge required - 100 possible color combinations - Customisable - Anti vote-spam..

  • CreateSurvey

    Create Survey is a web-based survey software that lets you build and run online surveys in the Internet. CreateSurvey provides a powerful online survey management system. It is possible to create a complex multipage survey with branches, custom graphics and layout as well as a simple poll of several questions. Reporting is real-time with ability to download results for offline analysis. ..

  • Free Web Polls

    Looking for feedback from your Web site's visitors? This excellent free service lets you easily set up a customized, interactive opinion poll on your site. BasicPoll.com offers an easy-to-use control panel that lets you generate real-time Web polls...

  • Alxnet Poll

    This is an effective program that helps site visitors to post their opinions. This program supports questions and answer type of poll system. This program uses cookies to avoid double submissions and users can provide upto 30 different answers to every question. Users are allowed to customize poll background images, color etc according to their needs...

  • Active Websurvey

    This is a program that helps site visitors to signup and post comments and users can use WYSIWYG editor to build their own survey with questions. They can obtain poll results in a pie chart or bar graph mode. This program supports nine questinon types for each survey form and multiple surveys. Users are allowed to import survey questions from XML file and to export data into MS Excel or MS Access. This program has other features like, ability to check survey forms, ability to customize layouts of surveys and more. Admin has facilities to manage..

  • Pliner.Net Polls

    Pliner.Net Polls is your platform independent solution for your web poll processing needs. Our no experience required interface is geared towards users of all skill levels. Adding a Pliner.Net hosted poll on your web site is as easy as linking to generated Pliner.Net URL. ..

  • Free website poll creator

    A free website poll creator that you can easily implement into your website. Simply enter the fields that you want voted on, choose your color scheme, and then cut and paste a script into your website...

  • Hosted ratings and reviews solution

    Our Rating System is hosted and easy-to-deploy rating and review service. Our software is allowing customers to review and rate company's products, blogs, forums, news, any media - virtually anything that can be rated. Feature Highlights: * It's complete hosted rating and review solution. No software to install. * Our rating system allows to combine different rating dimensions into one rating box. * Rate and Review everything - blogs, movies, music, forums, cars, restaurants, hotels, websites, software, phones, travel, books, electronics, stori..

  • iSalient - Survey Solution - Powerful creation, deployment,

    iSalient provides a simple to follow pathway through the entire process of conducting a survey. When using iSalient, designing and creating survey forms, distributing the survey electronically via the web, collecting/entering and processing the responses, and finally graphically analyzing and presenting the results has never been easier. Using your responses and exporting them to another program such as a spreadsheet for further analysis gives you full control over your survey distribution proce..

  • MakeSurvey

    MakeSurvey is a powerful and interactive survey management system, enabling to organize, run and manage various types of surveys. MakeSurvey can process internet and email surveys. Vide spectrum of features lets user not only to build questioners and publish it to the respondents, but also to monitor survey process during all it's stages and analyze the results...

  • ActiveFeedback

    This is a hosted feedback program that helps companies to improve their product quality and service. This program helps users to build feedback form with multiple questions using which site visitors can post comments. This program gives business process automation and promotion to increase your site traffic. Users are allowed to download data and to protect their data. This program has other features like, ability to view reports, customizable URL, ability to publish data online and more...