News Publishing

  • BlastCasta News Script

    Try our free new script to add fresh news and other content to your website. Our Add News Wizard allows you to highly customize the appearance and many other parameters to fit any web page style. Keep your website fresh and current with BlastCasta. Do you have your own RSS feeds? Gain traffic to your site by allowing others to use your feeds as content for their websites. You can easily make your RSS feeds available to others to pull and render into their websites using our tool, and as you know, these feeds can link back to your site. And if t..

  • News Board

    Create a news board for your site. Add the code to your pages and display your site news to your visitors instantly. Update the news board at any time without having to alter the code on your website! You may customize the colors of the text and the size of the text. Width of the news board can also be configured to suit your needs..

  • Omnistar Article

    The Omnistar Article manager software is a dynamic web site article management system that will allow anyone to easily post articles, press releases, event notices and more to a customizable web page. The Omnistar Article content management software is so user friendly it can be managed by any non-technical person...

  • Omnistar Article Manager

    Using this dynamic press release manager, you will have the ability to post late breaking news, company news or any announcments. By simply filling out a form and selecting how you would like to format your press release or anticle you can post content in minutes. ..