Networking Tools

  • Gamemonitor

    Gamemonitor allows you to display the gaming server informations to your visitor on your website. It does not require any server side language and requires no programming language to setup. Some of the games supported by this script include call of duty, half life, UT2003, UT2004, counter strike etc. The script can be installed on any website easily...

  • Global Domain Name WHOIS

    Global Domain Name WHOIS is a whois lookup system that can be used to check the availability of a domain name in popular domain name extensions and supports to check over 170 domain name extensions around the world. When your user enters a domain name for whois lookup, the search result will be displayed in a new window. It can be customized easily to suit your website design...

  • Syndikut - IP Lookup

    IP Lookup is a free service which allows anybody to lookup an IP address and find out the country of origin along with registry details. You do not need any database or scripting knowledge as all the information is stored here! Whether you want to just confirm an IP address with a country or even to lookup multiple IP' s for a members area program, or even just to allow your visitors to lookup an ip address, our service can be used for a number of purposes!..