• Web-based FTP client

    Navigate the FTP server Once you have logged in, you can browse from directory to directory and see all the subdirectories and files. Upload files There are 3 different ways to upload files: the standard upload form, the upload-and-unzip functionality, and the Java Applet. Navigate the FTP server Once you have logged in, you can browse from directory to directory and see all the subdirectories and files. Download files Click on a filename to quickly download one file. Select multiple files and click on Download; the selected files will ..

  • Quotables, On Your Site

    From inspiring to hilarious, these quotes by the famous, and sometimes infamous, can be placed on your site for free via a small PHP or ASP script. Updated every day...

  • Litetext.com

    is a simple tool to post text online, no need register easy and fast , privates posts images in posts! Post your text and we will save it and generate a URL for you. ..

  • WSS Knowledge Base

    WSS Knowledge Base is a hosted application providing a Knowledge Base / FAQ management solution for your website. With the ability to reduce Customer Service calls and emails by up to 80% you can quickly see a high ROI. Features include: advanced learning search engine (key for your Customers to find the answers they want), categorisation of articles , full HTML articles, article rating, favourites, printing and "email to friend" functionality, "look and feel" and styling customisation, reporting and visuals to allow you to see exactly which ar..

  • 01conversion.com

    01conversion.com is a remotely hosted system which has number of conversion and measurements. In this system the users are allowed to know more about the conversion between the length, mass, temperature, pressure, volume, power, computer & speed storage and more. The conversion will take place in a remote server. This script is useful for students and also the visitors. No need to install on your website. ..

  • Free Article Spinner

    SpinProfit is a free article spinning service that creates unique variations of your promotional articles used when submitting to article directories. This process draws search engine traffic and builds links back to your site boosting pagerank..

  • The World Wide Clock

    Give visitors to your site a way look up the time and date in any country or timezone around the world. Hundreds of countries and worldwide locations listed. ..

  • Jokes

    The program lets you store jokes in its database by using a form. Every 24 hours a visitor may see a new joke. The program reads header and footer files, this lets you add banners and other HTML code easily to the top and bottom of the display page. Of course you can use the program to display other things such as, "Tip Of The Day", "Recipe Of The Day" etc...

  • Google PageRank Checker

    Google PageRank Checker is a free tool to check the page rank of any web site easily, without the need to install Google toolbar. This tool also allows to display the Page Rank of your web site right on your web pages...

  • Babababies.com

    A website for your children / newborn babies can be constructed with few simple steps through this full featured baby site. Allows you to upload any number of photos, video files and interesting and important events in your child life etc., You can select a theme of your choice to design the pages. All available data can be maintained more securely...

  • Co-Projects - A meeting point where you conclude deals

    Co-Projects is a meeting point where you conclude deals. You post your needs and what you can offer as compensation (whether it be in the form of services, shares, discounts, commissions, whatever). People will be searching Co-Projects for proposals. If they find your posting interesting, they will contact you. It's a free service from Directoris Ltd (www.directoris.com). But first, take a look at our introduction page, just to understand how Co-Projects works. -> http://us.directoris.com/coprojects/intro/..

  • blogtricks website widgets

    Track incoming referrers and more with our collection of free, easy-to-use scripts! Our no-coding-required linkbuilder forms make it completely painless to get started...

  • Free Website Uptime Monitor and Alerts

    basicstate.com offers free server uptime monitoring and alert services to subscribers. ENSURE YOUR WEB SITE IS ALIVE * tests your web site every 15 minutes * daily uptime summary * problem alerts by email and sms * multiple alert destinations * configurable alert delays * easy to use admininstrator control panel * unlimited servers and users * add alerts for ecommerce partner sites ABSOLUTELY FREE Alerts can be sent to target email accounts and sms devices, with multiple recipients and escalation levels. Subscribers can also choose to receive a..

  • whichTime Free Event Scroller

    A free remotely hosted event scroller. Light weight at only 3.3KB just copy and paste some HTML into your website. Uses the WhichTime free calendar as a data source. The scroller can be configured to take on a wide variety of shapes and colors to match any existing website..

  • Google PageRank Tool

    A useful tool to query Google PageRank from various Google datacenter and show results on one page, without Google Toolbar...

  • Free Website Content Feeds

    Looking for free contnet for your website that you never have to update? GDezigns.com provides live content feeds that are updated frequently. You'll find everything from web tools to help with development to jokes and web templates!..