• Groupware e-Gru

    Groupware e-Gru is a groupware that was developed in Japan five (5) years ago. It's been widely used in Japan as a simple business solution to most of the successful companies there. It can monitor your employee's activities, and at the same time, share resources to help improve your employee's productivity. Best part of it is, it's free to use! It is very useful for small businesses that demands better productivity. Plus, the free version never expires! ..

  • BUGtrack

    BUGtrack is a completely Web-based, vendor hosted bug tracking software system. Software provides a coordinated approach to managing product development, quality assurance, release and customer support processes...

  • EB Suite Customer Service Help Desk

    This is a groupware tool that helps you to solve the questions or queries of your customers thereby providing them an excellent and professional service. It allows you to view the contacts of all the customers to easily interact and give them a personal touch and each customer will be provided their own BBS styled forum through which they can exchange ideas etc. Other features include allowing customers to file a query which will be directed to your support technician for sending reply immediately, automatic email notification which results in ..

  • Celoxis Project and Time Management Software

    This is an online planning tool that can be used by project consultants or huge corporations, which helps them in managing projects, time and expense, time sheet software, work flow software to define and track your business processes etc. Each software comes with unlimited bundle of features like project management options, task management for developing team work, costing and budgeting, collaboration, resource management, provides you with reports and alerts etc. Features available in time and expense module include online approval with notif..

  • Leave Management, Payroll and Project Management Groupware

    1. Cost-effective system for managing leave/sickness-absence/tr avel. Manage all forms of out of office notifications ...2. Tally and Generate quick status report on "Employee out of office" ...3. Highly configurable system to match the processes and rules of your organization ...4. Configurable groups to incorporate different work rules and reporting requirements ...5. Can be integrated into time keeping systems or into payroll systems (now hosted as TraX :: Payroll) ...6. Simple user interface..

  • AboutFace

    This is a remotely hosted groupware system that can be used to publish directories like employee directory, directories for schools and colleges, can be used by hospitals for publishing staff directories for internal and for public use. It is easy to implement and contains numerous features like web based administration, multiple permission levels, customizable user interface, ability to integrate with other HR databases, automatically links images to data records and has many other features...