File Management

  • Banckle File Sharing

    Banckle File Sharing is a perfect FTP replacement and online backup solution that allows you to send, receive and track shared files anytime from anywhere. The centralized cloud storage model makes all synchronized files available to any computers or devices linked to the service. Banckle File Sharing understands your business needs and ensures maximum security by encrypting all your shared files using SSL. The rich user interface further enhances the productivity and allows users to easily access and share files using the customizable widgets...


    BigFilesASAP is a web-based file transfer program perfect for businesses and organizations that send and receive large files to and from clients. Send and receive large files from any web browser without FTP or bandwidth limitations of e-Mail. Start sending and receiving files from your clients and associates now! BigFilesASAP requires no installation, download or configuration. All you need is internet access and a browser. Start sending and receiving large files today!..