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  • BNBBOOK Guest Book Processor Script

    BNBBOOK is an easy to install and configure guestbook script with many useful features. Some of its main features are: Autorespond letter to signer, Filters out your list of dirty words, Domain check ..

  • Simple guestbook

    Allows visitors to your site to read your guestbook entries and post a message of their own. Very simple setup, only requires you to change 4 settings. Uses MySQL to store the entries...

  • php login script

    this simple php login script features functions to add hashed and encrypted passwords and usernames to a table, and then a function to validate users based on these login credentials...

  • Inventory Management Software

    Web-based inventory management makes it easy to keep your inventory accurate from any location. This PHP/MySQL inventory management solution supports multiple users, and inventory transaction logging...

  • Fade-in Slideshow script

    An auto-rotating slideshow with a cross browser twist- the images are gently faded into view. The fade effect works in both IE and NS/ Firefox...

  • PHP Thumbnail Photo Gallery

    This quick and easy PHP photo gallery application allows you to display your images on a website as thumbnails with a large image that displays over the top of the thumbnails after clicking one. This ..

  • The-Best-Real-Estate php real estate script

    The-Best-Real-Estate is a professional solution for a real estate website. Although you only need ten minutes to install, it is both easy to use and rich in the features you need. The right choice for..

  • Flash-XML News Ticker

    Flash-XML News Ticker loads the news from an XML file and allows the users to view the headline news in the banner ad form. A method named get elements by tagname has been written for using with the a..

  • Flash Slideshow

    Flash Slideshow provides an easy way to add slideshows into your websites. The have many features like provision of configurable height, width and border color for the frames. It also performs automat..

  • Free Flash Photo Gallery

    Hoover Web Design's Free Flash Photo Gallery is guaranteed to match your website because you can customize just about everything. You can customize: Number of photos in gallery (up to 20) Customiz..

  • Flash Photo Gallery

    Our flash photo gallery is a cool way to display your personal photos. Just place images in a directory and our flash photo gallery will read the images and display them in the gallery. Knowledge ..

  • Flash Photo Gallery with php / xml

    Eyelash is a lightweight flash portfolio application using XML / PHP. Flash Photo Gallery takes input from a directory of images, generates thumbnails, outputs a flash layout of clickable thumbnails t..

  • php calendar script

    This php calendar script function, hacked from the original source, at returns a color-coded calendar as a string, based on blog entries per..

  • BBFun - Free Forum PhpBB Hosting

    BBFun - Free Forum PhpBB Hosting - instant activation, we offer Free Remotely Hosted PHPBB Forums with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited users and without pop-ups. Why pay, sign up for your forum free. S..

  • Flash open source

    Flash open source for flash developer and beginners, flash links, sound loops, flash tutorials, forum, latest in flash and more!..

  • Flipping book - Page flip flash component

    FlippingBook page flip flash component is intended for page flipping and supports Flash MX and Flash MX 2004 authoring tools. You may get the component ready to work in just a few seconds right from t..

  • XML Flash Slideshow Creator

    The XML Flash Slideshow v2 Extension for Dreamweaver allows you to easily create Flash Slideshows in Dreamweaver MX, or MX 2004. You can load any jpeg images of any size, and any quality. Using the..

  • dHTML Drop down Menu Tutorial

    This is a tutorial which creates a simple cross-browser drop-down menu system in JavaScript. Tested in IE 4+ NS 4+ NS6/7 Mozilla and Opera 5+. Also functions as a side-menu. Now updated to include cas..

  • Free Forum World - Free PHPBB Hosting

    Offers Free Remotely Hosted PHPBB Forums. Includes 40+ languages, 250+ skins, Instant Activation, Unlimited Bandwidth, plus added mods so you can customize your forum. ..

  • Advanced Image Hosting Script V2.0

    The AIHS is the ready-made advanced images host solution for anyone offering image hosting services of any kind, including general web hosting companies and auction websites. Unlike most images host s..

  • How to create a Flash PowerPoint Presentation

    Converting PowerPoint to Flash would be absolutely a good choice to distribute your bulky PowerPoint Presentation. You can do the whole PowerPoint-to-Flash conversion manually or by related softw..

  • Flash Interactive Cartoon Maker by Cartoon Magic

    This website presents users an interactive cartoon maker which allows users to customize the readymade cartoons available with this site. It lets the users to create their interactive cartoon to send ..

  • php site statistics script

    this php site statistics script generates a dynmic graph showing, raw htis, average hits, raw unique IPs and average unique ips statistics, it also monitors, ave click per vist, referrers, google sear..

  • Free Guestbooks - No Popups - No Banner Ads

    Do you need a guestbook for your website? Are you tired of all the pop-up ads and banners you get on normal free guestbook services? We are too... Our free guestbook service has no pop-ups advertiseme..

  • Free Themes, Wallpapers and Screen Savers

    Free screen savers, screen saver, desktop themes, desktop theme, screansavers, screansaver, theams, wallpapers, wallpaper, mouse icons, icon, cursor, cursors, icq skins, winamp skins, active desktops,..

  • Custom PHP Email Form

    This will show you how to create a custom flash mail form in under 20 minutes! In order for this to work, your host must support PHP. Check with your website administrator if you are unsure. First let..

  • Plugins for PowerPoint Presentations

    Crystalgraphics offers an impressive array of easy-to-use plugins and add-ons that enhance PowerPoint presentations, including 3D transitions, charts, templates, photos, and more. ..

  • Download multiple files in one http request

    This article shows a way to download multiple files in one http request. It let's you send an HTML page along with image preview, prepare more files for download and send the files as one data stream...

  • @Feedback PHP SendMail File attachments

    SendMail with File Attachment. Unique Form Mail Generator on the Net. It's Fast-Easy-Reliable. This is the only one Form Mail out there can display "preview" information. It can handle unlimited Forms..

  • PHP Email Form Easy

    Now you can send emails from your web sites with full control over design style and functionality. PHP is the way to go for online email form. Here is how to get started...

  • SQL to Excel

    this php script will write data from php using text from an SQL table (MySQL, supply your own SQL query) to a microsoft excel (.xls) file. The Excel file is specified as such by a set of headers, defi..

  • Free phpBB Forum Hosting

    Free phpBB forum hosting is a service which offers phpBB web hosting using an automatic forum creation script. Our service allows you to setup a 100% free online phpBB forum instantly in seconds with ..

  • Server time ticking clock v2.0

    This script allows you not only to display a ticking clock in a web page, you can also set the initial time by perl script, php etc, so that server time can be shown to client. Furthermore, if the ..

  • PHP MySQL Shopping Cart Tutorial

    How to create a simple shopping cart solution using PHP and MySQL. This tutorial covers the database design, creating the admin pages, product browsing pages, cart, and checkout...

  • Instant Flash Photo Gallery using ASP

    This latest Flash Photo Gallery can be implemented in a breeze! The gallery runs off advanced ASP and Actionscript code. There is no database to update, no XML files to maintain. You simply drop your ..

  • Absolute Floating Menu

    Floating menu that follows user scrolling. Just create an absolutely-positioned DIV block with menu in it and leave the rest to the script, which will ensure that the menu will return to the specified..

  • AcroRd32.exe - Prevent from staying open

    This simple technique prevents Acrobat reader from occupying memory space even after being closed. The author explains the steps to be followed with screen shots...

  • BMTron

    Multiplayer tron game for 2, 3 or 4 players. Avoid running into the wall or opponent's tail! The applet supports skins...

  • C++ File I/O -

    File handling is an important part of all programs. Most of the application will have their own features to save some data to the local disk and read data from the disk again. C++ File I/O classes si..

  • Form Maker Pro web form generator and Formmail

    Form Maker Pro easily creates web forms of any complexity. Includes an online tool and a form processor. Contact forms, feedback forms with attachments, order forms with calculations, simple shopping..