Web Hosting Tool

  • WHM cPanel Clone

    SERVXX control panel works directly with cPanel® WHM® giving you a direct remote web connection to your own hosting resellers accounts. The design and layout has been designed(cloned)from WHM® giving you the fell for the real thing. SERVXX has enough power to controls functions in your own resellers account and the ability to fake a real hosting control panel, 5 minutes setup time. SERVXX is a remote PHP script. SERVXX is not a clone of WHM® it is a remote connection that works with WHM®..

  • Free Php Hosting Biller

    PHP Hosting Biller 1.0 is software that allows you to manage webhosting clients, Adding new clients, Automation of your webhosting ordering system. It has a number of features...

  • Ajax Whois

    * Type a domain name and its availability will appear instantly. * Everything done without refreshing the page. * Display whois detail with cool popup window. * Domain name extension can be added easily. * Using smarty template, easy to change interface of website. * Easily intergrated into thirdparty shopping cart for domain name reseller...

  • ZPanel - Hosting Control Panel

    The ZPanel, hosting control panel, comes with many features that are great for the users they host. Some examples include, and not limited to, Easy Install for scripts such as PHP-Nuke, Server Information - direct information tailored to your server, Helpful Scripts - such as 'users online' and 'total hits', disk usage showen by a graph, and a file manager for those who are behind firewalls that block port 21...

  • Multihoster

    Website hosting Multihoster is an open-source free webhosting system, written in php. It enables any webmaster to be their own free webhost, like Geocities or Angelfire. With more features than its pricey competitors, along with the unique ability to be run on a shared server, and a price tag that's hard to resist, Multihoster is the perfect solution for any webmaster that desires to be a webhost. Your members receive a mysql database and sub-folder on signup allowing them to run sql based PHP scripts they also have access to a forum and anonym..

  • Server Uptime Checker

    You can get your server uptime without asking your hosting providers. This tool basically takes the output of the Linux 'uptime' command and parses it into a more human-friendly format, as well as adding including server name info..

  • tPanel Plus

    As many of you may know, tPanel is a web hosting control panel specifically designed for use on plain web space without any requirements like "root access" which is required of almost every web hosting control panel. tPanel is different. tPanel provides a friendly user interface of a web hosting control panel while the innerworkings are based more on a "manual" automation, which means that when something such as a MySQL database or FTP account is created, the feature is not created automatically and is sent as a "request" to the administrator(s..

  • TinyTool For Webhosts

    TinyTool For Webhosts is a php module that automates the creation of new webhosting accounts. TinyTool integrates PayPal IPN, MySQL, and CPanel WHM to securely create new hosting accounts. Modules included take care of your customer from the Order-form to the Welcome letter and saves the IPN data in a MySQL table. GNU/GPL license. Well documented. Online support wiki...

  • nl.ae domain API whois + registration handler

    The following script is using an Application Programming Interface to check the availability of nl.ae domains and register them. It is possible to only do one of the above actions. You are thus allowed to modify the script as you wish and integrate it into your services. Please check http://www.api.nl.ae for more information. This isn't just an API. The API is making use of an external CAPTCHA. To do so you first need to receive an unique identifier from the nl.ae server. ..

  • Secure PHP Cpanel Login

    This script was designed to make logging into Cpanel a lot easier. - Now updated to exclude the css so you can use your own and all code is xhtml 1.0 valid..

  • WHNBilling Cpanel Billing System

    WHNBilling was started in 1997, and is a full featured billing system designed for hosting companies and resellers. 3 Tier automated signup system is included for host's using Cpanel/WHM. It supports multiple gateways including paypal, 2checkout, authorize.net, echo, and many more!..

  • cPanel FTP Account Creator

    Create FTP accounts on cPanel hosting. No need to login to cPanel. Provide cPanel login and password once, and use this script each time you need new FTP account. Can be run in either way: (1) Parameters passed via URL; (2) If no parameters passed via URL then will show entry form for FTP account parameters..

  • CPanel Backup Software - Data Protection & Backup

    CP Data Backup is a CPanel backup utility that automatically downloads the daily backup files in CPanel. CP Data Backup can archive websites by date and you can add unlimited websites and databases to be backed up. Runs while you sleep so you know your data is always safe from server crashes, hackers, data theft, or any other emergency that can happen, but you never expect. CP Data Backup installs easily and you can control all backup projects from a central location..

  • Hosting signup script new version 1.08 (paypal added)

    Hosting signup and billing system as well as domain registration. Set monthly, quarterly, yearly recurring transactions at 2CheckOut and Paypal. The new version includes PayPal.com driver, signup form changing, and admin area changes. Currently support: Enom.com , Paypal.com, 2checkout , WHM/CPANEL, PLESK..

  • Help Desk

    Help Desk is the combination of weeks of hard work. The result is a help desk specifically designed for hosting companies. Features include: Admin/Staff/Member Seperate areas with seperate controls. Live Chat Support. Support Tickets. Fetch mail which allows you to have your email as part of your tickets. Knowledge Base. Server Status Page, so your users can see the current status of servers and any downtime. Trouble Shooter. Email Pipeing (Linux only). Full user system and admin users. Groups/D..

  • cPanel Proxy

    Do you or your clients have problems with a firewall? Some strict firewalls prevent users from accessing the cPanel services webmail, cPanel and WHM. After the simple installation, you can access the services thru any firewall, that allows you to use WWW...

  • Web Ring Layout Family

    The webring website allows you to create a network of websites that all share a theme and link to one another. A webmaster of a site that fits into your network, registers as a member. The admin can then approve their link and the webmaster places the webring code on their site, sending you traffic as well as all the other members of the webring. * Auto Generated Ring Code * Admin Edit/Delete/View Members REVENUE DETAILS : Use the webring to promote affiliates, sell advertising space or promote your own websites. ..

  • starXreseller

    starXreseller allows web hosts to manage resellers and their domains. All actions are being submitted to the admin in a standardized format by email. Each reseller receives an account with username and password and manages his/her domains and personal settings. The administrator manages resellers, domains and general settings. He also can suspend single domains and/or resellers and limit the number of domains for each reseller. All over no programming skills are required. v2.0 now supports MULTIPLE PANEL TYPES (cPanel, ensim, plesk,...) a..

  • Auto-Host 2

    Account creation and billing automation for Cpanel web hosts. AutoHost is a web hosting control panel which automates both web hosting account creation and Paypal billing. AutoHost runs on Cpanel / WHM ( Web Host Manager ) servers and works with both for dedicated server owners and resellers. It can create the following type of web hosting accounts : - Shared with billing - Free shared hosting - Shared subdomain with billing - Free shared subdomain hosting Everything is automated with the AutoHost web hosting control panel p..

  • cP Creator

    cP Creator is a free script, which makes it easy for the free hosts out there to automate there cPanel service with the reliability and flexibility they need. cP Creator comes with a powerful ACP, UNIQUE Curl creation script. cP Creator, unlike other scripts which require your WHM User and Password, uses user name and access hash. This is the most secure way of automating. Now you can manage your users in the ACP. Suspend/Terminate while being able to make your own themes...