Tests and Quizzes

  • PHP nice Quiz Script

    PHP Quiz Script has very nice interface which makes it very users friendly. its contain very nice features list. PHP Quiz Script based on popular open-source php and mysql.its very easy to install it and configure according to your requirement..

  • Zoki Test

    It is time to create your own online tests on the site. Zoki Test is a tiny but powerful system, it help you to diversify your site content. ..

  • phpQuest

    phpQuest is a phpQuest is a powerful PHP based quiz and test system. It offers many features and has a range of applications. Features include, various forms of quiz/test generation. Two methods of exportation you can use it to save to a local web server or let the user copy and paste code. Make a quiz which uses uploaded pictures to display as an out put or make it a test with out puts a percent. Have users be able to copy html code from the output to show others what they got on their test, this is a great way to get hits. All it needs in PHP..

  • Quiz Software

    Rakhiquiz is a web-based quiz maker designed to create multiple choice,scramble text, matching type, fill-in-the-blanks, and true-or-false questionaires. It is used to create interactive web trivia, student exams, job evaluation, IQ testing, and distance learning. Rakhiquiz generates the quiz HTML and show the score and answers after submission. Quiz Makers can define who can take the quiz (create quiz taker accounts) Quiz Takers are allowed to Save and Resume Quizes ..

  • MultiWebQuiz

    MultiWebQuiz is a multiple choice test management system. Participants can select the number of questions they wish to answer at a time, view partial and full results of all tests taken in one session. Questions are sorted by subject area and displayed in a random order. MultiWebQuiz 1.4 supports questions with as many as 6 answer options in single, multiple answer or boolean answer mode. The quiz management system features an intuitive admin area with a rapid quiz creation tool and search utility. After editing the database configuration file,..

  • PHP Trivia

    PHP Trivia is a MySQL-driven interactive trivia application written in PHP. It features: Add Multiple Sections, Under each section you can have as many questions as you like, Each question has 4 answers, You can edit Anything Listed (Sections, questions, and Answers), Gives Reponses for Right and Wrong Answers, You can set the number of retries, and Tallies the stats at the end (Number of Questions, Right Answers)...

  • PPSurvey

    Modules for php-nuke 7.4 and upper PPSurvey 1.5b used for create questionnaire Can used Command Line Break Email TextBox TextArea Number Select Mulitple Choice Checkbox Scale Ranking Export to Microsoft Excel and SPSS This version : you can manage questionnaire and recorrect forms ..

  • EEEQuiz

    EEEQuiz (Easy to Use, Easy to Install, Easy to Modification) is a powerful PHP based quiz and test system.It's design with PHP script and Mysql for database.it's suport windows all version, linux and unix.it's quiz script allows you to make as many quizzes as you want without going thru the code each time. All you have to do is to fill out your question, some optional variables and your results for it to work. ..

  • Super Simple Survey.

    Allows you to create tests, quizes, surveys and customer response forms in minutes without having to code your own HTML form. It's very simple to setup, sends responses via email and doesn't require a database so it's perfect for small sites and busy marketers. Only PHP 4 is required. Plus it's free! ..

  • WebTester

    WebTester is an online test and quiz management system. It allows you to create custom tests or quizzes online, with questions ranging from true/false, multiple choice, and short answer. You can integrate pictures, Flash, sound, and movies with the easy to use HTML question editor. There is also built in TeX and LaTeX support for math formulas without having to manually generate images. You can limit which users can take which test, there is now test authentication using your phpBB forum, and a built in user management area. Another recently ad..

  • Online Quiz Program

    This Online Quiz Program will help to test their knowledge in different subjects. And, you can use this Quiz program for conducting Test for screening candidates as part of your Employees selection process. Find below the Key Features/facts * Simple and easy to use. * Web Based application. Can access from anywhere in the world. * Use php & mySql which are free and open-source. * You can select Question type such as Easy, Medium, and Hard. * Admin module for managing Questions. * Separate login sys..

  • XLquiz

    It's yet another test-system. It allows 3 kind of questions: radio, checkbox, text. Questions/variants can be unlimited number. And because I'm so lazy, there aren't admin-panel - tests are usual Excel files (xls) and made with MS Excel, Gnumeric or OpenOffice Calc :P ..

  • wpQuiz

    A powerful script which can help webmasters create short quizes for their visitors. Features: Intuitive Admin Panel, user control panel, comments, statistics , page splitting, question randomizing, advanced question checking on-the-fly, Report generation, limited time support, external file support, unlimited number of questions, selection or entry-based, image support (stored in DB), 3 levels of authorization, a FAQ section, a templating system, and support for multiple languages and preliminary phpBB integration. Requires: PHP 4.1.0+, MySQL 3..

  • iGiveTest

    iGiveTest is a comprehensive solution for creating, administering, and providing thorough analysis of tests on the Internet and Intranet. You can create a password to access a test, assign a test to a certain group of users, give access to a test only during a certain period (determined by date and time), and define an exact number of attempts to pass a test. You can also provide a guest access to the testing system, and define guest permissions. It is a perfect solution for.....

  • Purity Test

    You've seen them. Maybe you've even taken one. Purity tests are all over the net, ranging from the generic test on dating and relationships to tests that fill just about every weird or sensational hobby. Now you can use a simple script to create tests of your own. Purity Test features: * Create purity tests with a virtually unlimited number of questions * Include HTML in your questions * Calculate results for tests * Give feedback depending on the user's test score ..

  • osQuest4 PHP/XML test engine published under AGPL

    An online test engine designed to import Trandumper-formatted tests (basically test questions written in a simple text file), convert them to XML in the text2xml module, and run the tests online. Using professionally developed scripts, the osQust4 test engine provides some features not usually seen in Open Source test engines. Features include: the option of multiple correct answers; fill-in-the-blank questions; Up to six choices for answers. Also supports multiple modes of operation. Modes include, 1) test mode 2) Learning mode, and 3) Flash C..

  • PHP Quiz Script

    A small sample of the features include: Multiple choice answers. Option of either text or image answers. Quiz Search. Top Quizzes. Quizzes listed by category. Member Registration. User needs to validate there account via email (prevents spamming.) Real time Site Statistics: Members online. Guests Online. Total amount of quizzes. Amount of quizzes taken. Some of the registered members features: Edit Profile. Submit Quizzes. Edit Submitted Quizzes. Stats on quizzes created. Stats on amount of quizzes taken. It also comes ..

  • PHPWebQuiz

    PHPWebQuiz is a quiz program developed to be used together with QuizPro. It uses the same format for the question files and the database. This means, you can create your own quizzes with QuizPro and publish them on the Internet by using PHPWebQuiz. The results of the questioning can be imported by QuizPro, and analysed statistically. ..

  • Quiz Manager

    Quiz Manager is an easy-to-install, easy-to-administer mini-quiz/contest management software to automating your activity of adding quizes into your site. Once you set the times to run the voting, you can place the form as a dynamic server side include to your main page and it will know when to start a quiz campaign and when to end. It also has built in IP and cookie checking. Supports web-based easy installation. ..

  • BF Quiz for Joomla 1.5

    Find out why BF Quiz is one of the most user friendly Joomla quiz extensions available. Don't waste hours trying to figure out other complex extensions, download BF Quiz Trail now and in minutes you will have a professional looking quiz in your own Joomla environment. Simply create a quiz category, add questions, then add a menu item, it really is that easy. Got an issue, question or suggestion? Our publically available support forum allows anyone to post which will be responded to promptly by our developers. ..