Image Galleries

  • Fotopholder

    No bells and whistles with this script. If you have a folder full of images and/or subfolders full of images and you just want to view them on the web, just stick this single file inside the folder and the script will take care of the rest. Designed to be as simple as possible. No php skills necessary to install. Visit the website for a demo...

  • Photo album BW

    Photo album based on PHP4 that requires no database. Very simply to install - just copy; needs no configuration. Grayscale design of Photoalbum Black&White is in tune with your photos...

  • PHPGallery

    PHPGallery allows you to auto generate picture galleries (index, navigation pages to pages and pics to pics) Everething is customizable. A lot of display options (popup, chromeless....)..

  • JPETo_pack_images (Free Version)

    This PHP script allows you to pack all images from the current directory into an archive called index.php; access one of these images by calling index.php?pic=[PICNAME]; list all images in the archive; and unpack all images. Please note that the PHP file is encoded, and requires free ZendOptimizer. Full version allows adding of subdirectories & shockwave files (*.swf)...

  • PHPmyGallery

    PHPmyGallery is a single-user picture gallery with easily understandable admin backend. Manages most of the work through your browser. Just upload a directory with pictures (and thumbnails), then write the picture descriptions and save - you`re done. Features: - Login into the backend via PHP-Sessions - htaccess support still included to activate optionally, creates needed .htaccess file itself - Directory names can be changed for security reasons - Fully documented - Easy to use and install - Template based - Imp..

  • SAPID Gallery

    If you need an open source web based photo album organizer and you have not time for a long study, you can use SAPID Gallery. It is simple but very flexible solution based on XML Sapiens (a paradigm of the managed sites building, a way for the independent aspects’ effective integration: data, design, and functionality). SAPID Gallery allows multimedia albums creation within your site. You by yourself specify unlimited number of page attributes for each album. Auto resize, thumbnails auto building, WYSIWYG and Ajax-based structure tree are under..

  • WSN Gallery

    WSN Gallery can handle images, videos (with integrated flash player) or other media. It offers unlimited custom fields, image resizing, FTP and tar upload options, slideshows, and numerous SEO options. Monetize the gallery with sponsorship. Use the member integration and personal albums to turn it into an add-on area for a forum. Translate into any language. Use the RSS features to import flickr albums..

  • phpTOUR

    phpTOUR is an Online Slide Show program using PHP and MySQL. To present an online tour of your slides, put the slides in a folder and list their names with descriptions in a MySQL database (supports ADODB, too). You'll need to modify the phptour.sql dump file for your picture data and set the site variables in file and install.php file, and the installer creates the database, slide and show tables and fills in the values from the dump. Works with both PHP3 and PHP4. Now with rudimentary Admin support and multi-tour cap..

  • DAlbum

    Simple, secure and easy to configure personal photoalbum with Explorer-like interface. Does NOT require MySQL; Automatic image resizing and thumbnail creation; Support for video, audio and other file types; Easy to setup, use and customize; Multi-language user interface; HTML image comments; Support for session-based and Base HTTP authentication; Images and configuration files are stored in a natural way - just synchronize you Web album with local copy over FTP; Supports GD, ImageMagick, NetPBM for image manipu..

  • Gallery

    image gallery script that scans directories for images and creates the corresponding links. no thumbnails used. no installation needed. all very basic and easily customized. just copy and paste. check the url as an example...

  • Higher Power Web Image Gallery

    This is a powerful yet simple Image Gallery Script that utilizes PHP and Javascript to generate on the fly thumbnails and instant image viewing. No SQL. Easy to install and customize as needed. The script requires PHP support with the GD Library...

  • Mig

    MiG (My Image Gallery) is a photo album / image gallery viewer written in PHP. It also includes utilities to do thumbnail creation, extraction of EXIF headers from JPEG files and so forth. Those tools require Perl and ImageMagick, but you do not need Perl or ImageMagick to use MiG itself. Compatible with PHP-Nuke, PostNuke, phpWebSite, phpWebThings and Xoops...

  • SimplePHoto Gallery

    SimplePHoto Gallery is another Image Gallery script, but for once- it's SIMPLE! All that you have to do is unzip the files into the same directory as images and you have an instant gallery. Like to customize? It's tempalte driven system makes that pretty easy as well. Feeling insecure? It includes several features to protect your images and your name. If you have the right version of PHP and the Image Libraries, a simple unzipping is all it takes! Just try.....

  • 24 Update Light Cam Archive Script

    The script is a plain script in use on single personal web pages, with support for up to 5 webcams from own personal or company homepage, that needs to have a unlimited automatic archive solution from own webcam's, simple design and can be edited by a header and foot file, and colors in config file etc. So it can be added to fit existing design on personal homepage. The script has CRON support and a simple solution to automatic update, if no CRON support exist on client server. You only need one mySQL database and PHP version 4.2.x with GD supp..

  • MP- Gallery

    A wonderful OnLine Photo Gallery, complete with SlideShows! You can create categories, assign users, guests and so much more! Runs on both Unix and Window Servers. Fully tested on Unix. (Requires MySQL Databank and PHP v.4 or higher)..

  • LGR Photo

    This script is a photo gallery script that will create thumbnail galleries and links to a larger photo. The look is customizable with headers and footers that you can add in. The default header also contains a link to the default stylesheet that helps with presentation. The number of rows and columns can be changed to your liking. The script was designed to be easily intergrated into any websites look. ..


    This is very simple script, a TEXT BASED Gallery's data Need only one PHP file program and one TEXT file for data, No need for MySQL database. Featured with: - Record Paging - You could configure to allow user's posting or not - Duplicate User Entry Check - HTML Code Parsing - Long Words spliter - Admin Page, login required - and much more...

  • Higher Power Web Image Gallery

    This is a powerful yet simple Image Gallery Script that utilizes PHP and Javascript to generate on the fly thumbnails and instant image viewing. No SQL. Easy to install and customize as needed. The script requires PHP support with the GD Library...

  • Atomic Photo Album

    Atomic Photo Album (APA) is a PHP/MySQL photo album with the following features : unlimited number of albums and photos, users and comments, automatically add and remove photos, thumbnail support, multilanguage and themes...

  • PHP Thumbnailer

    This script automatically determines whether your GD Library supports GIF or JPEG images. The thumbnails are directly output to the browser in extra frames. The advantage of this method is that no temporary pictures are needed, the downside is that the pictures themselves can't link to the big images and your browser needs to support frames. This script also works if your picture's file names contain special characters. The data entered at the configuration site is saved in an external configuration file. The script also features a nav..