Image Galleries

  • Ike Php Gallery

    Just upload the file into a folder that has your image files (jpg only), configure it and navigate to the file on your browser. Ike takes care of the rest. Features: - Automatic thumbnail generation - You can set the background color & size of the thumbnails - All the texts are located in the config area, so they're easy to change - You can edit the captions and tags for each image - Edit mode protected by username & password - Layout divided into easily modifiable blocks - Easy to include the g..

  • Portfolio

    Portfolio is a web-based photo manager written using PHP / MySQL. With Portfolio, you can easily create and maintain albums of photos via a web browser. Photo management includes automatic thumbnail creation, captioning, searching and more. (english & french). NEW: Support (alpha) for geographical maps (localization of photos on a map)...

  • G-PhotoAlbum

    No MySQL Database needet, Slide Show, Thumbnail View, Photo Copyright in Photos, Photos Sorting /Ordering, Password Protected Directories, Photo Quality Specification, Multilanguage Support, Colour Scemes / Template, Free under GPL License..

  • Comic Gallery Script

    Easily add Comic Gallery to existing webpages, and modify the configuration to produce a variety of gallery styles suitable for webcomics and other types of artwork. This script can be included on your page with a single line of code, and uses minimal, standards based markup (XHTML) that can be easily styled with CSS to match the rest of your website. No database required..

  • HTMLSpinnr's Photo Display

    Based on Martin's Photo Frame, this script takes jpg images from a directory and displays them in a neat and orderly fashion. This script will automatically generate thumbnails using a seperate frame, and depending on the size of the original, will create a bandwidth-friendly resized image. Script uses ImageMagick to perform it's behind-the-scenes image manipulation. Supports embedded JPG comments, external html comments, sortfiles and slideshows. Many user configurable options, including max image size before resizing occurs, dynamic (browser)..

  • GM Photo Host

    Gravy Media. Start your own photo host for free! Features include: Full Admin Section User Registration User photo albums 6 photo output codes (Thumbnailed and Original) Auto resize photos, click for full size Users comment on photos Easily delete photos in admin section as well as, comments, and members! Free support. Change color of script in your config.php easily! ..

  • phPhotoGallery

    phPhotoGallery is a simple, easy to use and install PHP based photo and video gallery program. It uses DHTML/javascript to give the viewer an animated photo browser. It also provides a simple tree control for browsing directories, a browser bar for navigating photos, and supports video directories as well as photos.The program automatically generates thumb nails for all your photos, and doesn't require a database. It scans directories of photos and videos in real time, ..

  • EPIG 2

    Do you want to publish your photos on the web in no time? With EPIG, you can do just that. All you need is web space to host your EPIG album with PHP & GD support. Simply upload the EPIG files on the same folder where your photos are and you are done! EPIG displays an image gallery with automatically generated thumbnails for all the image files (supports JPEG, GIF and PNG files). List of new features included in EPIG 2: * Automatically generated thumbnails * Page-by-page navigation * Page number navigation * Three presentation styles * Custom t..

  • phpAutoGallery

    phpAutoGallery is an auto-indexing image gallery that uses mod_rewrite to make the application fully transparent to the user. It has on-the-fly creation and caching of thumbnails, resized images (configurable sizes), and directory listing. It is easy to set up, fully customizable through the use of Smarty templates, and generates valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.0 code. It can overlay copyright/logo images on-the-fly and display information about images and directories...

  • Easy Photo Gallery

    Manage a catalog of images via the web. Easily update, add and delete photos to your online gallery. Features Web based Thumbnail support Slide show view Category support Add description to images Control layout of image..

  • SQL(s)2PNG

    This script converts MySQL , Postgresql or SQLite data to an image file using GD and PHP. (...) I "created" an Anti-OCR method: a random line that crosses the document, or the PNG image, in order to "damage" some letters ..

  • imagination

    this application manage your image gallery for admin) ==> quick installation ==> security, fine script effects ==> xhtml strict coding..

  • Image Gallery with auto-scan

    Image Gallery for PHP (v4 and up). Scans the target dir automatically. Sub-dirs can be included. Thumbnails will be created in custom sizes. Supports png, gif and jpg. Number of pics per page and number of pics per row can be adapted. Can handle large files, by creating the thumbnails of small copies of the pics. Each picture can be annotated by a custom comment. Comments can include variable like file-date, file-size and file-name. Can support multi-language websites. Appearance can be adapted ..

  • Squito Gallery

    A photo gallery program featuring: Easy installation, Supports thousands of photos and unlimited album support, Multipage thumbnail support, Multipage Album Support, Photo voting system, Let your users post comments to the photos and upload their own photos. Search for images. Full User System. Create private folders and select who you want to see them. See what files are new from last visit. Administration tool lets you import images, Move/delete, and automatically create thumbnails. Has support for Imagemagick and GD lib. Currently comes in F..

  • W-Nailer

    The script will create a gallery with JPEG/PNG or GIF thumbnails on the fly. Image rotating, cropping & resizing supported. Picture upload, different user levels per gallery, picture comment, picture slideshow, E-Card and much more. V0.34 supports EXIF support, zip file uploads, ImageMagick and NetPBM...

  • Micro Photo Gallery

    Micro Photo Gallery is a small and simple image gallery with very easy installation. You just need to copy the main file to your image folder. The script generates all thumbnails for you but you can do it yourself as well. You can easy change the look and feel with CSS. ..

  • PHP Model & Photographer Gallery

    Complete solution for hosting model and photographer portfolios. Very extensive powerful php script. Could be used for different community's as well. Featuring a easy to modify html template system. Search engine friendly links. Message board, Job board, shout box and more..

  • PHP Thumbnailer

    This script automatically determines whether your GD Library supports GIF or JPEG images. The thumbnails are directly output to the browser in extra frames. The advantage of this method is that no temporary pictures are needed, the downside is that the pictures themselves can't link to the big images and your browser needs to support frames. This script also works if your picture's file names contain special characters. The data entered at the configuration site is saved in an external configuration file. The script also features a nav..

  • Php Photo Gallery Script

    Upload multiple photos in bulk •Using an easy-to-use application to set up a new album in just a few minutes. Add, edit and update photos and descriptions • Enable ratings • Visitor comments • View slide shows • Auto thumbnail creation • Randomly display photos • Number of views • Submit photos • Download any photos you want • Members login • Search photos by keywords or categories • And other features. ..

  • Slooze

    Slooze is a web-based photo album for the display of photos and other pictures on web sites in an organised, catalogued, searchable manner. Slooze is simple to set up and use, yet well-structured and extensible enough to support large, complex image archives...