Image Galleries

  • MooseGallery

    A nice, easy, uncomplicated, bloat free image script. Displays images, resizes images, generates thumbnails, has support for as many categories and subcategories as you like. Requires PHP4 and a MySQL database. EDIT: v1.02 fixes several problems regarding installation, if you're using an earlier version, I advise using this one instead...

  • Link Directory Software

    Our directory script is most search engine friendly script in market today! Our customers have tested the script and we have been able to produce a script that works in nearly all PHP environments. It is a uniquely designed script which covers almost every aspect of link directory and also helps to increase the revenues for your organization...

  • Gallarific Web Photo Gallery Software

    Gallarific is a complete image gallery solution that lets you collect, organize and share your images and multimedia files with friends and family. Because it's online, you can upload and access your images at any time from any computer with an Internet connection. Gallarific sets the bar when it comes to image gallery software, and no other competitor offers as many features as you'll find in Gallarific. Gallarific is the premium image gallery solution used by hundreds of sites...

  • PHP Wallpaper Script

    Wallpaper script is a script developed for the novices who want to be the part of the big wallpaper software industry but don’t know how to do that because they are not much technical and don’t know how to build such high quality wall paper site. ..

  • Dynapic SE

    Dynapic SE is a PHP-driven image gallery program. Some of its main features include: doesn't require a database, unlimited number of thumbnail galleries, customisable appearance, generates dynamically the galleries, prints the NEXT/PREV links, easy configuration, SE - prints the NEXT/PREV picture links AND thumbnails (SE means Slow Edition), and supports JPEG files by default (read HOW TO ADD TYPES)...

  • Complete Turnkey Picture Rating Website - 10 + Templates

    The photo rating website is fun and attracts many visitors. The website allow visitors to upload pictures of themselves to be rated by other members. Members can send pictures to friends, bookmark favorites and add comments to others pictures. Great viral marketing concept. This kind of site is great for advertising your other products on. Features: Rate photos of members, Auto application for additional moderators, Area for banner rotations to advertise your other sites, Add pictures to your favorites, Email a picture to a friend, Top 10 Guys ..

  • Stockbox Photo Gallery - Digital Asset Management

    New version - Great new features. Stockbox Photo Gallery provides Photographers, Artists and Artisans an affordable solution to displaying and selling their work online. Are you looking for a full featured gallery maker and digital asset manager, that gives you the ability to auto generate thumbnails, watermark images, dynamic user registration, multi language support, view images in a slideshow, offer a variety of products (including instant downloads) with secure online payment processing? If so, this is the perfect tool for you. The powerful..

  • Flip Photo Album

    There are many sites in which users upload photos and videos. And they are getting their uploaded images and videos in manageable form. There are many formats available online to show your media some time we think that the presentation of our media should be same as we arranged our photograph in album. Apart from this for to manage your Photo you need to go some different website and for video you need to go some other, to resolve the issue Truworth provides you the solution, ”Photo Album” is an online photos and videos presentation product. Y..

  • Photo rating software

    A great component to add interactivity to your website - keep your members coming back! The Photo rating software lets members rate each other's profiles (including photos, descriptions, etc.) and leave comments for the profile owner. This Photo rating software displays an image and the visitor is invited to vote it. The Photo rating software cycles through images and ranks them by the greatest number of HOT votes. An added feature the Top 100 and New 100 list is clickable to view the image.....

  • Comus Thumbs Free TGP Script

    Just about every conceivable function you could want to automate a commercial adult Thumb based TGP Gallery site. Thumbnail Creation, Auto Link scanning, Content management, Click Tracking, Auto Site Building, Gallery review and rating system, blacklisting, template based layout controls...

  • Easy Photo Gallery

    Manage a catalog of images via the web. Easily update, add and delete photos to your online gallery. Features Web based Thumbnail support Slide show view Category support Add description to images Control layout of image..

  • easiGallery

    easiGallery is an easy to use PHP web gallery that automatically creates image page navigation, You have access to page title, header title, link text, thumb and larger view image styles, thumb & veiw image size, quality and more. Set to view larger image on click in the same page, or in a popup. Images can create on the fly or not, you decide. easiGallery will read .gif, .jpg and .png images..

  • FunkGallery

    FunkGallery is a very simple way to create an online photo gallery. It is very simple to set up and has an unlimited number of categories and galleries. It can auto create thumbnails (thumbnail size is configurable). You can add individual photos or import full directories. Visitors can also leave their comments. Requires PHP and MySQL..

  • Gallery

    Gallery is a slick, intuitive web based photo gallery with authenticated users and privileged albums. Easy to install, configure and use. Photo management includes automatic thumbnails, resizing, rotation, etc. User privileges make this great for communities...

  • Simple Gallery Script

    Simple Gallery Script (sgs) is a php script designed to easily show your pictures on the web. It is highly configurable with templates, mods and hotlinking support. Features: Specify a different skin for each gallery; Unlimited subgallery creation; Specify a mod file for each gallery; Allows hotlinked images; Custom name and description for each gallery. Requirements: PHP4...

  • Scripteen Ajax Photo Rating Script

    Scripteen Ajax Photo Rating Script is a cute web 2.0 photo rating script with Ajax magic and the powerful administration controls you will have fun managing a photo rating website whether it’s for funny photos or personal photos or celebrity photos. Sites of this type are hot and viral and get traffic quickly and with the help of the features of this script you will not find troubles getting traffic and make money from cpm ads. We also provide a pack of 1000 funny photos to get you started ..


    Wilib Gallery is a web based photo gallery, programmed in PHP, using MySQL. Features: Automatic creation of dynamic thumbnail image galleries from existing directories and images; Site statistics; Counting each visitor clicks; Displays number of views for each image in your gallery; Let your visitor to write comment to each picture; Users can also change the number of 'pictures per page' right from the website; Script was tested and is still very fast even on site with more then 100.000 pictures...

  • PHPixie

    PHPixie automatically generates dynamic photo albums on the fly - simply point the configuration file at a directory of JPG or PNG images and PHPixie will do the rest. PHPixie will dynamically create and label thumbnail images and cache them for extra speed. Final images can also be automatically labelled on the fly. Add an optional description.txt or caption.txt file to a directory to add full descriptions and captions. Directories may also be password protected, via an 'htaccess' style sytem. HTML templates are fully user-editable, and META t..

  • Uber-Simple Portfolio Gallery

    Designers, illustrators, web developers, and photographers can set up an online portfolio in no time, without messing with database setups or other technical hurdles. The Uber-Simple Portfolio Gallery is ready to go out of the box to create a clean, professional template to showcase your work. Take a look at the demo to see how nice and simple it works...

  • PHP Image Editor

    Edit images directly in your CMS. Now as a plugin for Joomla 1.5. Many Content Management System does not have image editing. And all users does not have an image editing program, thatīs why PHP Image Editor has been developed. It just receives an image path, and then itīs possible to start editing. Itīs really simple to install as a plugin in Joomla, and itīs easy to add to your own Content Management System. Some of the features: Support for PNG, GIF and JPEG images, image resizing, image effe..