Image Galleries

  • Facebook Cover Script

    Latest Facebook Cover Script has lots of features, specially it has Custom Cover Creator which allow user to create very own custom covers or customize covers from gallery using own Images, Text, Colors, Effects as well Facebook Friends Photos to make collage covers. Also integrated with Facebook App so user can upload Cover directly to their Facebook Timeline...

  • Windows Image Gallery

    Windows Image Gallery is windows look a like script of the famous windows. It displays all pictures in a specifies folder on your server. The script will create automaticly thumbnails from the images in your folder. You can set how big/small the thumbnails have to be on your gallery. You can browse your images with a browser based windows desktop. click the icons (you can set them as well) and view your gallery. ..

  • Dead Simple Gallery - with FTP upload & image caching

    Dead Simple Gallery can create a gallery based on a folder on your server that original images. Easily add Lightbox or other JS scripts - manage images through FTP - support for JPG, GIF & PNG - images are scaled (or cropped) and cached automatically. Customize thumbnail dimensions, thumb creation method (crop or scale), source folders, HTML or XHTML output type, etc. Main goal of the script is to get you started in 5 minutes: put a couple images in a folder, copy one file and add one line of code to get it running. Then just add CSS and your f..

  • Curtain Effect Image Slideshow Script

    Simple jquery script to create wonderful image slideshows with bottom to top curtain effects. Curtain Effect Image Slideshow Script features are Create an illusion with a curtain movement, Animate slider with jquery image opening, Simply make an image gallery with unfold down effect, Realistic slide show effect can be made easily, This effect is supported almost in all modern browsers...

  • GChat Picture Gallery

    Whether you wish to view your photo albums, send pictures as electronic greeting cards or draw on your images to add a personal touch, Flash Picture Gallery has you covered. Integration with PHP GD library is also fully supported. ..

  • PhotoblogX

    PhotoblogX is a lightweight, secure and easy to use photo blog. After installing the script, get rid of the install files. They are 3, install.php install process.php install created.php. PhotoblogX features include are Administration area fully working with automated requests, Timezone change, the date and time modifies either when You send a photo or modify it, ategory handling, editing of photos to put into a category. You can replace a existing photo, Main photo resizes itself so it always fits in the box, and it also aligns vertically, kee..

  • Free Buck Photo Upload Scripts

    Free Buck Photo Upload Scripts is simple free images/photo upload scripts. Free Buck Photo Upload Scripts support images link/BBCODE link and HTML link also can customize link type. Free Buck Photo is 100% free and full Open Source this simple free images/photo upload scripts Is written in PHP...

  • Xoo Gallery - Powerful Responsive PHP Photo Gallery

    XooGallery is the ideal tool for artists, designers, photographers, and anyone who wants to share their photos in an elegant and organized way. XooGallery is the easiest way to create an organized & fully responsive php photo gallery. XooGallery is now compatible with mobile and tablet browsers. Editing options include photo rotation, grayscale, sepia, and cropping. Image rotation, cropping, gray scale and sepia are just some of the many effects included in this powerful backend. Plus. Easy to install, it adapts to any kind of website...

  • Damnlol Clone Script

    Would you like to create a funny image website just like Now you can easily create your own damnlol like website in minutes with Flippy LoLpix. This amazing script is budeld with great features out of the box. Use this for you next project and start you damnlol clone today...

  • Flickr Photo Gallery

    Flickr Photo Gallery API is a standalone web application widget where all your photos, photosets and collection in can all be seen in your website. Allows you to view all photos that you uploaded on Flickr on your own website...

  • Magicaddons Image Gallery module-script

    Magicaddons Image Gallery module is one in a suite of modules designed to bring your website up-to-date and give it a new lease of life. Let you present your visitors with a gallery of images that is formatted and styled to compliment your website. Magicaddons Image gallery module provides all this plus much more. Magicaddons are easy-to-use professionally developed scripts for website owners, professional web designers and developers. Magicaddons scripts are written in PHP and use a MySQL database (Db) to store content. Visitors can click your..

  • PHP Photo Sharing Script

    PHP Photo Sharing Script is an important feature that enables individuals to upload and share photos with their family members, friends and even the general public. Users can organize their photos into photo albums which can be viewed whenever the individuals desire, comment on other individual photos and allow others to comment on their photos to know the popularity. PHP Photo Sharing Script has user management section to manage the user, Images to manage the photos of the user with search option to fetch the image ease, Payment option- Free, ..

  • Paradise PHP Photo Gallery

    Paradise is a free open source software package for publishing a portfolio of photos on a website in a clean, professional style. Use Paradise to create an online exhibit for an artist or organization...