Image Galleries

  • FlexPHPic Pro

    FlexPHPic Pro is a simple,free and open source picture admin system.You can add multi-level sub-categories. Easy for internationalization.Users can search pictures and categories by keywords, browse pictures online as Acdsee, zoom in, zoom out or print the pictures, and add filter effect for pictures.Automatically generate thumbnails(GD library required).Low price customization service is provided...

  • Gallery

    Gallery is a slick, intuitive web based photo gallery with authenticated users and privileged albums. Easy to install, configure and use. Photo management includes automatic thumbnails, resizing, rotation, etc. User privileges make this great for communities...

  • Nimages

    Nimages is a complete rewrite of the JCSid image gallery. Updated to be more secure and to add many requested features, Nimages now is installed through a web-based installation process, detecting many of the configuration options automatically. No more editing source files. Other features include: A users and commenting system; sorting images by name, date, and size; themes (extened templates); and MySQL support. Currently in Alpha Testing. Not all features working properly...

  • Easy Image Catalogue (EIC)

    EIC allows you to generate a thumbnail site with different galleries just by uploading the pictures. The display is full customizable via templates. Users can browse the galleries (hits are tracked), search on the whole site and add comments to each image. The owner can add descriptions and titles for each gallery and images. Thumbnails are generated via gd_lib, support for truecolor jpgs is implemented. Easy 5 step setup process. Data is stored as XML...

  • Uffizi

    Uffizi is a PHP/MySQL driven community image gallery, perfect for creating your own digital art site, stock photography site, or group photo album. With a long list of features (see website) and options, Uffizi is flexible enough to meet your needs and its modular design allows for easy addition of new features and functionality...

  • The Content Broker

    The Content Broker script allows you to upload content in zip form. The script takes out the movies and the pics from the zips, makes thumbs, samples, manages orders, has shoppingcart, allows brokering many content producers, and creates publisher settlements for each of the producers...

  • PhotoFrame

    This simple PHP4 script aims to make it as easy as possible to throw up a bunch of pictures with thumbnails on the web, yet provides many extra features. Simply drop your JPEG, PNG and GIF files in a directory, and the script will create navigation web pages on the fly that includes high-quality thumbnails, captions, Next/Previous links, and user-controlled slideshow mode. You can allow guest comments for each photo. Add a text file with the filenames in it, and also sort the photos any way you want. Admin mode lets you upload via the web and d..

  • Simple Picture Gallery Manager (SPGM)

    SPGM is a PHP script that displays picture galleries on the web. It provides users with very simple procedures as for set up and update online photo albums. SPGM generates HTML 4.01 compliant code and makes extensive use of CSS stylesheets to render galleries. It only requires PHP version 3 or higher and does not rely on image manipulation libraries, or any database system. Features: caption for each gallery/picture, infinite sub-galleries hierarchies, several sort options, per gallery complete configuration, random thumbnails used for gallery ..

  • Stock Photography Script | Sell Stock photos with our Credit

    Hello users! Introducing Stock Photography Script, Your Complete Solution for Selling stock photos, digital Images and Artwork on the Internet through an advanced credit and subscription based system. Here are Some Features of our Stock Photo Script. *Credit based Earnings system: Earning income has never been so easy! With our unique credit based download system both you and your photographers earn. *Easily assign Credit Values: Different image types don't have to cost the same wi..

  • NF-Album

    NF-Album is a set of PHP3 scripts to easily manage your album (digital images). It includes ability to upload, delete, edit your album, and supports categories also automatic thumbnailing function plus translate program. Backended by mysql, it is currently written in Indonesian...

  • Strip Dir

    Strip Dir 3 is a useful PHP based tool that allows you to 'strip' the images out of an Open Directory (Open Dir), Image Board, or any website. All you have to do is enter the URL of the page that you want to strip and click Strip! But the best thing is that you can download all images in once! When you've stripped a page you can select several (or all) images and Strip Dir will generate a ZIP file for you to download, containing the images you've selected! It's can't be any easier! New since version 3.0, Strip Dir can go up to 3 l..

  • Crafty Syntax Image Gallery (CSIG)

    A PHP coded image gallery using a mysql for the database and ImageMagick or netPBM to generate thumbnails. Visitors can upload multiple images, hide show images, custimize gallery, create multiple image galleries, alter the look and design, add favorite photos and more...

  • GenesisImageGallery

    Easy to install and to use, no Database needed. You have only to put the directory with the images in the same folder of the index page. Categories and Subcategories, images stats: size, added date, dimension and type. All image type supported!!..


    This is very simple script, a TEXT BASED Gallery's data Need only one PHP file program and one TEXT file for data, No need for MySQL database. Featured with: - Record Paging - You could configure to allow user's posting or not - Duplicate User Entry Check - HTML Code Parsing - Long Words spliter - Admin Page, login required - and much more...

  • PHP Easy Photo Gallery

    A very robust and powerful photo gallery script. The key is that it auto installs in seconds and requires no programming knowledge to install or for use. The admin area is very intuitive and easy to use. Add new galleries and edit them at will, no need to photoshop your pics first as this will resize your pics for you. No need to have the pics all the same size. Portrait, landscape, small, big, it doesn't matter, the script is smart enough to make the adjustments for you. Add as many galleries as you'd like and as many pics in each gallery as y..

  • RealImageHosting

    RealImageHosting script allows you to own your own image hosting web-site. The script allows administrator to set up a trial period for the web-site and the subscription fee. Users are charged monthly for the use of the site. The script is paypal ready...

  • ST Portfolio Version2

    ST Portfolio is a dynamic web portfolio program that provides all the tools you need to create a beautiful online portfolio in just minutes and then quickly maintain and expand your online portfolio on the fly. Anyone in business knows the importance of making a good first impression on potential clients. For many graphic designers, artists, programmers, web designers and developers, a website portfolio provides prospective clients with their first look at your business. From this “first impression”, your visitors form their opinion about the c..

  • Rampant iscript

    This script allows you to upload images and automatically creates small thumbnails (saves on load times and bandwidth). Add titles and descriptions to your images. Galleries are automatically created. Simple installation. Configure the images show, thumbnail size and more. Easy integration into your page design..

  • Fotot Web

    This is a photo album program, created with php4 and MySQL. It creates thumbails, supports multiple languages, includes Web-based configuration, and the admin area. Written in Spanish...

  • Virtual Photo Album

    The Virtual Photo Album is a PHP based web application useful for diaplying family/friend photos organized into collections. It also supports dynamic captioning of photos by visitors...