Image Galleries

  • phpInstantGallery

    phpInstantGallery is a tool for posting customizable, template based galleries, by simply uploading images to the server the script is running on. The script scans the directory you point it to (via a query string), then it stores the list of images it retreives in an array that is POSTED from page to page as the user moves through the gallery. This method of file-list-passing makes phpInstantGallery significantly more efficient than gallery tools that scan image directories each time they generate a page. Version 1.1 is updated to work with r..

  • Jrotate

    This script allows you to display random images on any website with a simple img tag. For ease of use, it also pulls all images from a directory you specify. The entire script can easily be configured with one simple line change...

  • ImageRat

    ImageRat scans your webserver for physical directories, automatically generating thumbnails for large images and transforming them into browsable image galleries. Perfect for anyone who wants to be able to upload large numbers of images via their favourite FTP program and have them transformed instantly into image galleries. ImageRat doesn't require a database, has a fully customizable template and language system...

  • Text to PNG Script ( provide webmasters with the ability to convert their website headlines and navigations to PNG images automaticlly. The process is very simple and automated, it works by adding a small JavaScript file and selecting which tags to replace. The purpose of this script is to ease editing graphical headlines and navigations. For example, you can change the headline in Photoshop, optimize and save the image and upload it to the server to update a graphical headline, or just change the headline text in your HTML file and the image will auto..

  • PHP/MySQL Photo Gallery

    Whether you are a photographer that wants to promote your photography work or you want to share your family memories, our php/mysql photo gallery script will help you do just that with ease and flexibility. Packed with many features, the php/mysql photo gallery is very easy to install and can be up and running in minutes. ..

  • AutoSlider

    A very simple PHP script for automating a slide show from a folder of images for presentations. Images should be named with number plus usual extension. Navigation via next and back buttons, a start button, and another button that brings to the presentation' Author home page, if supplied. Each presentation may be configured with title and author, and includes the ability to select subsets of the presentation...

  • BGshow

    BGshow is a very simple code 'snippet' to create a photo album or background picture download page...

  • FotolioUSER

    Easy to install and use photo sharing package. Image rescaling and thumbnail generation using the PHP GDLib functions. Template system and language packs for full customisation, along with advanced features including a user mailing list, comment posting and moderation...

  • Krazy Kenny's slide show

    As usual, I couldn't find a script that did what I wanted, so I studied until I could make my own. This script displays a main picture and next/previous thumbnails as links which will reload the page with the appropriate picture. You must upload seperate pics and thumbnails, as well as .txt files for captions if you want to use them. The good news is that once installed, all you have to do is upload additional files, because the script will read your directory and include all pics in the show...

  • Best Wallpaper Script

    This is the only image platform that can truly give you the opportunity for managing your wallpapers in a professional manner. Wallpaper Script's simple design lets you highlight your unique theme. We've gone to great lengths to make customizations easier. Wallpaper Script comes with a great experience in wallpaper section and is the best recipe for having your own successful wallpaper gallery. FRONT END FEATURES: -Time saving search feature -User registration -..

  • Gallery

    image gallery script that scans directories for images and creates the corresponding links. no thumbnails used. no installation needed. all very basic and easily customized. just copy and paste. check the url as an example...

  • Zoph

    Zoph is yet another photo album/gallery/management system, written using PHP and MySQL. It can store many types of information about your photos, including the regular EXIF info, photographer, location, title, description, rating, and the people in the photo. Photos can appear in multiple albums and categories. Additional features include search, slideshows, email, access privileges, and internationalization...

  • MGallery

    Oui oui, vous avez bien lu le titre, il s'agit bien d'une nouvelle version d'eSKUeL :) Il s'agit d'une correction de faille de sécurité, corrigé le jour de l'annonce par mister Loranger, mais étant donné que j'ai (Mathieu) traîné à mettre la mise à jour en ligne, vous ne l'avez que maintenant :) ..

  • Pyxy Gallery

    This simple gallery script uses client-side JavaScript with AJAX to let users load different images without reloading the entire page. Features a Lightbox image overlay with an animated progress bar...

  • Kmita Image Gallery

    Kmita Image Gallery, an image gallery script, easy to install , use and manage. Features like Unlimited images, unlimited multilevel categories, Auto thumbnail creation, Water Mark copyright mark, bulk upload from your images folder on your server, template driven, user rating, count views and lot of exciting features..

  • MCMS - Modeling Content Management System

    Run your very own model agency. * Model & Photographer Profile creator * Photo Upload * Post your Myspace or Youtube Videos * On site mailing system * On site Instant Messaging * Able to add casting calls * Profile Comments * Photo Comments * Model of the Month Feature * RSS feeds of latest Model or Photographer * Easy Template Customization * and more... ..

  • Shampoo

    Shampoo is a tiny script that creates a photo gallery system from a directory structure. It creates and caches thumbnails automatically and supports the addition of captions and descriptions for albums with great ease. It uses minimalist markup, valid HTML and CSS and a sprinkling of unobtrusive JavaScript. Setup is very simple and simply requires putting files in a base directory and changing the album title to one of your choice. That's it. ..

  • yappa

    Yappa (Yet Another PHP Photo Album) is designed to be easy to install and use image gallery script. Simply put the yappa.txt under the name index.php on your web server, and voila, it's ready to use. At first time, you will get your password for administration, and all operations for adding, removing or comment pictures are done via the web interface. easy upgrade to a new version too, in one click link. Need system() and mail() for best performance...

  • Photos

    A web based photo database built on PHP and MySQL. Supports adding photos one at a time or loading an entire folder. Streamlined interface for adding metadata about your photos. Stores a thumbnail of each image in the database along with extracted EXIF and IPTC data about each photo. Advanced search capabilities on all extracted and entered data. Version 4.1 adds internationalization...

  • PHP Thumbnail Photo Gallery

    This quick and easy PHP photo gallery application allows you to display your images on a website as thumbnails with a large image that displays over the top of the thumbnails after clicking one. This application uses PHP and MySQL to store image information in a database. Within the PHP script you have the option to designate how many of your images you want displayed per row. This application includes all files needed to upload images to your website and instructions on installing the database, tables, and file folders that will hold your imag..