• Membership Manager Pro

    Fully featured User Management System with PayPal and Moneybookers subscription integration. Automated signups and expirations Automated account expiration handling Built in News Manager Built in Newsletter Manager Database Backup/Restore Customizable Email Templates Easy Protected Page Builder - Paypal - Moneybookers Subscriptions/One time payments Automated cron jobs Built In Help Section for easy integration Built in contact form Fully Ajax, Powered by jQuery Transaction records – charted Site Maintenance —Delete Inactive ..

  • Fully-automated ecommerce shopping cart software

    EzyPal 1.5 a powerful, yet affordable, fully-automated ecommerce application which delivers digital goods. EzyPal is seamlessly integrated with PayPal IPN to provide secure and automated transactions. Includes fully-featured product catalog system, a powerful and extensive administration control panel, a content management system with a WYSIWYG editor, an online file and image uploader, detailed transaction logging with statistics, an export feature to view/import store data into spreadsheet or email software, an optimized product search engine..

  • Sell Downloads with PayPal

    Sell Downloads with PayPal is an extensive and powerful software to run your own fully automated product delivery website. This allows you to sell digital goods and offer instant downloads to your customers, virtually hands free and automated. All payments are processed via PayPal but your customers do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase. You can also sell your products in GBP, USD, AUD or EUR. After they have made payment the website will automatically email them the link to instantly download their purchase...

  • Digital Goods for PayPal

    Firesage Digital Goods allows publishers of digital content to provide an instant payment and download process for their customers. Whether selling articles, photos, apps, videos or other digital content, our integration with PayPal for Digital Goods streamlines the process for your customer to complete payment and immediately download the digital product. This process inspires confidence to purchase the product by completing the operation without being redirected from your site. ..

  • Simple Script Cart

    The Simple Script Cart is a fantastic full website in itself! You can add hundreds of website scripts set how many days your clients can download the script(s). The Simple Script Cart is based on Paypal Transactions. You can create catagories, links to other websites, check orders, send newsletters and more. You'll love how easy this script is. It even has a secure login control panel for you. Installation is easy. Comes with and installer as well. Make big $$$ with this script! ..

  • Pixel Cart

    Full user management, Paypal ready with transaction management and product statistics, send a newsletter to your subscribers, powerful PHP core, create complex website forms quickly, add banner images and manage animated slideshow, simple unique modern administrative interface, secure Software with integrated security features, add edit or remove user accounts, built in guestbook, user support and polling features. RSS feeds and mobile browser detection included too! Free to download and use...

  • DirectPayment v1.1 – PayPal DoDirectPayment Script

    DirectPayment is a simple script for you to integrate into your website that allows your customers the ability to automatically process credit card payments through PayPal via a customizable web form without the use of a gateway or merchant account. Adding your PayPal account details to one configuration file will connect with the PayPal servers to seamlessly process and capture credit card transactions as well as will deliver success and error messages to the user. ..

  • PayPal Buy Now and IPN Classes

    These are two simple classes to help in PayPal payment and payment processing. The PayPal class allows you to dynamically create Buy now buttons with or without encryption. The IPN class does the preliminary PayPal recommended checks and allows you to do further validation. The class allows logging to database, file and e-mail...

  • PayPal Donate Script

    Use PayPal Donate Script on all your websites, on Wordpress, Joomla, oSCommerce or other template based websites. You can create your own donation goals and let your website visitors send donations via PayPal. There is a nice progress bar available which shows the percentage of raised amount. Installation file will set up the script for you. Multiple donation goals; Password protected administration page; Fully customize the look of the goals; Rich text content usage; Simple copy/paste to place ..

  • Sell software key codes online

    This application can be used to automatically sell pin numbers or software key codes with PayPal. After a successful purchase the customer receives the key code by email, the purchased key code is removed from the database so that the next purchaser will receive the next key code, all without intervention by yourself. The key codes are entered into one of the admin displays, and all sales are recorded within the database. Checks are made on the transactions to prevent fraud and spoofing...

  • Sell downloads online with PHPIPNMonitor

    Use PayPal IPN to sell digital downloads (mp3, ebooks, pdf, graphics, video) to customers. Sell physical goods as well as well as digital downloads. Product items may be displayed using a shopping cart system where the 'buy now' buttons are automatically generated. Buy now buttons may also be created by hand to easily integrate into existing web pages. File location is hidden and cannot be deduced. Downloads are limited by time and number. Associate many downloads files with each product..

  • Digital Product Management

    Our Digital Product Management System Automates Your PayPal Product Sales And Download Deliveries In A Fully Secure Environment! Features include: - You add a new product with 3 simple fields and click - System Creates your secure PayPal buttons - System Uploads your zip file - System emails download link to your customer after successful purchase - System limits the download link to one use - You can easily reactivate the link for those who miss the download - System uses PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) and PHP to secure sales and de..

  • Payment Verification & Product Delivery

    If you sell downloadable information products or software online, then you already know how vulnerable you are to cyber thieves who want to steal your products without paying. But you might not be aware that you're also in danger of having your products distributed, accidentally or on purpose, by paying customers who post their download links on bookmarking sites like Digg and You would be surprised how often this happens! Start protecting your digital assets today with ..

  • Simple Store: A Lightweight E-Commerce Application Powered by Ac

    The AcuInvoice Simple Store is a FREE PHP/MySQL-based storefront optimized for the delivery of digital goods such as software, images, and music files. The script interacts with the popular subscription service AcuInvoice, and therefore supports popular payment gateways, including PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon FPS,, and Though lightweight, the store includes a number of important features, ..

  • ProtoPaygate

    We are excited to announce a new product from NDC - The Payment Gateway application that fits the bill and beats the power of Paypal and alikes! Wonder which payment gateway will accept your auction site fees AND accept buyer-to-seller payments? Wonder no more! Start your own payment gateway and forget the misery of being rejected due to the non-auction sites policies among other infamous payment gateways! Beat them with the best punch! ..

  • Site subscription management with PHP-SecureArea

    Create a subscription membership area for a web site and allow authorized users after the purchase of a PayPal subscription. Users are automatically allocated to the membership area after payment has been confirmed from PayPal or manually added through the admin displays. PHP-Securearea checks the transactions to prevent fraud and spoofing, administers the users and sends confirmation emails to the customers. When the user makes a valid purchase, they are able to log in to the secure area for the subscription period and continue to do so as lon..

  • WS Subscription

    WS Subscription uses Paypal and other payment systems to add subscription to users with the PHP Nuke. Features: Full Recur subscription/Buy now subscriptions. Plugins support to further enhance the module. Coupons. Trials. Template system to easily customize the module. Payment history log/searhes using Ajax Easily manage thousands of subscribers. Create unlimited plans. Subscriber search/update Much more features. WS Subscription has become the number one(1) subscription software for PHP Nuke. See why webmasters have rated version 2.0 5 stars ..

  • Php Paypal Payment Processor

    This is a easy to use, easy to set up Pay Pal Payment Processor. This script sets up in minutes and is highly customizable. In the config.php file simply set up the variables. Everything you see in the form on the demo page can be customized. The text, the error text, the text above each field. The buttons can also be customized. Use the most popular PayPal buttons, your own image, or an html button with custom text. With only two lines of code this can be embedded within any website page with P..

  • FEX F-Delivery Paypal

    Your best way to delivery digital products(s). FEX F-Delivery is a cutting edge system that gives more control, automation and security selling digital product(s). Today, PayPal receive payments for products worldwide. One problem faced by many peoples however is how to provide a fast and secure way to deliver digital products after a successful transaction. For who sell software, e-books, music or any digital media on the internet, F-Delivery provides the perfectly solution...

  • Shop-Script

    Shop-Script is powerful PayPal shopping cart software that offers you the ability to build search engine friendly professionally looking online store. Shop-Script is integrated with PayPal Website Payments Standard and PayPal Website Payments Pro (Direct Payment, Express Checkout) and provides hundreds of ecommerce features: flexible customer and order management, credit cards processing, real-time shipping quotes with UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, InterShipper, bulk products management, support for downloadable products, support for complex configura..