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  • ClientBill - Invoicing, time tracking, billing software

    ClientBill is a faster and easier way to get your invoices paid faster. Our simple yet powerful software squashes confusion for your clients and helps you get paid faster. ClientBill supports a number of payment gateways. Designed for anyone who needs to bill clients, save time, and look good doing it. Whether you're a web designer, host, lawyer, or mechanic ClientBill is for you! Our simple yet advanced service allows anyone to get paid quickly and easily online...

  • Miniweb 2.0 Online Store

    Studies show that it can take several thousand dollars and hours of Web development work to set up an online store. What if there is a better solution? What if you can plug and play a ready-made online store system on your Web site in minutes and start accepting credit card payments right away? You would be weeks and months ahead of your competitors. Instead of waiting for the store to be built or worrying about overrun budget, you would be actively executing your marketing campaigns and profiting from your sales. Miniweb 2.0 Online Store can m..

  • iLister Collectible Script

    iLister is a great framework to set up online communities for collectors. Customize the system to feature one specific or several collectible categories: dolls, coins, toys, knives, artwork, antiques, jewelry, glass, pottery, radios, photos, sports items, memorabilia, etc. Go beyond what a simple collectable site is about! Run iLister as an online catalog of your collection featuring thousands of items you own. Show your favorites to the world complete with pictures and videos. ..

  • Complete PHP shopping cart software

    This solution made in PHP and using MySQL databases and will let you to operate medium shop with few hundreds products. It has potential to operate with more than 10000 records, so you can use it even for large projects. ..

  • Single Product Page CMS (SPP CMS)

    Do you know any product on affiliate network you want to promote and do not have any easy way to do that? But now you can easily do that with the help of SPP CMS, Simply install the script upload the logo and images and also easily add the affiliate links all through the site and start promoting the website! You can set the store from 4 different themes available in the admin panel. Admin Features: · Select theme (4 different themes) · Add/edit/delete Meta tags for seo purpose. · Enable/disable Menus a..

  • Fiverr Clone

    To Set up a micro jobs website, use our script FP Platform. It is an innovative solution for developing a Fiverr clone script or mini jobs or gigbucks like site. ..

  • ZocDoc Clone

    Still searching an apt appointment Booking Software for instantly connecting with doctors? Have a look at agriya ABS,the best ZocDoc clone script. ..

  • Airbnb Clone

    Build and Develop an Airbnb clone Website in a day by using a Rental Booking Script. It is an innovative solution for developing an Airbnb clone script and website. ..

  • Kickstarter Clone

    Are you still searching an equity crowdfunding script? We have developed a product called SF platform, which is the combination of Kickstarter and Indiegogo Clone. ..

  • Thumbtack Clone

    Agriya has built an effective Thumbtack clone script – marketplace. It assists you to build a user friendly, Seo friendly and a multi-language Thumbtack clone website ..

  • Youtube Clone

    Agriya Customers portal is one of the best portal for buying all great clone scripts like Groupon, Flippa, Kickstarter and Fiverr. ..

  • Facebook Clone

    Do you want to build your own social media community website with a reliable social networking script? Have a look at Kootali,the best Facebook clone script. ..

  • Tinypay Clone

    Set up a marketplace to buy and sell items in 60 seconds by using a micro payment script.We have developed a product PeeweePay. It is the best TinyPay clone script.  ..

  • Yipit Clone

     Yipit clone and deal aggregator script are offered by Agriya at reasonable cost as Feedy, this script aggregates thousands of hot deals daily.  ..

  • Twitpic Clone

    Do you want to build a Photo Sharing website, which is a Twitpic Clone? Have a look at tweetpic a ultimate twitter image sharing script. ..

  • Retailmenot Clone

    Do you want to set up a website which is a Retailmenot Clone? We have got a product named as Couponator, which is a fantastic Coupon Directory Software. ..

  • 99designs Clone

    Agriya's 360Contest is a PHP crowdsourcing script, which is a combination clone of leading design contest websites like 99Designs,Designcrowd and Logotournament ..

  • Elance Clone

    Agriya provides freelancer clone script, We have developed a product which helps you to create a site like Freelancer, Elance, Odesk, Scriptlance and Guru. ..

  • Lifesta Clone

    Set up a coupon deal website to resell local coupons and vouchers by using our efficient script known as CoupReseller. It is Couprecoup and Lifesta Clone Script. ..

  • Guru Clone

    Agriya provides Guru script, a product which helps you to create a site like Freelancer, Elance, Odesk, Scriptlance and Guru. ..