E Commerce

  • osCommerce New Module Development

    We can develop new custom module for your store, have great experience creating new osCommerce modules and modifying existing modules for osCommerce. We need description of what you would like to have done so we can provide estimates and best way of achieving. In most cases we recommend using existing modules, making required modifications and making new osCommerce module development cost-effective. ..

  • Mercury PHP FedEx or UPS Web Shipping

    Mercury is a web based shipping application that pulls customer address data and shipment information directly from your existing database. Mercury can integrate with a large number of databases. Written in PHP, Mercury can be easily customized to automate your entire shipping process. After a simplified graphical installation process, you can simply enter an order number and Mercury retrieves the ship-to name, address, shipping service and more! Completely replace UPS Worldship or FedEx Ship Manager software with Mercury as your own customizab..

  • Clover Shop Lite

    Clover Shop shopping cart software provides an open architecture, shopping cart system that uses a dynamic set of robust PHP scripts that are easy to understand and customize. They can be quickly installed on any PHP4 enabled web server and provide webmasters with a basic core engine around which they can design a fully functioning online shopping site. All databases are flat text files that can be edited online through a graphical administration page or offline with a simple text editor like Notepad...

  • TWB: ECommerce Website System (TWB-EWS)

    Fully integrate PayPal's ecommerce funtionality into your website - in just a few minutes. We offer 3-levels of functionality to cater for different needs, all of which share the same control-panel, and are upwardly compatible. TWB-EWS handles Web-Accept, Shopping-Cart and Subscriptions, and can track Price-Changes. Product-Manager: is where you create your products. Button-Wiz: generates the 'buy' buttons for your products. IPN: automatically stores all sales in your database, checks the price paid is correct, and adds users to t..

  • BN Points Program

    Ever wanted to reward your visitors by having them click on affiliate links and or banners? You can use this program to offer prizes for clicking on affiliate links, banners, advertisers links or banners, take surveys and more! Make money having advertisers add their link to the program, increasing hit stats which will generate more adverting for your site. Awesome admin backend that handles all aspects of the points program. Can easily integrate to your website design. Click the link above for a demo. User: demo Pass: demo (frontend) Admin de..

  • E-Catalogue

    E-Catalogue is a complete solution for presenting products in internet in a form of catalogue. The only thing merchants need to manage E-Catalogue is web browser and an internet connection. E-Catalogue has complete web-based administration,unlimited amount of products in unlimited amount of categories, easy adding, updating and removing categories and products (description, images, prices, etc.) , support for promotional products , banner system, integrated statistics for every product, login system, clients management (add, remove, edit ..

  • OSC-Nuke

    OSC-NUKE is a powerful combination of PhpNuke 6 and OSCommerce 2.2. All modules and addons for OSCommerce and PhpNuke work with this...

  • Net-Business

    Remotely Hosted, data backups and tech hassles managed for you, work from any Computer with an Internet Browser, Manage Customer Accounts, Manufacturers Info, Vendors, Products/Items, Orders, Customer Catalog, Real-time Stock, Products Serial Numbers, R.M.A., Purchases, Accounting, Employees, Marketing, Banking, Shipping Information, Reports, and much more... all integrated with one Customer Frontend for Dynamic Content Generation; with Net-Business you will work more productively, from anywhere, anytime...

  • VeriSignup

    VeriSignup allows you to integrate Verisign's PayFlowLink credit card processing functionality right into your own website! Accept your customers' credit card information and securely post the transaction to Verisign in the background. Your customer never has to leave your site. VeriSignup is provided as a function which is intended to be included within your existing script. It accepts the transaction data (customer's details, order amount, description, and invoice number) as arguments, sends the transaction details to the VeriSign gateway, an..

  • Credit Card Validation Solution

    A set of open source scripts that ensure credit card information is keyed in correctly. Checks numbers for length, falling within accepted ranges, the Mod 10 / Luhn checksum and that you accept the given type. Tells type based on the number. Expiration date validation is optional. Error messages are internationalized. New languages can be easily added. Works for American Express, Australian BankCard, Carte Blanche, Diners Club, Discover/Novus, JCB, MasterCard and Visa...

  • E-Payment integration

    E-Payment supports credit card processing with SurePay, Authorize.net, PayPal, 2CheckOut, Fedex. If you want to sell products or services online and accept payments with credit cards(Visa, MasterCard, Checks) we offer complete integration...

  • eDelivery

    Do you have a downloadable product you wish to sell but do little to no work to sell it? Do you want your entire sales automatic and easy? Do you want to do all mentioned for a extremely cheap price? If you answered yes to any of the questions above then eDelivery is the perfect match for your needs, boasting with all the features of the competitors at more than half the price! Why spend a monthly fee for a similar service when you can pay a small one time fee for lifetime use and more features? Check us out!..

  • dotWidget for Downloads

    dotWidget for Downloads automates the secure delivery of downloadable products. Built-in anti-fraud features. By integrating with PayPal's IPN and 2Checkout's Shopping Cart Payment Routine, dotWidget for Downloads writes each sale to your database, and emails your customer a link to your Download Log-in page. When the customer logs in at your Download Log-in page, dotWidget verifies the customer and provides a download link. PayPal's Multiple Currency features are supported...

  • X-cart add on: Wish List, Reviews, Inventory Viewer

    This add on pack adds the following, Wish list Viewer see what is in your customer wish lists and send them a personalised email enticing them to buy the items. Review Viewer, quick edit. View all product reviews on your site at a glance for easy editing. Product Inventory viewer and export, designed so you can quickly see product Inventory levels, along with your wholesale pricing bands to screen, to print and also to CSV format...

  • Pixie - Automation for digital products

    Pixie can be used to automate the delivery of digital goods, for Paypal buy now, add to cart and eBay purchases. It can be used to secure members only areas on your website, and deliver instant access to members only content via Paypal subscription purchases. It can be used as a ecommerce website backend product database, it will streamline product creation, maintain a sales history & and customer mailing list. Pixie is also a Paypal based 2 level affiliate system. Many features - Check us out..

  • eLouai's Web Hosting Shopping cart (PayPal)

    An easy to install and configure wizard-like web hosting shopping cart. It is pre-configured for credit card processing using PayPal, just replace the paypal email variable, and update prices and options (in the php file). It's goal was simplicity (over features), to easily allow others to add/maintain it...

  • Quik N EZ Store Creator for Paypal

    Completely Customizable & Editable Paypal Store and full web site. No database required. No HTML - no coding needed. Ideal for the novice user. This is a full web site powered solely by PHP. Comes with: Guestbook, Sitenews Page, Chat Room, Ecard Page, Users Online, Newsletter, Favorite Links Page, Contact Us Page, Counter, ability to create as many pages as you want and add as many products as you want, ability to change the site look at will, ability to change the menu, buttons, text, background and more. Add pictures, prices, tax, shipping, e..

  • Mini Web Shop v.2

    An e-commerce PHP script has an online web shop, shopping cart (based on cookies), one-level categories, multi languages supports, voting and searching... Fully functions admin control panel. Each item has thumbnail photo, voting, click and qualtity tracker, active or inactive mode, ....Users can shopping on Web then order via email then purchasing in cash/cheque or Credit Card. Fully admin control panel with items management, new item adding, news publishing, file editor, and online configuation tool, you dont have to change your config via FT..

  • Esvon PC Builder

    Designed to build and price custom computer system configurations on-the-fly but not limited only to this. Allows the client to configure a computer and then make order for computer configuration. Features: Easy to configure; Change prices as desired; Add/remove categories and components easily; Customize appearance with background, font, and table colors; Add HTML/Graphics to the top and bottom of pages; Instant pricing feature.....