E Commerce

  • ShipTrack PHP Class

    Use the ShipTrack class to make instant links to shipper's websites. Currently supported carriers are: UPS, FEDEX, ROADWAY, BAX GLOBAL, NEW PENN, ABF, REDSTAR, YELLOW, DHL, Fedex Freight East, EMERY GLOBAL, G.O.D., Old Dominion, US Post Office, Cargo Connect (CCX)...

  • O-Module Order Form

    Free, custom build and easy to install Order Form for beginners. O-Module is very easy to install: Open the file config.php and replace the name of your company, the email address and select all form and option fields you want to appear in the form. You don't need to know nothing about PHP and modify nothing else. No database required. After all modifications in the config.php just upload all files by FTP. If you need help, we can integrate O-module with your existing site. Enjoy the bright ideeas of Loginet Solutions. ..

  • web hosting Shopping cart

    I rewrote the shopping cart because of the growing number of web hosting subscribers that were forgetting to type in their domain names before checking out...

  • osCPro ExV1

    Download the most sought after subscription manager on the web. You can do bill tracking, offer subscription and non subscription products to be checked out from the same cart. Automated billing that works with any osc contribution. Use any proccessor to receive payment. Every thing that you can do with osc you can do plus more with the osCPro!! Define your notice mailings. This script does it all!! Fully Loaded. Has all of the popular contributions built in: Affiliate System Gift Voucher/Coupons Downloads Advanced Sub..

  • IPNm

    IPN-Master is a paypal IPN (Instant Payment Notifaction) download manager written in PHP. It is designed for those webusers who would like to charge users for file downloads, but don't want to pay for an extra service. Unlike other similar products, ours is free!..

  • Mercury

    Mercury :: FedEx is a complete web-based shipping application written in PHP that can interface with a multitude of existing databases. This allows the user to pull data directly from their existing sales, financial, and CRM databases. After a simplified integration process, you can simply enter an order number and Mercury retrieves the ship-to name, address, shipping service and more. Mercury allows you to centrally manage shipping activities across multiple carriers and corporate locations using only a web browser. Mercury receives the labe..

  • Hyip Manager Pro support Liberty Reserve

    HYIP Manager Pro is a package for investment sites. This software helps you to easily create and manage your own HYIP. This HYIP script supports unlimited plans and users, turing image, ban users, block user's account, customizable newsletters, flexible compounding settings and many other features. Support Liberty Reserve, V-Money, E-Bullion, Pecunix, E-Gold, PayPal, GoldMoney, Wire Transfer and any other supported. Mass Payment, Instant Payment and Automatical Payment features included. Full D..

  • Chinese antique furniture

    Dear Sir or Madam, Beijing Ming dragon is a company engaged in Chinese Antique furniture and arts.It locates in the suburb of Beijing where has convenient traffic. The company has been established five years.Although we haven't long history,we grow very fast.Through our store and website we will offer you unparalleled service,good quality merchandise at competitive prices.We offer furniture such as beds,benches,cabinets,chairs,coffers,stands,stools,tables,desks,Tibetan and Mongolia furnishings ..

  • T-shirt Customizer For Oscommerce

    Allow store customers to create their own T-shirts, mousepads, mugs, boxers and similar products. Customers are able to customize products with logo and texts. Script can be used in any Oscommerce based stores. Customers able easy to customize product with logo and texts. Customized product will be saved in order which can see admin or customer. Admin featured are management of products, logo galleries (categories/logo), fonts etc...

  • BPApparelStore - Apparel Store Script, Clothing Webshop

    BPApparelStore is a script for building an online multi language apparel store where customers can come choose a category and purchase products online. Customers can add items to shopping cart and view cart content. Payments are done through paypal and other payment gateways can be integrated. Site administrator can view and manage products and orders. Administrator Panel General - Site Settings - Administrator can define general variables that are used on the site such as admin email address, site url, paypal email, delivery cost. ..

  • BPJewelry - Jewelry Site Script, Jewelry Store Software

    BPJewelery is a script for building an online multi language jewelery store where customers can come choose a category and purchase products online. Customers can add items to shopping cart and view cart content. Payments are done through paypal and other payment gateways can be integrated. Site administrator can view and manage products and orders. Administrator Panel General - Site Settings - Administrator can define general variables that are used on the site such as admin email address, site url, paypal email, delivery cost. - Stati..

  • CRE Loaded Custom Template Skin Development

    MagneticOne can create unique custom design template for CRE Loaded. We have good experience creating custom design templates and ready to provide you quality service. Buy this service to order new CRE Loaded skin development. You can choose from existing CRE Loaded design templates...

  • CRE Loaded download of OSCommerec

    The delvelopers of the loaded snapshot continue to deliver. The CRE Loaded download verion 6 has over 34 powerful contributions pre installed. We have a solid support site to help you get the most of the application. There are also new templates and patches for known issues. This application is released free. A gift back to the oscommerce community from Chain Reaction Web Hosting...

  • inProcess - Authorize.net Gateway Interface for Integration

    This PHP function is designed to decrease the time required to integrate the Authorize.net gateway to your existing solution. inProcess supports authorization only (auth_only), Authorize and Capture (auth_capture), priors, and credits. inProcess supports XML input and output for those with the technical abilty. For rapid deployment, you can also use standard PHP variables. With just a little tuning from your existing application, you'll be able to process credit card payments in no time at all...

  • PHP Authorizenet

    PHP Authorizenet is user friendly and easy to setup. Just take the code drop it in your document root and call the orderform.php file. PHP Authorizenet gives you the ability to process secure credit card transactions through the authorizenet.com gateway.A Cold Fusion implementation of this tag available at http://www.unknowndesigns.com/cfopenauthnet...

  • EXS - E-Currency Trading Software

    EXS is a full featured digital currency trading software. This is the unique and the only for the present moment software solution for running online e-currency trading service. The EXS Software allows you to run your own e-currency trading service or upgrade already existing to a higher level. With this software your customers can buy, sell or exchange (convert) digital currencies fast and easily...

  • iScripts EasyBiller

    iScripts EasyBiller is a feature-rich web based automatic billing and client management software for service businesses. Designed specifically for service industries, iScripts EasyBiller comes with extreme flexibility, and functionality. Several payment processors are supported for accepting online credit card payments. EasyBiller supports one-time billing, recurring billing and custom billing. Main features include automated invoice generation, reporting, client management, unlimited plans/users, easy plan management, an integrated help desk,..

  • Zen Cart

    Features Included in Zen Cart Release v1.1+ Improved Template System - changes can be made to the basic style using only the stylesheet and a few images. No php coding neccessary. More extensive modifications can be made with a simple template override. Changing from one installed template to another is as simple as a couple of clicks in the Admin. New Merchandise Pricing Options - In addition to being able to put single items on Special, there are now dozens of options for sales. Percentage off, fixed amount off, or make a new pr..

  • PHPCart - The Simple E-Commerce Solution!

    PHPCart is a powerful yet simple to use shopping cart system. Instead of forcing you to use a set layout PHPCart allows you to generate your own 'Add to Cart' links which you add to your current site design. PHPCart requires no databases at all. PHPCart supports a number of payment gateways including the following, WorldPay, PayPal, Nochex, FastPay, eMatters, Verisign, Paysystems, eWay, 2Checkout, Authorize.net, Paystamp plus many more. We are also happy to add your gateway if it is not already supported free of charge. You can also use ..

  • PHP Authorize.net AIM Script (PHPAUTHNET AIM)

    PHPAUTHNET AIM gives you the ability to easily process transactions through the authorize.net gateway. The script includes an orderform, thank you page, denied page and a self contained configuration file. Configuration and installation is as simple as opening the configuration file and entering your authorize.net account information. Experience the authnetscripts.com difference today !..