Content Management

  • YTVL Generator

    YTVL Generator v2.0 is a web based PHP script that allows you to quickly and easily download your favorite YouTube videos. YTVL Generator v2.0 is the ultimate tool for saving your favorite YouTube videos. YTVLG is a superior solution because it instantly provides direct links to all available versions of the requested video. The links are instantly generated without downloading the video through your website or web server. YTVL Generator is licensed on a per site basis. One license per website...

  • Gnew open-source Content Management System

    Gnew is a simple and open-source Content Management System. The code is easily understandable for other developers (I think) and it can be easily customized, modified or improved. I've been working on updating and improving the code in order to get the project back. Several parts were rewritten, new features have appeared and other have disappeared. Gnew is a simple Content Management System (CMS) written with the PHP language and using a database server (MySQL or PostgreSQL or SQLite) for storage. It is fully customizable since it uses a templ..

  • eEdit CMS

    eEdit cms is aimed at the complete amateur user that wants to create and manage his/her site with easy. eEdit is an inline cms developed by QoolSoft. eEdit cms features include are Inline creation and editing of content, Supports pages,articles and blocks, XML exporting per page, Easy 1 step installation, Easy templating. eEdit is a simple cms that allows a total amateur user to create and manage his site with no need for programming or html knowledge at all...

  • PinaCMS: batch site launcher and manager

    PinaCMS is a free open source code batch website launcher. PinaCMS easily create, manage and replicate common components, control each of the websites individually or apply updates to all of them simultaneously. PinaCMS use as a content management system for a website chain or build your own SaaS CMS solution. PinaCMS: batch site launcher and manager easy administration and a flexible mechanism of access control...

  • Web Pro Fishing Tournament Manager and Live Scoring System

    Web Pro Tournament Manager is a professional web-based live scoring system and manager for small and large fishing tournaments. The software is fully customizable and can be integrated seamlessly with the design of your current website, or can be setup to use one of our professional recreated designs. Web Pro Tournament Manager is simple and fast, and allows you to setup and manage your fishing tournaments with ease. Web Pro Tournament manager is simply the best live fishing tournament management software ever created. Web Pro Tournament Manage..

  • Qool CMS

    We have been working hard to create a CMS that will be able to do anything the user wants. There are virtually no limits on what you can accomplish with Qool CMS. A content management system born from the need to create and manage your content easier than ever. Qool CMS supports PHP, Smarty, Twig, Savant3, WordPress different template engines. You can choose to use your prefered template engine to build templates. Content management systems are article based platforms and need addons and extensions to add extra functionality. It is easy to crea..

  • Pagination Class

    Pagination is an efficient way of handling long lists of data entries by dividing them up into different pages. Pagination, a page that displays a lengthy list of 100 comments could be transformed into a series of 10 pages displaying 10 comments per page. PHP Pagination Class is compatible with both MySQL and flat-file databases and can support multiple pagination objects concurrently. PHP Pagination Class displays a user-friendly amount of information at a time. PHP Pagination Class features include are Handles cookies for display settings int..

  • Docebo’s Joomla LMS Plugin

    The new Docebo’s Joomla LMS Plugin allows Joomla users to transform their website into an E-Learning portal by integrating the Joomla CMS with the Docebo LMS (Learning Management System). Joomla is one of the most used open source CMS (Content Management System) on the market: this is why Docebo developed a free plugin to integrate any Joomla website with the Docebo E-Learning platform. Joomla LMS plugin features: - Embed online courses on their Joomla website and assign training by using the Joomla dashboard - Access courses and trai..

  • DjAmolWap Auto Index With Advance Admin Panel

    DjAmolWap Genrate Automatic with your site name MP3 logo just change albumart.jpg image file. Footer Company Code Admin Panel Functions Files File Manager Upload file Import / Grub Mass renaming files Advance orders Security...

  • Article Difficulty Level

    Through this plugin, user can able to select the post difficulty level in admin dash board post area for each post. 1. User can add custom name for displaying the rating 2. User can select to display the rating in above or below the post 3. User can change the star color 4. User can select upto 5 different size of stars 5. Default message for the post where rating not selected 6. User can select where to show the difficulty level either in post or home or both. 7. Users can view the Difficulty level in Admin dashboard post list..

  • Content Management Script, Content Management System

    Content Management Script is a simple Content Management System which will allow you to create your own website in minutes. Our content management script site settings are easily customized with the Full web based administration control panel and administration interface. PHP content management system is MySQL database backend is delivered open source; Web-based installation wizard which will lead you through the installation process; Customization of your content system and development of any web site management module; Easy integration wit..

  • ATN Site Builder

    With ATN Site Builder you can create easily multi-user website creation portals like the popular wix and weebly. It makes possible for the the users to sign up, choose between different responsive pre-made templates and create automatically their sites. After that using the users admin panel, they can customize the websites and design, add new pages or edit or remove any of the existing ones, post news, create photo albums and many others. The administration panel coming with the software allows the administrator to manage easily the different..

  • AirBNB Clone Script, online accommodation booking Software

    NCrypted has complete solution if you are looking for any customized or readymade online accommodation booking script similar to website like Airbnb. AirBNB Clone script from NCrypted has all the latest and useful features which are needed for a new website clone like Airbnb. Airbnb clone script is designed with an attractive and user friendly design which is beneficial for both the website owner as well as users. Users can easily go through where they want to go or whatever they are looking for. In short AirBNB Clone Script from NCrypted is..

  • BNB Clone from NCrypted, an ideal airbnb clone script

    BNB Clone from NCrypted is an innovative website clone script which has variety of the features which makes it unique one. Basically BNB Clone or Airbnb Clone Script is one of the perfect solutions for them who are planning to make website to start online vacation rental business. BNB Clone or Airbnb Clone Script is an ideal for new entrepreneur because it has all important and required features. BNB Clone can be also customized as per your requirements and also you can your additional feature as well. Experienced website developers will fil..

  • Perfect vacation rental script - Airbnb Clone from NCrypted

    Airbnb Script is a perfect website clone script for them who are interested to make a website similar to airbnb or other vacation rental website. Airbnb is one of the most in demand websites for vacation rental businesses. Vacation rental script from NCrypted websites is customizable so you can make any kind of required changes as per your needs later as well. Airbnb clone from NCrypted Websites has all important features which are needed for an ideal airbnb website to get good business on the web. You can choose Airbnb Clone as well if you ..

  • Airbnb Clone - Vacation Rental Script from NCrypted Websites

    Airbnb Clone has features which can compete with other vacation rental entrepreneurs on the web. Airbnb Clone is an ideal choice for those who want to make a website similar to Airbnb and planning to start their own online business. Vacation rental script from NCrypted is a readymade airbnb clone you can say, but it can be edited as per your requirements and needs. Vacation Rental Script has nearly all the features which are exists in Airbnb and other vacation rental websites...