Content Management

  • Spiral sitebuilder and content management

    Spiral Sitebuilder is a script that allows you to create and manage your website online without any HTML or other coding. You simply select your design from a variety of templates, then add your text and images through the page editor. You can have as many pages as you want. The navigation menu is generated automatically. An image editor is also included, allowing you to edit the size and compression of yourimages. As well as uploading images, you can upload flash animations and other files such as MP3s and movies. Once created, you can continu..

  • WSCreator

    Based on one of the world's leading structure and content management systems - WebSiteAdmin, WSCreator (WS standing for WebSite) is powerful application for handling multiple websites. It provides the functionality for the new users to signup and create and maintain online their websites with ease and for the administrator to manage multiple user groups and assign them different access rights for the application resources. WSCreator inherits from WebSiteAdmin a powerful set of tools for handling the website structure and content - like the uniq..

  • Wlpp FREE Website Builder 1.6

    The Website Builder script provides you with all the features you will need to set up your own website, using your own domain name. The script can be added to an already running website, or it can also run on its own. Our script is perfect for presentational websites! It enables non-technical users to add and maintain website content. The script is so easy to use that just about anyone can add pages , upload images, and create their own customized pages. You can easily log into the Admin Panel and create new pages by entering the page propertie..

  • Matchmaking Solution

    Convenient and effective web site for online marriage agencies. It is devoted to managing a database of ladies and their correspondence with men. It's an easy-to-use, functional solution to let you start your own matchmaking business...

  • Feed AM - Web Feed Aggregation Manager - RSS + Atom

    RSS and Atom XML parser, archiver and aggregator using PHP + MySQL. Display (publish) web feed data on your site. Offers many features and is highly customizable. Completely template-based, utilizing macros for easy editing. Web Feed (RSS/Atom) data is stored in MySQL database. Directory-style pages are optionally built for feed data. Ratings, comments, search and login function for users. Easy-to-use Admin Control Panel...

  • Last update

    Last update checks the last modified date for the files in a set of directories you specify in the script, and produces a Unix timestamp (that can be used with the DATE function) of the most recently modified file in those directories. This allows webmasters to display a single 'Last modified' date on their site which lists the date and time of the most recent change on the site...

  • Sws Recipes Site Cms

    Run your very own recipes website with this very powerful software package. The administration panel of this powerful CMS gives you complete control over your entire recipes website. You will be able to easily add recipes, add/edit/delete sponsors, control advertising banners add/edit/delete subscribers, change site colors and much more...

  • Word Link Script

    GPix is a FREE yet powerful word link script, based on the popular marketing concept of link advertising. This system requires only a web server running PHP/MySQL, and the ability to chmod files and folders. The GPix skins also work with GLink! Create an administrative blog and maintain it using a built-in WYSIWYG editor. Upload background images for your word grid, giving your word link grid a more colorful, stylish look. Set several important characteristics for your words, like image, URL, and color/style/style. Track the number of clicks fo..

  • Interactivetools Article Manager

    Make web publishing easy. Update, manage and publish your articles, blog or any other content that changes frequently without touching HTML. Article Manager's WHYSIWYG editor lets you format text, upload images and publish articles to the category/subcategory of your choice in minutes. Get the design features you want with flexible template customization, custom database fields and integrated search engine that don't limit your creative control. And with user access level, you have the publishing and workflow management you need to ensure on..

  • visualEdit

    visualEdit is a simple to use, user friendly visual text editor for online forms with a very competitive price. Simply integrate visualEdit with your existing forms, or create your form around the example pages we provide you with. Includes image uploading capabilites along with numerous text editing and visual tools,table support and more...

  • Code4Design Content Management System

    Code4Design's CMS is an affordable, feature-rich solution that enables any user with web access to create and update web content from any location. Users create new pages, update existing content, upload images or files, set time parameters for publishing content, control user access, generate a site map, and more! Code4Design’s CMS also integrates with our Contact & Mailing, Form & Survey, and Shopping Cart modules. Companies can integrate all of these functions into a website while maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout...

  • Web Site Manager

    Do you want to have flexible and powerful web site, distinguished for its professional looking design and the easiness to change its content? With extremely easy to use interface, Web Site Manager provides an online WYSIWYG page editor. The administrator user don't need to have any computer knowledge to publish and edit web content, he has to simply to log to the administration module to the web application, and work with it as with every basic Windows rich text editor...

  • Ektron CMS300

    Ektron CMS300 is a browser-based content management solution that lets business and technical users easily author and manage XML and HTML content. It strictly enforces content and Web page layout and delivers content to multiple sites and devices. Features include our eWebEditPro+XML editor, content check-in/out, workflow, approval chains, versioning, audit trails, site rollback, HTML and XML forms; more. Runs on ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and ColdFusion platforms (in a Microsoft server environment)...

  • Proman Xpress 5.0.1

    The best Project Management script is now available for purchase at a special introductory discount. The script has been designed to satisfy the needs for several industries including Software Companies and Freelancers It is extremely robust, user-friendly and tremendously secured. Support => Free Support and Free Upgrade || Specialty => Security plug-in. ..

  • My Movie Portal 3.2.8

    My Movie Portal v3.2.8 is now available for purchase. This is undoubtedly the finest clone of IMDB. Check out the new exiting features. The script is coded in PHP/ MySQL and is highly customizable by the Admin. Support => Free Support || Specialty => Security plug-in. More at

  • Download Manager Responsive BootStrap UI

    Download Manager Responsive BootStrap UI is an easy to use force file download script. Download Manager Responsive BootStrap UI useful for sites that have different files and would like force people to download the files instead of having them run remotely off their web server. Download Manager ca use script to avoid direct files downloads, and to limit downloads to only registered customers. Download Manager Responsive BootStrap UI can be applied to mp3, video clips, archives, docs, images, pdf files and more. Download Manager Responsive BootS..

  • Event Management

    Event Management is designed with commercial and unique venues in mind. All the Apptha Eventz related aspect such as visibility, social sharing and communication, event registration, SEO optimization, get direction and payment. Apptha Eventz is a fully integrated scheduling product for conference management, meeting management, stage shows, personalized programs, resources, etc. Apptha Eventz is an additional feature used to define a process that helps to manage events to become more effective and efficient...

  • CMSGamers

    CMSGamers is a free open source full featured game content management system. you’ll have all the tools you would expect in a gaming cms. CMSGamers is designed so that you can make it your way. Small menu for displaying platform categories – Main Menu for displaying custom pages and article pages – Footer menu for displaying any links you want in the footer. Pure HTML with tags like: {sitetitle}, {articleText} for easy template customization. CMSGamers is designed so that you can make it your way, you’ll be able to cover any gaming niche with t..

  • Magento Social Affiliate

    Social Affiliates is a Magento extension that allows any site visitor to invite his friends to that site by means of Facebook, Twitter and email shares. This Magento plugin can be an absolute way to promote the sales factor of any online store by increasing site visitors. It is both the stores and customers getting benefited with this kind of module. When a user refers a friend to a site, he will be provided with some credits, which he can use for his further purchases. And that too, while making a purchase, he can make use of only a fixed perc..

  • My Movie Portal 5.2.4

    My Movie Portal v5.2.4 is now available for purchase. This is undoubtedly the finest clone of IMDB. Check out the new exiting features. The script is coded in PHP/ MySQL and is highly customizable by the Admin. Support => Free Support || Specialty => Security plug-in. More at