Content Management

  • MistCMS

    MistCMS is a free Content Management System written in PHP that allows you to dynamically create and remove content on your website without having to reupload everything every time you want to make a change. Other content management systems require you to make a website design based on their templates, which can be very complex and tiresome, and the end result will look a lot like every other website design that uses that CMS. With MistCMS, you have complete freedom and control over how you want..

  • Dagger web engine

    Dagger is nuts and bolts web engine / CMS, aimed more to developers than webmasters. It's more customizable than ordinary content management systems. ..

  • php_templates

    Compiled PHP module to process template files. Extremely fast. Among others, supports Macromedia Dreamweaver template synthax...

  • ezRecipe-Zee

    ezRecipe-Zee is a free web script application designed to give you an easy way to start your own recipe database web site and community, or just organize your own recipes to share with friends and family...

  • vlibTemplate

    vlibTemplate is a php class that is intended to make splitting PHP from HTML a simple and natural task. It has easily understandable syntax. It compiles a template into native PHP code using 1 (one) pcre call, thus the parsing is extremely fast (and the resulting compiled templates can be easily cached). The vlibTemplateCache class, caches each template in native php code thus allowing vlibTemplate to bypass the majority of the regex calls when the template is recalled. vlibTemplateCache also checks for newer versions of the original template a..


    BIGACE - a dynamic PHP and MySQL based Web CMS. It is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own Website within minutes. This Web CMS keypoints are ease of use, speed, flexibility and a simple Installation. BIGACE is a multisite, multilanguage and multiuser Web CMS. Uses the WYSIWYG FCKeditor or TinyMCE for HTML content. Has Content Versioning, Workflows, User groups and permission management, Templates and many more. Its powerful backend puts you in full ..

  • Jamroom

    Jamroom 3 is the ultimate Community builder and Media Content Management System (MCMS)! Allow your Members to upload Audio, Video and Image files, as well as have their own personal User Blog, Online Store, Event Calendar, Radio Stations, Mailing lists, Guestbook and much more! Jamroom also features User Reviews and Ratings, Advanced Audio and Video Charts, User Private Notes, Fans (friends) and more! Now available for Jamroom 3 is the Jamroom Payment Pack - allow your users to sell their digital files online, as well as provide automatic subsc..

  • TinyCMS

    TinyCMS is a simple CMS. It contains a login system, blocks (static or PHP), modules, templates, navigation links, and pages (static or PHP). You can easily add your own template or create a module. It also uses a flat file database, and is about 700 KB in size. It is good for people who need to setup a small site without having to figure out how to use the popular, large CMSes..

  • Smart Parser Template Engine (SP)

    SP Templates Engine handles all data representation using easy to learn syntax structures and allows you to query MySQL databases or other dynamic content sources (your own set of data) from inside the structures without hard PHP coding. You will keep your design layout intact and clear. It is easy to work with SP.TE in group as each group member will concentrate all efforts on single task - to create a good design or to create simple and reusable data structure. But even programmers will not code PHP scripts - they will put all efforts on twe..

  • Constructr-CMS

    Constructr is build in PHP and MySQL. The whole Backend is salted with Ajax for a genuine User Experience. The whole Package enables You to create the Frontend You need in combination with Constructr in Backend and Administration...

  • PHP Fusebox Content Management System

    PHP Fusebox Content Management System is an ongoing development project built on the Fusebox 3.0 PHP framework, and mySQL database (using ADODB Database Abstraction layer). Use this project to see example of a Fusebox application in action with user/groups management, export utility, simple forums and content hierarchy. For more information, go to

  • fastpublish CMS

    PHP Content management system which enables easy design adjustment, fast publishing and easy to use. A crossbrowser Wysiwyg editor is integrated. The sponsored edition (fastpublish CMS light) is free of costs and you can use it for commercial purposes as well. Professional users can take part of the fastpublish advertising network. Try out the 60 seconds check of the demo...

  • Ami-MCMS

    Mini Content Management System (CMS) to manage your website text, images and general layout without having to learn programming. Edit your contents from any computer in the world with internet access. Cut and paste your text into CMS for offline editing. Make your own templates for easy changing of site layout and style. ..

  • webEdition CMS

    webEdition provides everything you need to maintain your website. Prepare new pages, expand and change your navigation, add pictures and edit texts etc. Standard Features:» WYSIWYG-Editor » Site Import » Dynamic or static pages generation » XML import/export » Site backup » Numerous plug-in modules available..

  • RedSite

    RedSite is a CMS (Content Managment System), designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. RedSite supports a number a features, even in it's first release. The base feature list is as follows: Template Files, Categories (Directories), Pages, Custom Tags, User Managment, User Groups, and a Plugin Managment System...

  • Easy Template System (ETS)

    ETS is a template system written with PHP. It allows a complete reshuffle of the template with exactly the same data and is extremely valuable when working with database... It’s a powerful tool that will help you efficiently to build documents...

  • Pagetool

    Pagetool is a web-based CMS that stores pages in a MySQL database. Pages are modified and media files uploaded via html forms. Main page options include: public/private setting; edit permissions on a group basis; HTML or PHP code; autohtml; a choice of header, sidebar and footer. The users can add news items, upload media files, create new users and new groups, change their password, and modify the site profile. The admin has access to plugin installation and the site database backup tool. The functionality of Pagetool is extended via plugins i..

  • PHP MicroCMS

    PHP MicroCMS (PHP MCMS) is a simple, but very powerful Content Management System that everyone can use. This script can be installed easily by web developers, webmasters, graphic designers, etc. PHP MCMS was developed in OOP and allows you to build websites in a few minutes and then easy add and edit the content. PHP MicroCMS allows users with very little technical knowledge to build websites and it widely used by our customers due to its easy management tools. PHP MicroCMS requires NO knowledge of HTML, although HTML can be used to enhance..

  • Mini-CMS

    Mini CMS - is a powerful script allowing you to create your own web site in minutes. It is very simple to set up, modify it and it takes very small space. ..