Content Management

  • Inspirations

    Inspirations is a very simple message board/gallery that you can add to any website supporting PHP & MySQL. Users can add inspirational poetry, messages, and anything else they want, and it's automatically categorized. E-mail alerts can be sent out when a new post is made or when the administrator approves or rejects a post. The interface is fully customizable by tweaking a stylesheet and by setting a few variables in the configuration file.


  • PukeHead Programming's Content Manager

    PukeHead Programming Content Manager is a simple and effective website in a zip file. Designed to get you up and running as quick as possible. This site has no bells and whistles and will allow you to get your content site together in no time so you can start earning revenue from Google Adsense. Too many content management systems take too long to learn and are not time effective. If you are looking to build multiple sites, Adsense sites, or just want a solution that will be up and running today this is the one for you. Written in PHP and requi..

  • ImpressCMS

    The goal of the ImpressCMS Project is to stimulate and promote the open source nature of the CMS in both the core and its modules and establish itself as the premiere CMS by expanding the system to meet the needs of their users now and well into the future. ImpressCMS is - * Open Source * Open Development * Open Philosophy * Open Community..

  • Lil' CMS

    Lil' CMS is only 2 kb and takes only a few minutes to setup. It allows text changes with an already-made site. Site pages have to be php or shtml and editable text needs to be inserted in code using include command. It's handy for web designers with clients that would like to easily edit the text on their site on their own. No database needed, works with every version of PHP..

  • Omnistar Article news posting software

    The Omnistar Article news posting software is a dynamic web site article management system that will allow anyone to easily post articles, press releases, event notices and more to a customizable web page. The Omnistar Article content management software is so user friendly it can be managed by any non-technical person...

  • Portunity Portalsuite

    Portalsuite allows you to build websites or mini portals with a complete Content Management System. Alternatively you could use the Portalsuite to migrate existing websites step by step. The Portalsuite 2001 Light consists of three applications: Content Manager, Admin Center, Reseller Center. The Content Manager allows you to administer articles, pictures, video and sounds easily with your web browser. No trainings or programming skills are needed. This real time application enables anybody to put the content on his/her website or portal, and a..

  • Code4Design Content Manager

    A CMS worth thousands for $295. SEO-optimized URLs, WYSIWYG, database-driven, professional. Code4Design's CMS recognizes and supports the important role of the Designer as distinct from the Site Owner. For the Designer: The system provides step-by-step guidance in integrating html templates created in the Designer's authoring tool of choice and identifying areas of the templates which should be dynamic. For the Site Owner: The system provides easy visual methods of locating and editing appropriate pages, or adding ne..

  • MyHeadlines

    The latest release now outputs RSS feeds for search, sections, top ten, and latest news. MyHeadlines is a headline news reader, aggregator, and screen scraper. As a user you may subscribe to many news/content sources from the MyHeadlines database. (over 3000 sources) The MyHeadlines engine allows you to configure the layout of the page to suit your needs. The v4.x.x series has introduced a CMS abstraction layer that allow the seamless integration of MyHeadlines into any PHP & MySQL based website. MyHeadlines includes a SOAP Client to integrate ..

  • Site Solution

    Ready Site Solution. Included: search, admin panel to edit site content and many others in different 4 solutions. Online demonstration. 4 pre-designed site templates, realized for Windows and Unix hosting, are provided. Each site includes the standard functionality and some distinctive features...

  • Flyspeck - Web Page Editing System

    while still allowing you the control you need over the templates. Flyspeck was built by people who need to let non-technical users just update a portion of a web page, sometimes more than one portion, without any installed software. Works on any static web page, HTML, SHTML, HTM, no database needed! The only web-page editing system that allows your users to browse as they ordinarily do and choose to edit. Additional Features: Image Upload and select from your /images dir. Templates..

  • Vezine Content Management

    Vezine is an article management software that helps you create a full article website easily. Its definitely a classic system! Powered with blazingly fast PHP and MySQL database. Not only you will be able to create mutiple themes for your Vezine easily...

  • SiteAdmin

    SiteAdmin is an easy to install and configure script that gives webmasters the ability to create a website using only some PHP and MySQL. It has a GUI front end for the database, and the webmaster can create, modify, and delete files on the fly. SiteAdmin is the next release of PageAdmin. It features integrated News, FAQ, Image Upload, and Quote of the Day, as well as PageAdmin, with a new field for easier filing and editing. An upgrade Script for upgrading from PageAdmin to SiteAdmin is included...

  • HardCore Web Content Management for PHP

    The HardCore Web Content Management system is a full-featured web solution enabling anybody to create and update the content of their Internet website as well as their Intranet and Extranet websites. The HardCore Web Content Management system is affordable and scalable to everybody's budget and requirements. Also available as a hosting solution for hosting service providers...

  • Vision.To CMS

    Features: Web Administration; Auto navigation creation; Optional Banner Management; Optional Marketing Management; Optional MARQUEE; Printer friendly page; Global control of layout/design via CSS; Global control over information about page META TAGS, PAGE TITLE, JAVASCRIPT inclusion, Logo, Banner etc all controlled via Web Admin; File Upload; Make backup of your MySQL database; and more.Content management for the bottom part of the pages. New: Added counter users online, today, total etc. Added Licence Reseller Right's...

  • WebSiteCore 1.0

    A powerful web based program that allows you to manage your website via a user friendly control panel..

  • 2004PRO

    Make your professional newspaper, magazine, TV/Radio news center, media website. Features: WYSIWYG Templating, Unlimited Photos, Audio/Video support, WYSIWYG Article formatting, Web-based style editor, unlimited polls, Protected Content, Mult-Language support, Fully customizable headlines/categories/frontend view. Powerful search, Automatic Meta-Tags, Built in Banner Management, Comments, user rates, navigation history, Built-in Stats, Newsletter Extremely easy to setup, professional templates like CNN, USAToday.....

  • NetArt Wizard

    NetArt Wizard is a secure and reliable environment for running web sites, providing advanced features for web support and management like page editing system, tools for submission to search engines and many others...

  • EasySite

    EasySite is a content management system whereby any person, organization, or company can have a website up in minutes, provided that PHP and MySQL are operational on the server. Using a simple installation file, you will have a dynamic, data-driven website within minutes. EasySite's advanced, user-friendly installer means that you do not need to know any programming - not even HTML - to get your website up and running.

  • Tectrix Content Management System

    Content Management System in PHP. Take total control of all your internet/intranet content. Easily manage your approval process, set user permissions, and get started with its simple user interface...

  • Built Smarter Web Editor

    Our browser-based editor allows non-tech users the ability to easily create and update pages on your website. No need to know HTML. Web designers need not worry, we can restrict the content to be edited so your design and layout is secure and untouched. There is no software to install either. Just launch Internet Explorer from any computer connected to the internet anywhere in the world and you can manage your site quick and easy. No more waiting for your web designer to make those changes. No need to pay high hourly fees. Now anyone on your st..