Content Management

  • OCM (Okphp Content Management)

    OCM (Okphp Content Management) is a CMS program based on PHP+MYSQL, making it very easy to create and manage a website. OCM is designed for website of company, government, and school. ..

  • CMS Core

    CMScore is a PHP/MYSQL powered content management and news updating system. It allows you to add posts and also has highest rated articles and most read articles. It also features a easy-to-use admin panel. Even though it is a fully function Newsupdater and CMS, it is not intended for out of the box use. Instead, it is intended to act as a central engine for developers to develop from. Therefore this script requires no liscense or link. Version 1.2 now has hashed admin password...

  • Finance Ticker Applets

    100% of the Flash 2004 Professional source code, with all .fla and .as (Actionscript) files are included. The stock indices that you wish to display, and the order of display, are easily set in an XML configuration file. You should use a good text editor, like Textpad ( to edit the XML files. Several interface colors and options are configurable using the XML settings file. All applets include a built-in Flash preloader...

  • PHPWidgets!

    PHPWidgets! is a PHP class for designing and building pages using reusable elements. It features: Separate code, content, and presentation using PHPLIB templates, and Ability to offer users a personalized page using PHP/PHPLIB Sessions...

  • Sitellite 4 Content Management System

    Sitellite Content Management System is a powerful web content manager and application framework. It provides a non-destructive, collaborative editing environment with role-based access restrictions, a very user-friendly GUI, and a highly extensible system for creating custom solutions (ie. news publishing, project sites, portals, etc). Additional features include run modes, a multi-language interface, a module-based GUI, cross-platform WYSIWYG frontend editing, built-in help and documentation, and much more...

  • PHP-Update

    PHP-Update is a content management system with a number of features. It's flat-file based so doesn't require MySQL, and it supports regular content, blogs, news, a guestbook, mailing list, uploads and multiple users. It also has a template option allowing you to change the look of your site at the click of a button as well as WYSIWYG editing. The new V2.3 includes support for both including and generating RSS feeds...

  • FileCMS

    FileCMS is a file-based content management system. Features: create topic (directory) named by date; create topic.bez (with full description) in each directory; create item with title and body; put the item in the topic you are in, creating a unique name for each new topic; list all topics, looking for a topic.bez file and display a description of a topic; main page for each topic - list all items in selected topic, display a description of each item using an item title; edititg and deleting of existing items and topics; multi-language support ..

  • Terracotta Document Management system

    A PHP based document, picture, article, photo, clipart, link gallery management system, which is extemely customizable. Allows you to just upload files using a web based management interface and produces a human navigateable interface for your end users...

  • Tiki

    Tiki features a Wiki, Image galleries, File galleries, Forums, Polls, Chat, RSS feeds, Articles, Submissions, Weblogs, Webmail, Surveys, Trackers, Newsletters and more. Themes can be created using CSS. Everything is customizable, Tiki uses Smarty for templates, PEAR to access the database, and renders valid XHTML. Multiple languages are supported. A permission system can be used over all the features...

  • TagTemplate

    Two main purposes: Retrieve the contents of a specified HTML tag from a specified HTML file (say, everything between and ) Retrieve everything from an HTML file up to a given point (say, an arbitrary tag), or everything after a given point...

  • RFKmap

    RFKmap for PHP is a free code which joins FastTemplate and PHPlib's class (DB_Sql) to create an object system for a content management and viewer. A easy syntax to create one instance to access a complex queries and mapping the results to a set of templates...

  • Moonmoth CMS

    Know a little HTML? Have a legacy static website? Want to bring it to the 21st century? With Moonmoth CMS it can be as easy as dropping a script into your website's root folder. Features: - Store data in ordinary HTML files - No *required* configuration - Optional RSS newsfeed - Automatic sitemap - Built-in friendly URLs (works with any web server) ..

  • vuCMS

    vuCMS is an easy to use and easy to set up system. It has an AdminCP to where you can delete/edit/post news. A Popup View Comment Page, Popup Reply Page. You can also delete Comments, you must be logged in as the Admin before you can delete comments. The Theme can easily be changed by uploading a few new images, editing the style.css file, and make sure you edit the Credits.php file in the templates folder, as this will display "(Theme name) Style by (Your name)" on the bottom of the pages. ..

  • Jokes Website Script

    Add a little bit of Humour to Your Website with the Jokes Website Script! This script is easy to install and has a Template system that can be very easily altered to suit your own design or blend in with your existing Themes..

  • Syntax Desktop

    Syntax Desktop is a innovative pubblishing system to manage content website. It has an attractive GUI, with DHTML element. With Syntax you can insert news, photos, document, tree data structures into your website. Easy DB backup, style switching...

  • Xaraya

    Xaraya is an Open Source extensible content management system. The system allows on-the-fly extensions to the content and user areas which allow greater control and versitility. Coupled with a XML style template engine with complete templating of output gives Xaraya unmatched versitility. Xaraya .9.7.0 Beta has been released. The Xaraya codebase is a culmination of two years of hard work and fun by many developers across the world. Xaraya is on the final road toward the 1.0.0 release, and with .9.7.0 the final elements of stability, pe..

  • Fankoosh

    Fankoosh is an advanced content management system allows you to maintain topics on your website from an advanced web-based control panel. Developed using PHP and MySQL. Multiple category support and unlimited levels of subcategories. Every aspect of the interface can be edited with the templates system. Powerful search engine. And much more...

  • SiteSupra Visual Content Server

    Boost your performance and sales with unique revolutionary visual web authoring and CMS tool. Development: unified site architecture allows single simplified site structure for every project; object-oriented visual development environment RAD-type IDE that dramatically speeds up production through objects and drag-and-drop behavior. CMS: advanced site management using tree-like structure; WYSIWYG content management; Access Rights and Approval Workflow - empowers your organization to control publishing process through assigning roles and limit..

  • FireSite

    FireSite is a Web Content Management system. It is based solely on the Open Source products, PHP and MySQL. FireSite is a core of functionality around which you then build modules. This make it easy to adopt in any organisation. FireSite is targeted mainly at larger intranet sites or medium portals. Especially in cases where you want tight control over data but still need many people to update data on the site. The system is also very good at handling different access levels depending on role/group belonging in an orginisation. An example of a ..