Content Management

  • MJ Content Manager

    MJ Content Manager (MJCM) is a tool for making it easy to maintain your website. Edit your content as you browse your website, upload images directly in your browser, create new pages on the fly. MJCM also supports multiple users and is very easy to install. Have it up and running on your site within minutes!..

  • myPHPscripts Login Session

    Login Session is a simple login script. It supports multiple users, and can be used to protect web pages from unwanted visitors. Users are stored in a flat file, and passwords are MD5 encrypted. To get started, simply upload one file to your web server and add one line of code to your page. ..

  • iWare CMS, a PHP / MySQL Content Management System

    iWare CMS is a powerful and versatile web based content management system designed to make creating a professional web presence easy without the associated hassles of learning to program or master a 3rd party application. Try the demo at our website..

  • Cnti

    The Program is a programme part for internet shop with possibility of the data (goods) import from excel (through txt). The Final total is an extract of the bill or receipts by buyer. The Exterior of internet shop changes at will owner of the shop. The product is free. Media-Art..

  • PHP-Update MySQL

    PHP-Update is a content management system with a number of features. It now has a MySQL version for those who prefer databases to flat file, which supports the same options. They include regular content, blogs, news, a guestbook, mailing list, uploads and multiple users. It also has a template option allowing you to change the look of your site at the click of a button and a WYSIWYG editor. The new V2.3 includes support for both generating and including RSS feeds...

  • phpCMS-Plugin: AutoDescGen

    This plugin creates a short description out of the phpCMs-contentfields and puts it into the description-meta-tag. It automatically keeps this meta-tag up to date to the content of the webpage..

  • AbleSpace 1.0 Professional Social Network Software

    Sick and tired of generic content management system? Article Manager Pro not only offers you a powerful and template driven news publishing script that allows you to run your own article, news portal or magazine site but our unique SenseIt technology will automatically perform AdSense optimization to ensure that the Adsense ads are more clickable, turning your site into a cashcow. Other features include easy to use, advance WYSIWYG editor with spellcheck, RSS feeds, SEO friendly static pages and unlimited categories & articles..

  • Edit-Point

    This script allows a website designer to remain in control of the design while letting a user to only control the content. --::-- The designer adds designated editable areas(Edit-Points) throughout a website, as many as needed, wherever they are needed. Once the Edit-Points are added through the Administration Page, they can be edited with the Editor Page. The included WYSIWYG editor(with an image and file upload option) is TinyMCE with webbased plugin on/off options. Another basic file upload/delete option is also available. --::-- Features: e..

  • Real Estate Solution

    Ready-made web site solution for real estate listings management. Easy-to-use web solution with a powerful admin area. Possibility of a mortgage services for your customers. Database driven PHP/MySQL system for realtors to manage their real estate listings online via a web browser. WYSIWYG editor helps to format text and page layout without any specific knowledge. Every module can be easily customized..

  • SSR Tech

    SSR Tech is a Web application development and publishing engine. SSR API features: session management, user/group management, template parser, easy application installation, database abstraction, a file system interface, network i/o interface, and Multilanguage support. Available modules include: Text and HTML pages, articles, site map, biography, small dictionary, news, photo album, downloads, FAQ, and Links directory, pricelist, chat, forum, voting, guest book and Internationalization...

  • Club Website Management System

    PAckage allows for upload of image, articles, fixture changes contact the public, player profiles offical profiles club events club news and much more. Runs in two versions, one for each club, one for the organisation...

  • ezContents

    ezContents is an Open-Source website content management system based on PHP and MySQL. Features include maintaining menus and sub-menus, adding authors that write contents, permissions, workflow, and layout possibilities for the entire look of the site by simple use of settings. It offers great flexibility for the web site developer and a user-friendly interface for the editor. It gives you a choice to integrate external scripts. It supports frames as well frameless website designs. The HTML output is correct for Explorer and Netscape browsers...

  • SuperUpdate

    SuperUpdate is an affordable Web content management system that provides distributed content and site management through a Web browser. It features a WYSIWYG HTML editor providing an intuitive business user authoring environment. Included is a complete site manager, user management system, fine-grained access rights, version control, and workflow process. SuperUpdate provides full Web content management with minimal integration on existing sites using Apache or Microsoft IIS...

  • openCI

    With OpenCI ( CMS ) you can handle all your clan tasks like wars , news and so on. It comes with an warplaner, calendar, news-, template-, rank-, medal-, ribbon- system and much more! OpenCI comes with 2 different template systems one for the intern area and one for the public area. That allows you to run and manage your whole clan site with this php clan management tool!..

  • EasyCreate, private label online web site builder

    EasyCreate is an online website building and publishing software enabling web hosting companies, web developers, ASPs, and ISPs to offer branded site builder services to your clients. EasyCreate is an open source software you install on your server and can integrate with your account manager and supports unlimited users/sites. Your clients can create and maintain a high quality website without any html programming. By selecting from a number of existing templates, the quality of the website is exceptional. There are hundreds of professional lay..

  • The HTML template class

    The HTML template class is a neat, fast and reliable class for separating HTML views from PHP logic. It helps you to develop a large complicated web site rapidly...

  • MyScrapbook

    Features include: create,edit,delete,order, set permissions for, or add images to pages. MyScrapbook is a unique graphical mix between a content management tool and a online book. The PHP program creates a website that looks and feels just like a book with chapters and subpages. Visitors can create pages and webmasters can create pages with images and text as well as set permissions. Can use text database files or mysql...

  • EgO News, Blog and General CMS

    EgO is a PHP script that makes easier the set up and administration of a website. EgO supports customizable skins and modules that would be designed to fit specific needs. EgO features a WYSIWYG editor (HTMLArea), dynamic RSS 2.0 Syndication, etc.....

  • Web Education System

    Some of the features include: - Convenient Tools for Content Management - Intuitive working environment through the usage of icons and buttons - Create tests - Check, evaluate test results - E-tutor - Educational materials, sorted by topic, containing text photo and video materials. The new staff can be fast and easilyintroduced to their job. - Questions and Issues - File Storage - Events Calendar - Personal Notes - Events History - Goals and Tasks..