Content Management

  • CMS - E-commerce Site Builder

    This CMS - Site Builder allows easy creation of website. User can install the script and get working site in a few minutes. Admin panel gives to users a full set of options to manage their site: create and edit static pages with WYSIWYG editor, upload images, create image galleries, add on-line contact forms to pages etc. The Site Builder includes embedded modules like: e-commerce module, news module, image gallery, CSS templates etc, site backup option and others. To conclude the Site Builder is a powerful tool for both web-masters and not..

  • easy-CMS

    easy-CMS is a robust CMS written in PHP, in a object-oriented way, taking advantage of XML flexibility and XSLT templates. Allows real content definition and organization, users and rights administration, user friendly portal layout, cache management and much more .....

  • Simple Article & Content Management Script

    With Simple Article Management, you'll receive 5 high quality templates backed with a powerful article/content management script that makes creating your content sites a breeze. Loaded with features such as built in RSS feed, along with being google adsense ready and integrated. You can create pages and articles on the fly, it has a built in contact form as well...

  • Swecom

    SWECOM, stands for Simple Web Content Manager, is a php suite of scripts to handle and manage a web site. Have a administration section with full text edit capabilities and options to handle all files in your web site directory...

  • xeCMS

    xeCMS is a simple but fast and easy to use content management system. Instead of MySQL xeCMS uses only flat-files; therefore it requires only php. xeCMS makes managing your website faster and easier!..

  • Thumbnail gallery listings

    TGM is a server-side PHP script that facilitates the creation and management of text links to free hosted thumbnail galleries...

  • Tucan Portal

    Tucan Portal is an open source content management system (CMS) and development framework. As a CMS it's most notable feature is its fully customisable and extendable content model. Tucan Portal is based on different modules like a Photo Album, Article, Text or Search module. Creating and editing content can be done through a WYSIWYG editor. It is powered by PHP and MySQL and can be setup on your server in just minutes...

  • phpFaber Online Website Builder and Content Management Syste

    Development of content management system may become a new stage in the life of your website. PHPFABER CMS is a convenient and useful tool for managing content of your site. With the help of this CMS you will create your site in no time and you will be able to make all necessary modifications immediately, as well as to keep data exact and corrected no matter where you are: at home, at your workplace or having rest. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet...

  • Banana Dance

    Listen: if you're trying to make Wikipedia, you're in the wrong place, m'okay? This isn't about making what's already been done. It's about doing new and exciting stuff, like... Combining Worlds Combine the best of CMS (widgets, themes, SEO) with the best of wiki (simplified syntax, organic content growth). Complete Control Ability to set unique settings and layouts for each category & page. Making Websites Easier Easier to create, manage, maintain, and deploy organized websites. Access Controls Limit who sees what, who edits wh..

  • PHP MicroCMS

    PHP MicroCMS (PHP MCMS) is a simple, but very powerful Content Management System that everyone can use. This script can be installed easily by web developers, webmasters, graphic designers, etc. PHP MCMS was developed in OOP and allows you to build websites in a few minutes and then easy add and edit the content. PHP MicroCMS allows users with very little technical knowledge to build websites and it widely used by our customers due to its easy management tools. PHP MicroCMS requires NO knowledge of HTML, although HTML can be used to enhance ..

  • Proman Xpress 5.0.1

    The best Project Management script is now available for purchase at a special introductory discount The script has been designed to satisfy the needs for several industries including Software Companies and Freelancers Itís extremely robust, user-friendly and tremendously secured || Features => No Encryption, No Callback, Separate login for clients, Easy management, Add/edit/delete projects, Unlimited project category, Unlimited image upload, Ajax based interface, Complete messaging system, File attachment system , Active/ inactive proj..

  • monoEdit Content Editor/Manager

    monoEdit is a single file script which allows the user to effectively manage content on their web server. By placing the file into a directory, the script currently allows content to be managed through the simple interface and includes the ability to create new, edit existing and delete unwanted files very easily. The script is an opensource PHP project and it is password protected and designed to allow a site admin to edit page content without uploading files...

  • xeCMS

    xeCMS is a simple but fast and easy to use content management system. Instead of MySQL xeCMS uses only flat-files; therefore it requires only php. xeCMS makes managing your website faster and easier!..

  • Real Estate Script

    Softwaredep Real Estate Script is one of leading real estate solution up-to date. Script comes with all latest features and functionality. We keep is updated as per customer feedback and make it leading in this segment. Softwaredep Real Estate Script comes with source code with full branding solution. Visit to get more information...

  • Dynamic Administration System

    DAS is the Dynamic content Administration System for the websites. It is designed for the content management of DB, i.e. to browse, add, edit and delete data. It is somewhat similar to phpMyAdmin, but is specialized to edit content of the websites and their sections such as news, forum, directories, etc. It features easy to use, but powefull interface and highly tunable. The software is supposed to have an international language support, but at the moment only English and Russian languages are supported...

  • AdaptCMS Lite

    AdaptCMS Lite is an open source CMS that is made for complete control of your website, easiness of use and easily adaptable to any type of website. It's made easy with advanced custom fields, a very simple but powerful template system and much more. ..

  • RV Article publisher

    Publish articles, faq, content, tutorials, knowledgebase articles easy. Admin area with adding, editing and publishing articles or faq, Add members easily, Search engine friendly urls for the published articles, Create and edit unlimited categories and sub-categories, Category and article weights to display, Publish attachments to articles, Keywords on article pages increases keyword density in search engines, Promotion packages to highlight the articles, Article features like Send article, Print article, Post comments. New features are free dr..

  • Recipe Script

    The Recipe Script is a PHP/MySQL-based program that gives an easy way to add recipes to a website. Visitors can add their own recipes if they wish. Many popular features available. Template system makes it easy to change the look. New! Simple CMS system so you can add more pages "on the fly." ..

  • If-CMS

    If-CMS is a dynamic object oriented based Open-Source website content management system written in PHP and MySQL. If-CMS is the ideal tool for developing small to large dynamic community websites, intra company portals, corporate portals, weblogs and much more. Features: session management, easy application installation, database abstraction, themes can be created using CSS and Multilanguage support. Current modules: news, polls, thread/flat view enabled forum, weblinks, downloads, faq, polls, stats, events, manual on line, etc...

  • ApPHP Hotel Site - hotel online reservation

    ApPHP Hotel Site is a powerful hotel management and on-line reservation site script. This script is the fully functional PHP solution to manage small to medium size of hotels, holiday flats or guesthouse. Visitors of Hotel site will be able to search rooms availability with an online booking reservation system. They also could view rooms inventory, check availability, and book reservations in a real-time. Administration Panel: * Protected with password security and accessed from anywhere in web * Manage admins and customers acco..