Chat Scripts

  • Ninja Flatchat

    Flatchat is a PHP based chat room application Utilising ajax, Flatchat updates the chat content and users with no flicker . Flatchat has customisable settings, such as font colour and custom nicknames. Further administrative settings allow private messaging, custom avatars, printable conversations, password protected nick names, IP blocking and word filtering...

  • FlashChat

    Are you looking for a way to put live chat capabilities on your PHP/MySQL-enabled website? Are you a company that wishes to have a 'live-support' chat on your website for your customers? FlashChat is the best Flash-based chat software in existence, and was the ORIGINAL Flash-based chatroom when introduced in 1999. The current release allows for extensive moderator controls, multiple-room management, smilie support, background images, SSL transmissions, advanced chat logs, and many more!..

  • BlaB!

    An AJAX based and best viewed with any browser fully resizable chat system that features high performance, xHTML 1.0 STRICT compliant output, PHP4/PHP5 compatibility, topics, 'http' links, emoticons, text formatting, automatic timezone settings, bad words removal, sound alert on new messages, UTF-8 based multilanguage support and options to paint, share and play paintings directly in chat. The latest version is translated in 20 languages, supports MySQL, Postgre and SQLite databases. FLASH, JAVA, additional plugins or server modules are NOT req..

  • FreiChatX

    FreiChatX is a free chat toolkit for your website. It is fast, slick and filled with features. Take Communication to a new level. FreiChatX works with all modern browsers including Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox 3+, Safari, Opera 9+. Requires no browser plugins like Java"! or Adobe Flash Player"! Some of the features include Easy installation, Avatar support, File sending, Translation, Draggable Chat Windows, smiley support and much more! ..

  • CJ Tag Board

    The CJ Tag Board is a quick and easy way of communicating with visitors to your website in real time. V3.0 brings what the fans want: IP Banning, Flood Control, Poster Details, Fully Customisable, Character Countdown, Enter to Submit, Smilies, UBB Code, Admin Interface, No MySQL! Bad Word Filter, Alternating Post Backgrounds, Reset Tag Feature, Report Post Feature, Post Notification, Auto Refresh, Tag Count Statistics, Tag Archive and more. This is a must have for any personal/fan based website!..

  • Katikai Shoutbox

    smilies, bbcode, wordfilter, acp, various js addons, showlimit, skins, acp session login, admin verificationmkes yuo enter a password to use an admin's username), ipblock, language selection, cookie to store users name and url, ability to turn off; smilies, bb, wordfilter, gzip(compression), cookies(for remember user), autorefresh and timer(to change set time before refresh e.g 12 seconds)...

  • TotalChatrooms

    TotalChatrooms v1.0 is an online live chatting system for your website. TotalChatrooms features management and creation of multiple chat rooms that are database driven using MySQL. The chat program uses a very stylish Flash interface and use PHP for a backend system to read and write to the database. The chat application can optionally keep log files of users and conversations for the administrator to keep track of the system. The administrator can create and add chat rooms easily to the system that can be accessed by the general public, or spe..

  • Live Agent - Chat

    LiveAgent live chat software is THE live chat solution for your website. This PHP / MySQL / AJAX script is completely web based. Online / Offline status, multiple operators in the same chat , multiple simultaneous chats, complete chat transcripts, visual and sound alerts, live referring source tracking, watch visitors in real-time etc... LiveAgent is completely customizable in terms of design, branding, chat buttons etc. Works with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera and Safari (iPhone ready). ..

  • PHPOpenChat

    PHPOpenChat is a web based chat software written in PHP. PHPOpenChat is database independent, based on the MVC architecture, and object oriented. This frees up the creators to concentrate on a great customizable user interface and high quality administration functionality. It provides mail, moderating, watch-server, private channels, ignore list, text filters, inline user images and a easy to handle admin tool...

  • SimplChat - Simple Group Video Chat for your Web Site

    It features high quality audio/video chat, text chat with emote icons, private & public text messages, private and public rooms, admin interface with kick and ban features, multi language support and much more! SimplChat can be bought by you and installed on your own web site and servers so you don't depend on third party services. ..

  • DVChat PHP- Chat Room

    Is a fast php chat room features auto refresh system,emotions and logoff notification, no database required...

  • Harris WapChat

    Harris Wap Chat is Indonesian wap chat open source script. Can be used for personal or even corporate. Admin can create room, advertisement (banner text), send message to public or privat, multiple language, need registered user to chat. Using PHP & MySQL database. This script only works with Opera browser, Wap Emulator or your Wap enabled Handphone...

  • Pay per minute Streaming video chat software

    Streaming video chat software script is a AJAX PHP/MySQL based system that allows you to build a comprehensive adult, non adult, marriage or clubs pay per minute / pay per view video chat site. Streaming video chat script includes all the key capabilities needed, a complete user, models, studios, admins registration and manage system, textaudiovideo free, pay per view, pay per minute chat, internal e-mail and sms, ecommerce support, accounting records and back-office reporting and much more.....

  • Exact Facebook 3.8.61

    Main Features: No Encryption. No Callback. File Sharing interface. Internal blogging system. Friends forming interface. Discussion Groups. GMap compatible. Upload & share games. Employment section. Advanced Search system. Networks/Network Statistics. Posted Items functionalities. Bring together people within a locality, school, university etc. Users can join any open/secret network. View and share photos. Create photo album. Advanced video sharing features. ..

  • Simple Simple Chat

    A very simple PHP chat script, which uses flat txt file. No database is needed . One single php file with 72 lines of code . See the source for more info ...

  • AMF FlashChat

    Welcome to the new age of online chatting! This chat system was created using AMFPHP technology, thus AMF FlashChat (this might be re-named to AMFChat at some point, to help distinguish it from the other FlashChat which is availble on this website). With its streamlined interface (thanks to AngestroMedia for their amazing design work!) and low-bandwidth, low-load architecture, AMF FlashChat is poised to become a major player in the Flash community.

  • zChat 1.1

    This is a nice little chat script I have recently improved. Originally, it used IFRAME and was IE only. But I felt it needed a change. It now has regular frames. The message window auto-refreshes every 10 seconds. The script also remembers your post name while you are in the chat. Although the colors may need to be customized, you will love this chat script...

  • UC2

    This is the lastest implementation of the highly popular Ultra Chat - HTML Livechat System ! Based on the original, UC2 is all you need to create a complete online live community. Once registered; users can chat live in multiple rooms, up-load icons, send private messages, use smilies, earn virtual credits, send internal emails, use HTML in their chat, browse the internal help system and much more. Current version now has built in admin panel too !! Unlike version 1.0, this release is easily configured from a cent..

  • Chat Bar 1.1 (PHP version)

    This is a Great script that you can put the chatters messages in a scrolling bar like the news on TVs It allowes the messages to scroll all day and night and you can control how old the message to be scrolled in this version you can confirm the messages before they get added If you liked the old version then you will adore this one, its worth a try ..

  • Free Php Ajax Chat

    Free Php AJAX Chat with great speed and nice style. allow your visitors to have public or private chat in their web browsers. online DEMO available...