• Advantages of PHP Over Java

    Advantages of PHP Over Java is an article that explains the more uses of PHP over Java for generating web pages. Web programmers who familiar with C,C++ or Java are frequently opt PHP script that can be programmed in few hours easily. PHP is designed specifically for web development gives it an edge as a development tool, remarked by the popular intranet Design Magazine. PHP is built with the needs of Web developers and this script solves complex problem scenarios faster and easier than comparable technologies. This article reveals that most of..

  • PHP Vs Perl

    In this article we will attempt to anwser which programming language is better, PHP or PERL. We look at how well they perform, learning curve and how powerful they are...

  • Mastering TypoScript: TYPO3 Website, Template, and Extension Dev

    “Mastering TypoScript” is a complete guide to understanding and using TypoScript, TYPO3's powerful configuration language. Users can also understand how to present different views of content with different menu entry types. With the help of Mastering TypoScript book users will understand the objects, properties, operators, and data types in TypoScript. Users can also understand how to present different views of content with different menu entry types. ..

  • Mastering phpMyAdmin 2.8 for Effective MySQL Management

    every serious phpMyAdmin user who would like to use this outstanding application to its full power .Whether you are an experienced developer, system administrator, web designer or new to MySQL, phpMyAdmin is a must have tool for anyone who needs to manage MySQL databases and tables. Written by a member of the development team, this book serves as a comprehensive guide to helping you unlock the full potential of this tool. ..

  • Learning Mambo: A Step-by-Step Tutorial to Building Your Websit

    “Learning Mambo” is a well-structured and example-rich tutorial to creating websites using Mambo. Using this guide user can master all the important aspects of Mambo, including menus, content management, and templates. The book also teaches user, how to use Mambo's powerful Universal Installer to effortlessly install add-ons that are not part of the standard distribution. Using this book user will understand how to present different views of content with different menu entry types...

  • Aspect-oriented Software Development and PHP

    Aspect Oriented Software Development (AOSD) is a methodology meant to implement new aspects in software component using external components, but without altering the code that implements the core functionality. The AOSD concept was applied originally by Java developers. They developed a compiler that implements the AOP (Aspect-Oriented Programming, an implementation of AOSD) white box approach, i.e. the compiler the merges the code that implements the software components core functionality with the necessary code alterations to implement the ne..

  • PHP Programming with PEAR

    “The PHP Programming with PEAR” book explains many powerful PEAR packages for maximizing your PHP development productivity for accessing and displaying data, handling dates, working with XML and Web Services, and accessing Web APIs. This book will explain how to use a number of the most powerful PEAR packages available to boost your PHP development productivity.This book is for developers who want to maximize their productivity through the use of proven, high-quality, reusable PEAR components. ..

  • Introduction to MVC using PHP

    To better demonstrate how MVC works, let’s use the example of a simple data retrival both using MVC and not using it. One of my amigo asked me to demonstrate how MVC pattern actually works. We actually know what’s Model , View and Controller are all about. Anyhow let me explain them in detail before proceeding with code area. The Traditional way of connecting to the Database and fetching the results...

  • Getting your Visitor's Details Using PHP

    You can get quite a bit of information about your visitors without having to use a third party tracking software. I'll outline the PHP commands you can use to capture some of this data. The details you capture can be saved into a database, and retrieved later to check your site's performance and user details. ..

  • Agile development! What’s Up?

    A thought! Its nothing but a set of values which provides ways to build good software , cheaper , faster and much better in an unpredictable development environments. Scrum! This word is always mis termed with Agile. Its something where you concentrate on of the four values set below largely...

  • Protecting your HTML and PHP Source Code

    There are many reasons now as a web designer, software programmer or website owner that you may want to start considering the safety of your HTML or PHP source code. Some related reasons are: ..

  • MyArticles Script

    MyArticles is a professional, powerful, simple, feature rich and fully customizable PHP script from Scriptcow to create an online Modern Article Directory Website without any coding knowledge. Hurry Up! Create your very own articles directory website, like or, with very customizable Google Adsense income, in just a few minutes. MyArticles is a very quick and easy to install Software with full search engine optimized (SEO) URLs. Main Features: Professional Comments system, admin panel for adding, editing,..