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Sites and archives offering a large number of JavaScripts and resources.
  • Interactive DHTML art-demos

    Dynamic HTML interactive art-demos and advanced Javascript experimentations in MSIE environment. Free copy and paste JavaScripts collection...

  • WebToolKit

    WebToolKit - website which contains useful free scripts and information for web developers. All scripts posted here are tested and used by many people, they all are improved or writen from scratch. They all are released under the MIT License..

  • JavaScript Kit

    Comprehensive JavaScript tutorials and over 400+ free scripts. Also features DHTML and CSS tutorials...

  • Cool Personalized Cursors

    Many personalized cursors to Add to Your Web Page by "copy" and "paste" the provided cursor code. You could the code to either a cursor to be shown on the whole page or to add one cursor at one or more locations on your web page. Each or the cursors you will click will offer you two options. You choose the one you want, open a HTML page, copy and paste the code, then FTP...

  • WebToolKit

    WebToolKit - website which contains useful free scripts and information for web developers. All scripts posted here are tested and used by many people, they all are improved or writen from scratch. They all are released under the MIT License...

  • JavaScript Caching Hack

    If you change the HTML and the CSS of a page there is a decent chance that a user will get the new HTML but not the new CSS. This is especially true for sites with high usage and users that come back to the site several times a day. If they only get the new HTML but not the new CSS then the site will break, the user will get confused, and you will look unprofessional. On the development site of this the problem is already solved. ..

  • CodeThat.Com

    CodeThat.com is the ultimate source of the high-quality javascript web solutions. In particular, we offer a JavaScript menu, a JavaScript tree, calendar, form, table, grid and other scripts, which can be easily integrated into almost any site providing visitors with a fast, high-quality navigation system. ..

  • Spider WebMaster Tools

    Spider's Wizards contains over 50 free JavaScript code generators and snippets laid out in a question and answer type format. Little knowledge of the JavaScript language is required. Generators include: Auto PopUnder, Auto PopUp, Banner Rotator, Button Generator, Color Charts, Countdown Script, DIV Scrollbars, DHTML Drop Down Menu, JavaScript Drop Down Menu, FAQs Page, Shadow Effects, I-Frames, Link Cloaker, Link Maker, Link PopUp, Mailto: Tags, Meta Tags Generator, Image Rollover Effects, No Spam Email Links, HTML Page Borders, Page Transition..

  • CALCULATOR BOUTIQUE - Calculators for Fluid Mechanics

    CALCULATOR BOUTIQUE is a website which provides online calculators for the use in engineering and science. This calculator is made through fluid mechanics and wave propagation. The main objective in this program to provide readily accessible tools which carry out the calculation without requiring extensive background knowledge. Mainly this calculators will be useful for working engineers, and some laypeople...

  • Gradient Background Animation, Multicolor

    This JavaScript creates a smooth background gradient color animation between a set of selectable colors. You may add as many colors as you like. Easy configuration of speed and effect-type. Crossbrowser: Internet Explorer 5x/6x/7x/8x, Firefox 3.6 or higher, Google Chrome 4x and Opera 7x/8x/9x/10x and (simple color animation without gradients).. ..

  • AceJS.com

    AceJS.com is the newest JavaScript Directory on the web. AceJS.com is the winner of the Golden Web Award 2002/2003 awarded by the International Association of Webmasters and Designers (I.A.W.M.D). AceJS.com is a free resource for everyone who is interested in JavaScript. There are many scripts, all sorted into different categories, there are also search facilities. We offer a number of other services such as JavaScript Requests, JavaScript Help and Free CGI Counters with no advertisement or linking purposes!..

  • Active Art Animations

    Active Art Animations supports a lot of freeware scripts that will find use in designing an appealing web page. The site is available in both the French and in English. The site itself has a well animated display featuring an array of scripts. Also the site offers support on outlook paper, fonts, wallpapers, BackGrounds, cards, Flash work, waves, loops, plugin Photoshop, midi, 4500 gifs, freeware, wallpaper, etc..

  • CodeHouse.com

    CodeHouse.com features original, free content for JavaScript programmers and webmasters, including interactive forums, favelets, online tools, scripts, articles, and more. There is new content at least once a month...

  • About Focus on JavaScript

    About Focus on JavaScript, is a website with information about the background Audio tool, using ActiveX with javascript, learning javascript- The while loop, status bar ticker, and few other javascript. This website has some other information like javascript offers, articles and resources and more...

  • Ace FREE JavaScripts

    Ace FREE JavaScripts is site with a collection of a lot of JavaScripts that can be used in your web pages for free. These scripts are arranged as per the job they do and will prove as an asset to any web programmer. Offers a range of products on windows and frames, mouse effects, date and time, background effects, scrollbar, titlebar & Status bar, User information, form elements and much more...

  • Art DHTML studio

    Art DHTML studio is an online DHTML script resource center that helps webmasters and developers to create dynamic effects on their websites. The DHTML scripts help users to change the colour of the pixel on a browser creating attractive and dynamic effects. This program also helps user to minimize the animation file sizes. Users can view banners even if the image displaying option is turned off..

  • Javascript Tricks

    The site is mostly devoted to various applications of absolutely-positioned DIV tags, such as popup window replacements, floating menu, hyperlinks leading to multiple addresses...

  • Camerons JavaScript Stuff

    Camerons JavaScript Stuff is a site dedicated to the JavaScripts and contains a load of JavaScripts that will find application to cater to different purposes in building a web page or application. Offers products like RandomImageLink, RandomBackground, News Via JavaScript, StatusTicker, MouseOver, RandomHTML, Select, AdRotation, Countdown, Countup, Date/Time, RandomImage, RandomURL...

  • Web toolkit for developers

    Website contains useful free scripts and information for web developers about Javascript, CSS, AJAX, DHTML. All tutorials are with examples and source code...