Visual Effects

  • Hearts Effect

    This component adds nice floating hearts to your web pages. No external files required; this is a 100% Javascript based effect. You can configure several parameters from a visual interface, allowing you to customize the animation speed, amount and size of hearts, colors and other details. This component is a Dreamweaver Extension, you can insert it from the Dreamweaver menu with just two steps. Compatible with most browsers, both Windows and Mac. ..

  • YUI Color Picker

    Need a color picker for your online forms or application? This advanced color picker is based on Yahoo's excellent UI library, more specifically, the slider widget. We've added additional code to help integrate the color picker with forms on your page, so clicking on specific form fields causes the selected color value to be populated inside them in real time. Furthermore, a color box is shown alongside the field to display the current input color in real time...

  • VegUISiteKit: Animated Tooltips

    This library brings animated tooltips to your site that are easy to set up and integrate. The animation effect for the tooltip can be either the fade or the morph effect. The tooltip itself can be assigned a css class to make sure you can make it fit with the layout of your site..

  • Ajax Tooltip

    A small and easy to use script where the content of the tooltip is fetched by Ajax from external files. ..

  • Tigra Color Picker

    Tigra Color Picker - Free JavaScript widget that makes it easy for your visitors to fill out color value field(s) by selecting the color from a popup palette. Script saves the time for those internet/intranet developers who need intuitive, easy to use client-side color input control...

  • Absolutely-positioned DIVs moving

    One of the absolutely-positioned DIV block manipulation script series, this sample will allow you to place such DIV block attached to another page element, allowing setting x and y offsets from the element's top left corner. Will help mitigate various browsers' rendering differences for specific page designs. ..

  • Mouse Over Table Rows

    As CSS can not achieve this on every browsers, javascript is a good solution to be able to highlight rows on mouse over. Live Demo...

  • Absolutely-positioned DIVs ordering

    If your web page can contain several overlapping absolutely-positioned HTML DIV tags, you might need to bring one to front or send one to back. This javascript does exactly that. Especially useful if you have web page dynamic menus using such DIVs - the navigation will not be obscured anymore. ..

  • eLouai's Desaturate Image Script

    Easily desaturate (and colorize) your images using javascript. Great for rollover effects to indicate clickable regions. Very simple to implement. Includes sample script. requires IE 5.5+..

  • Dragdrop.js drag-n-drop functionality in a browser

    Dragdrop.js is Javascript package implements drag-n-drop functionality in a browser. Dragdrop.js are requires Event.js package. Dragdrop.js supported functionality in a browser: Moving an element horizontally, vertically and in both directions, Snap to grid functionality, Registering of user-defined function on start, move and stop, Limitation of moving distance...

  • Yahoo Emoticons - Jquery Plugin

    Yahoo Emoticons With this plugin you transform symbols ( :) / :D / :X ) from your website, in yahoo smileys. Multiple installations of the same script in different domain names are strictly prohibited unless...

  • HTML 5 canvas 3D and 2D Script Library

    taccgl is a Script Library for animating HTML pages supporting. taccgl is designed for general cross browser desktop HTML pages. taccgl takes advantage of the GPU 3D acceleation using WebGL™ as supported by recent versions of e.g. Firefox and Chrome on suitable hardware and drivers. This is one of the first public beta releases of the library and quite naturally it contains bugs. taccgl is provided under an open source BSD like License. An idea is to put all essential content in HTML elements, accessible with all browsers and readable by search..