Text Effects

  • WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor Javascript

    Rich Text Editor script allows the user to easily format the contents entered,such as making it bold, changing its size, color etc. Allows user to replace a form's textarea with a custom one that supports WYSIWYG format editing. This script is an extremely simple and easy to use javascript based HTML WYSIWYG editor. ..

  • Create RSS Feeds

    Need an RSS News, Blog or article feed for your website. Learn how to create RSS feeds and syndicate your feed to 100+ websites in less then 45 minutes...

  • Help Hints for Web

    TSHelpHints helps you to build nice help hints over links, form fields and images on your website. The help hints are shown using fade transition effects and can accept HTML formatting...

  • Remarks

    Allows to emphasize words, phrases, buttons and images inside a webpage. When you roll over the selected item a floating panel will appear giving the user more information. The panel accepts HTML tags, you can use text formatting and links inside the panel. Itís possible to drag the panel through the title bar. Uses nice Javascript effects, like fade in/out, making the page attractive to the users. With this tool you can improve the usability of your pages giving the users more information with light interfaces. Available as Dreamweaver Extensi..

  • Show Hint script

    Show Hint" script displays an attractive hint box containing additional explanation on any item on your page. A hint box pops up next to the item when the mouse moves over it with relevant hints or useful information, such as alongside certain form fields instructing the user how to fill each one out..

  • Vertical Text script

    This script harnesses the "writing-mode" attribute of CSS, supported in IE5.5+, to display any text vertically on the page. Great for showing items such as copyright text, special notices etc...

  • Blossom Opt-in feature box

    Blossom is a robust feature box that conditionally pops up at the center of the user s screen to display select content prominently, such as an opt-in box. It comes with 5 different drop in effects, plus robust frequency control to limit how often the box gets shown to users. ..