• Captcha Code Generator JQuery Script

    Captcha Code Generator JQuery Script allows you to create random images.A six character code that has to be entered by the user before submitting the form. This ensures that the web forms are not automatically submitted...

  • Javascript md5

    This script is used to make md5 hash strings. It is fully compatible with UTF-8 encoding..

  • TPCS Random Password generator

    This password generator Javascript will generate random passwords with a variety of options. You can include numerals, symbols and regular characters. There is also an option to add custom characters plus you can also define the passwords desired length..

  • Right Click Disable

    Use this script to disable right click on your page with a warning message. Helpful to protect site contents...

  • Javascript sha1

    This script is used to make sha1 hash strings. It is fully compatible with UTF-8 encoding. ..

  • JavaScript Encryption Library

    A modular and extensible collection of cryptography functions, for encryption and hashing. Includes Blowfish, MD5, SHA functions, XXTEA, and others, all coded from easy-to-read and object-oriented JavaScript code...

  • Online JavaScript Obfuscator

    Online JavaScript Obfuscator confuses local variables, arguments of functions and methods, but doesn't confuse javascript core and client's functions, constructors, methods or properties. It is compatible with Core JavaScript, Client-Side JavaScript, W3C DOM, XML, XML Schemas(SOM), XSLT, AJAX(XMLHTTP) and other third party object. You may decide if confusing your owner's global variables, functions, constructors, methods and properties in source code, according to obfuscating rules...

  • Source Code Security

    A simple solution to completely remove your html source code from prying eyes using javascript and frames...

  • On-Screen Virtual Keyboard

    A plugin which uses jQuery to display a virtual keyboard on screen when the user clicks an input field. It’s an accessibility keyboard and could be used to enhance the usability of your site. The keystrokes are not traced by keyloggers. Virtual Keyboard enables you to easily choose between 15 languages and type online without installing these keyboard languages. You can use your computer mouse to type letters with this virtual keyboard.You can drag it around the page, to put it in a suitable place. ..