• JQuery Drop Down Menu Script

    Simple Jquery Drop Down Menu Script to display the web menus in an organized manner. On mouseover, the menus containing multiple columns of links expand and shrink again during mouse out. ..

  • UDM4 - Ultimate DHTML website dropdown menu

    UDM4 is the Ultimate drop down website menu. Offering 100% WAI and US Section 508 compliance, it is the most accessible drop down menu available today. Features include full support for all major browsers, search engine friendly code, XHTML and CSS compliant, US Section 508 compliance. Easily customizable and can be styled to match any design. Options include: expanding menus, unlimited sub-menus, horizontal or vertical menus, custom styling and branding, and much more. ..

  • jQuery Sliding Flexible Menu v2

    jQuery framework used horizontal / vertical sliding menu. Features included: * Options are configurable via JavaScript * Horizontal/vertical menu direction * Slide type (Bottom-Top, Top-Bottom, Left-Right, Right-Left) * Horizontal alignment for vertical menu direction (left, right) * Smooth transitions * You can set easing type & speed * Simple and clean interface * 6kb JavaScript footprint * Works in IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome * XHTML compliant * Help file is included ..

  • Absolute Floating Menu

    Floating menu that follows user scrolling. Just create an absolutely-positioned DIV block with menu in it and leave the rest to the script, which will ensure that the menu will return to the specified browser window corner when the user scrolls the page. Javascript turned off will just mean the menu will stay in its initial place. ..

  • jQuery Sliding Flexible Menu

    jQuery framework used horizontal / vertical JavaScript menu. Features included: * Options are configurable via JavaScript * Horizontal/vertical menu direction * Slide type (Bottom-Top, Top-Bottom, Left-Right, Right-Left) * Horizontal alignment for vertical menu direction (left, right) * Smooth transitions * Simple and clean interface * 5kb JavaScript footprint * Works in IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome * XHTML compliant * Help file is included..

  • Gurt JavaScript Table

    Gurt JavaScript Table is a compact JavaScript widget to wrap your tabular data with an easy skinnable table having a range of simple controls to make the data to be more available for browsing. PAGINATING, ROW MARKING in several ways, SEARCH options, ready to receive data from DB tables... - and keep in mind we do not stop working on product featureset expansion! ..

  • Gurt Menu JavaScript

    Gurt Menu JavaScript is extremely fast, unbelievably small against its wide feature-set, cross-browser javascript navigation best solution to arrange hierarchical data..

  • Javascript pie context menu

    This script allows you to build a pie menu. It uses unordered lists (

      ) to define a menu, which means that not only is it easy to configure, but it will 'gracefully degrade' in older browsers!..

  • WebDDM

    WebDDM [Web Drop Down Menu] generates drop down menus. WebDDM uses PHP to generate menus, so it's compliant with browsers that don't support JavaScript. WebDDM is fast, easy-to-use, and FULLY customizable. WebDDM uses CSS to format menus...

  • Tab menu

    A simple tab menu based on standard HTML code. This makes the menu easy to configure and friendly to search engines..

  • AllyNova Tree Menu

    Create tree menu for your website. AllyNova Tree Menu adds a tree menu to your website to make it more easy for your visitors to find things from and make your website looks more professional. It is easy to use and powerful enough for experts. To build a professional web tree menu with this tool, what you need to do is just clicking on several buttons...

  • dhtmlxTabbar - JavaScript Tab Control

    Cross-browser, XML driven and fully configurable JavaScript tab bar provides simple but powerful solution to create dynamic tabs. You can place various content within tab pages and build intuitive tabbed navigation interface. The tab content can be displayed in IFrames or dynamically loaded on demand with the aid of AJAX. The tab control supports multiline, scrollable and nested tabs and allows easy initialization through simple HTML...

  • JavaScript Navigation Bar

    Do you have a website with a navigation system that follows its directory structure? If so, these functions can be just what you need. This is the JavaScript version of Directory Navigation Links, for those who wish to implement the solution on static html. Directories() returns an array of directories: The one containing the script itself, and its parents. directory_navigation_links() calls Directories() and uses the return value to create a navigation bar...

  • Checkbox Tree in JavaScript

    A compact, fast, reusable script that lets you put checkboxes and radiobuttons inside a tree. Download the JavaScript/DHTML applet for free and configure it with the online visual builder. Features: Use for both showing and entering options and settings in a form; Cross-browser compatible; Unlimited nodes and levels; Does not require Java or cookies; Runs entirely on the client-side; Hooks available for server-side dynamic data...


    An easy to install library for Javascript and PHP that you can use to create familiar dropdown menus like in desktop applications. It comes with many options, including checkboxes, radios, keyboard navigation, shortcuts, ability to add or delete items on the fly, etc. ZZEE DHTML Menu has a simple API and is fairly easy to install and embed into your existing HTML or PHP pages. Benefits: Search engine friendly (PHP version only). Compatible with the major browsers. Small file size, little download overhead. Comes with four ready made styles. Lic..

  • DOM Menu

    DOM Menu allows developers to add dynamic, hierarchical popup menus on their web pages. The direction of the menu can either be horizontal or vertical and the menu can open (or popout) in either direction. It has both screen edge detection and select element detection. The styles for the menu items are controlled almost entirely through CSS and the menus are created/hidden using the DOM (Document Object M odel). Menu configuration is done using a custom Hash() class and is very portable from a PHP type array structure. Currently supports M..

  • SlideBar

    Put sliding navigation bar on your page. I needed that for a site that had long pages and short navigation bars, so the client wanted to fill that empty space along the left side of the pages. There is a detailed explanation of how it works...

  • COOLjsTree Pro

    COOLjsTree PRO is a cross browser JavaScript collapsible tree menu with a lot of features and wide browser support. Unlimited depth and style support give you possibility to create any hierarchical navigation structure. Online Tree Builder will help you to create your own tree menu in five minutes. Amazing flexibility can help you to build up you own unique navigation system and fire up interest to your site. Documentation and a lot of examples are present at the site...