jQuery Plugins

jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML
  • jQuery Image Slider Plugin 1

    By default, each item will open a link, but it can be easily integrated with third party plugins (e.g. lightbox or similar plugins). It supports caption text for each item, on one or multiple lines. It can be easily resized and visually customized using the style sheets. PSD with slices included for customizing the scrollbar graphics. Features: -powered by jQuery -resizable, colors can be edited inside css -PSD with slices included for editing scrollbar graphics ..

  • JQuery Ajax Slide Content

    This script is an JQuery plugin allow you to load your main content dynamically with ajax technology. Itís very easy to implement in your website and itís optimizing for SEO . When you click on a link (inside your website) the main content slide with the new content of the link. Itís a very cool plugin and itís compatible with mobile browser. If you want see more, feel free to check the demo video! ..

  • Fancy Portfolio jQuery plugin

    Fancy Portfolio is a jQuery plugin that lets you create a stylish portfolio in seconds. Itīs highly customizable and very easy to use. You can add umlimited of work holders with unlimited of work shots. You can describe and link your work...

  • Twitter Ultimate-jQuery Plugin

    Autoplay On/Off Realtime incoming tweets can be disabled/enabled on load Start/Stop Feed Options to start or pause incoming tweets Speed Control Options Ability to control speed of incoming tweets Two types of search You can either display tweets from an user or tweets mentioning a word Tweets count options Options to control number of tweets to be shown in the feed Multiple Query Option Options to have multiple queries Easily Customizable You can easily customize it by various options provided.You will be able to control speed of incoming twee..

  • FloatMenu

    FloatMenu is a simple menu with customizable movement directions. It requires no external libraries and works with all major browsers. Includes: JS and CSS files Documentation Preview page 14 icons..

  • Sliding Tabs jQuery Plugin

    Features: Scroll any number of tabs ‚ llUnlimited number of tabs and no size limit. Multiple transitions for the content ‚fade, slide horizontal and vertical (No effect is also possible). Easing plugin for sliding effects ‚Just include the Easing plugin and specify the easing effect. Use the mouse scroll wheel to slide the tabs ‚ Can be disabled if desired. Lightweight ‚ The packed script weighs only 4kb. Fully customizable ‚Fully customizable with CSS . Compatible with all browsers ‚ Including IE6 ..

  • Easy jQuery MediaGallery

    With MediaGallery you can create a list of youtube/vimeo videoís very easily.You only have to add the links/users you want to include in your list to an element in your page an MediaGallery will do the rest. Styling goes like a brees after reading the manual included in the purchase so you can make it unique to your site. ..

  • Mega Pull Out Menu

    Features: 12 color themes & 20 buttons 10 predefined menus form, social icons, various menus, articles unlimited menus per page code generator included universal, versatile and easy to setup ..

  • Show more with jQuery

    In this short series we will find out how to display a limited number of characters of each record in the loop and how to add 'show more' link to reveal the remaining content using jQuery, PHP and MySQL...

  • Jquery Based Countdown

    A different jquery countdown. This is not an ordinary countdown. It might now fit in your requirements. * You should manually enter seconds * Script is using cookie to load the timer when user returns back to your site. * You can have many countdown in single page..

  • jQuery range select slider

    The jQuery range slider provides a simple way for users to specify a minimum and maximum range of numbers (integers or floating point), and is ideally suited for situations such as price range filters on e-commerce websites. The control is very lightweight, and very easy to install, configure, and customize on existing pages, including creating new controls at run-time through Javascript. jQuery based, the control is well suited and gives consistent results across most modern browsers...

  • Jquery slider bar Slidy

    It turn any block element into a slider bar which user can move the pointer to select a value! It supports theming with only one image without any extra css! Using is very simple, just import file and apply plugin and you have your bar to select value! Simple markup, no extra css! ..

  • Fancy News - jQuery plugin

    You can add umlimited of news with thumbnails. If the post is longer than the height of the main area, a cool scrollbar will be added automatically. You can also load your own RSS feed. ..

  • Responsive Slideshow Photo Gallery Grid

    The Responsive Slideshow Photo Gallery has a fluid / flexible / responsive layout. Basically the grid is added into a html page into a div of your chosing and it's adapting based of that div's width, the grid height is modified based on the number of thumbnails and if other elements are below the grid div they will be pushed down automatically (document flow). In the examples provided you can see a few ways in which you might use this grid, of course that other configurations are possible (please note that the code of this examples is provided ..

  • jQuery Mini Image Gallery

    Fading XML jQuery Image Scroller Gallery & Slideshow. Features: * Simple and clean XML driven image gallery * External XML configuration file (image width / height, text description, links) * AutoPlay / Previous / Next buttons * Time period adjustable from the XML file (in seconds) * Menu thumbnails size adjustable from XML * Image titles, mirror and roll over coloring support * Cross browser compatibility: compatible with all major browsers * Highly customizable skins and HTML / CSS driven description text box * Set URL links via..

  • Flex Carousel Responsive jQuery Plugin

    Flex Carousel is a jQuery plugin with rich set of features. It is responsive, touch-enabled, fast and smooth. It can be easily integrated into your own web projects. You can customize the visual appearance of the plugin by creating your own skin or using built-in skins/templates. Features Included: Fully responsive in two modes: Break points and item width range. Offers keyboard and mouse wheel support. Mobile touchscreen supported. Supports multiple instances. Hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions with jQuery fallback. Lightbox to show imag..