• ajax request

    This is a generic template one can use to make AJAX calls from a web page. One simplification I have implemented in many of my projects, is that instead of XML, my scripts generate JavaScript. It saves me the trouble of having to parse the AJAX response text. ..

  • Live.js

    A handy development tool that automatically reload a web page whenever changes to CSS, HTML and JavaScript is made. Live.js works in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE6+ until proven otherwise. Live.js is independent of the development framework or language you use, whether it be Ruby, Handcraft, Python, Django, NET, Java, Php, Drupal, Joomla or what-have-you. ..

  • Javascript Assertion Unit Framework

    jsAssertUnit is a unit testing framework based on assertions, helping JavaScript developers to test their code. Failing assertions about the program state are tracked in a Reporter window of a DOM compliant browser : IE5+, Mozilla, Netscape 6+, etc...

  • Javascript sprintf

    This is limited sprintf Javascript implementation. Returns a string formatted by the usual printf conventions. ..

  • Javascript pad

    This functions returns the input string padded on the left, the right, or both sides to the specified padding length. ..

  • Javascript cookies

    the cyclic redundancy checksum polynomial of 32-bit lengths of the string. This is usually used to validate the integrity of data being transmitted..

  • Sortable HTML table

    This JavaScript code can be used to convert tables in ordinary HTML into sortable ones. This script is unobtrusive. No additional coding is necessary...

  • Javascript benchmark

    There are many of context menu examples on the internet. This javascript context menu is very lightweight, OOP based and item-specific. You can setup it in a few seconds. ..

  • Javascript benchmark

    This is a method which can be used to do a relative measure (benchmark) of the Javascript function performance. ..

  • MemTronic's HTML/JavaScript Cruncher-Compressor

    What it is good for: ================ The HTML/JavaScript Cruncher (also known as squeezing): Removes whitespace and comments in ALL your JavaScript-Blocks, Style-Sheet-Blocks, HTML-Blocks. This results in Bandwidth-Savings between 20% - 50%. (Depends on use of comments and style) The entire file will work like any uncrunched file. (Search-Engines and users still can parse the code) The HTML/JavaScript Compressor: Compresses the entire file with a REAL compression-scheme! (Auto-DeCompression added to file) (detects: pure..

  • JavaScript Minify

    JavaScript Minify is a Dreamweaver extension that compress/minify JavaScript files from the Dreamweaver Menu obtaining light & faster files. This tool removes the extra spaces and line breaks using reliable and efficient algorithms. Smaller files will make your site load faster making space for more features based on JavaScript effects & improvements. ..

  • Javascript url encode / decode

    This script is used to encode / decode url parameters. It is fully compatible with UTF-8 encoding. Useful when u want to transfer data using AJAX technology...

  • Tito Web Studio

    Tito Web Studio is a feature rich and extremely effective JavaScript Debugger and JavaScript Profiler. This enterprise grade software will help QA analysts and web developers debug and profile JavaScript related web projects. Tito Web Studio's JavaScript profiler is the first in the market. It assists developers profile untested code to locate performance bugs. It supports triggers to control workflow and records snapshots to determine performance bottlenecks. Performance snapshots are displayed in spreadsheet style with various lengths of col..

  • JSPackaging

    Tired of unordered, unclear and overlapping JavaScript files, or just looking for an easy way to separate your JavaScript from your (X)HTML? So was I, hence the creation of JSPackaging. Through the use of 3 components (JSPackage, JSImport and JSLoad) JSPackaging provides JavaScript developers with Well-defined Data & Functionality Encapsulation, clear Dependency Definition, and Simplified External Script loading. In short, it brings Java's packaging structure to JavaScript, providing a simple and effective means of encapsulating s..