Categorized database of Java Applets for your on/offline use.
  •  BMTron
     Multi-player tron game for 2, 3 or 4 players.
  •  Digital Clock
     Digital Clock implements the digital clock and caters to 24 hour time zones and a 24 hour clock or you can also select a AM/PM option. Customizable parameters include font style, size, color etc.
  •  Analog Clock
     Analog Clock displays time of your time zone. This displays an analog clock and even allows you to draw a crude analog clockface.
  •  TreeTable - Java applet combines grid and tree view
     Java applet combines table (grid) and tree view + sort,edit,dynamic loading,xml
  •  Vault :: Multiple File Upload and Download Applet
     HTTP upload java applet. Provides multiple file upload/download functionality.
  •  JTree - Java Tree Menu Applet
     JTree is a cross-browser/multiplatform Java tree menu applet with XML support
  •  Bar Chart Pro Applet
     Professional bar chart applet for web statistical, like sales, members, company growth.
  •  1st Class Star Wars
     This applet displays a scrolling text using an array of images. 1st Class Star Wars includes a package of three applets and each applet contains a detailed description of the scrolling effect and picture description.
  •  Drop Down Menu II Applet
     Drop down menu applet for site navigation.
  •  Pie Chart Applet
     Pie chart applet with animated parts.