Video Players

  • HTML5 Video Background

    HTML5 video background is a simple javascript module that allows you to add video to your site's background with a single javascript call. The script automatically chooses what video format to use and checks if your site is being seen from a mobile device and choose a lower quality video if so. It has also a flash fallback if user system doesn't support HTML5 video tag. Features Included: * Simple javascript call * Mobile support * Flash Fallback * Absolute position (follows site's scroll) * Video aspect ratio to normal, aspect, full ..

  • InSite

    InSite is a Web site management tool written in perl. It checks link integrity and does some basic content monitoring of your site's files directly on the local disk, which gives it a huge speed advantage over similar tools...

  • META & Dead Links Check

    META & Dead Links Check (mdlc) is a Perl program that checks META tags and dead links. Now, it can only check local web pages. It can create 4 result files containing: List of checked links, List of dead links, List of Web links (not local links), and That you can view if your web site was indexed by a robot...

  • Link Restrictor

    Link Restrictor is an easy to use web based tool that automatically and systematically checks to see that your hard earned dollars spent on advertising banners and hyperlinks are not wasted. Link Restrictor's job is to see that your well crafted, banner ads and hyperlinks are actually being displayed by your link partners...

  • SpiderView

    SpiderView is a server based program which can spider a webpage, testing the links found on the page, evaluating your server and its performance. SpiderView is available, to run, from our server at no charge, or you can purchase the program and offer it to your users as a means of generating traffic to your site...

  • IntelliLink Pro

    Previously I wrote about two black holes colliading together in space. NASA has recently released a high-resolution image of the two black holes as their own gravity sucks them into eachother, to form one super-massive black hole..

  • Website Broken Links Checker

    Broken links are a serious problem when trying to get your website registered with search engines. Use our link checking to test your website before submitting your url to the search engines...

  • LinkScan

    LinkScan is the industrial strength link checking and website management tool. It also does HTML validation and creates two types of publication quality SiteMaps. LinkScan is offered in two versions: LinkScan Workstation is a single-user implementation designed for individual content developers in large enterprises, and for organizations having smaller websites with up to 300 documents, and LinkScan Server is the complete multi-user, enterprise LinkScan implementation including LinkScan/Dispatch and handles extremely large websites comprising u..

  • Yendif Player

    Get a most popular HTML5, Flash (swf), rtmp live streaming, hls streaming, Responsive HD video web player used to build large HD video sharing and audio sharing websites...

  • Html5 Video Player with Playlist

    HTML5 Video Player with playlist is awesome if you want to share your own movie creations. Video Player works on all modern browsers, it’s based on jQuery JavaScript Library and supports fullscreen in Window Mode. Features: * Comes with 2 playlists modes: vertical & horizontal * Dynamic FullScreen Mode * Easy customization via HTML / CSS files * Supports MP4, OGV files * Set title and description for the video * Set sound control * Set Autoplay true/false * Set auto advance to next video * Set preview image for the video * Flas..

  • Free HTML5 Player

    Free HTML5 Player is to allow you to playback videos on a website, or on iphone/device. Free HTML5 Player use and change this application in your own software projects without restriction, but you must not re-distribute the app in a manner similar to how it is distributed on FLV or free hml5 player...

  • Responsive Html5 Video Background

    Enjoy your website visitors by adding a modern responsive html5 video background. HTML5 Video Background Features: * Cross browser / device ( mobiles, tablet, desktop ) * Optional autoplay / looping and much more * YouTube / html5 video support * Responsive / fix size options * Help files included in the package..

  • Responsive HTML5 Video Gallery & Background

    Responsive HTML5 Video Background Gallery with Playlist & YouTube support. You can play both local mp4 / ogv video files and YouTube videos. It can be used as a Html5 Video Player and Gallery and is awesome if you want to showcase your own movie creations. Features: * Two playlist modes: vertical & horizontal * Dynamic FullScreen mode ( in supported browsers ) * Easy customization via HTML / CSS files * Supports mp4, ogv files and YouTube videos * Set sound volume control and * Set playlist Autoplay true/false * Flash fallback fo..

  • MyList Video Player

    Dynamically Loads YouTube Playlist - Just specify a YouTube playlist ID and this player will load that playlist. Anytime that playlist is updated on YouTube it will be reflected in this player. Your youtube playlist is displayed in a horizontal row of thumbnail images. Fully Responsive - The MyList Player uses responsive design (CSS media queries) to adapt to fit the screen size. The player will expand to fit the full width of whatever parent element you place it into. Mobile Friendly - The MyList Player has been heavily tested in major iOS and..