Browser Support

  • DWodp live

    PHP script that allows you to intergrate live or cached ODP data into your website using a template based system. You can also decide the window target for external links. Supports World category character sets and thumbnail previews...

  • phpODP

    phpODP enables you to add the content of The Open Directory Project at to your own website. Let your users search or browse the categories. Features: - Thumbnail previews of sites (optional) - Caching of browsing & searching - Supports targeted advertising (Amazon) - Template based (change look easily) - Custom 404 / Not found pages Easy install - just upload the file and you're ready to go!..

  • Script Db

    Instead Of Sreaching For Scripts You Can Get 50+ In One Download! Its Free To! You Can Find AnyThing You Need Here! We Got Forums, Support, Games, News, And More Scripts!..

  • phPlebius ODP

    Use this script to add the power of the open directory to your website. Works as a stand-alone script or as a php-nuke add-on. Data-caching helps improve performance...

  • DWodp pro

    PHP script that allows you to intergrate the ODP RDF dumps into a MySQL database and then search and browse the directory. It can be intergrated into your site using templates. Also supports category moves (catmv), site totals for each category, editor's picks and thumbnail previews...

  • Random Reaper

    Random Reaper extracts links from smartly, and descards all junk links. Links are then stored in a MySQL database, so if you run a webserver it will be faster than dynamically fetching links and modifying them. The difference between Random Reaper(RR) and its competitors is that RR uses a new technique in getting links. You don't need to enter a search phrase, all you do is just select a category, subcategory and get a random links from there. This type of Open Directory is ideal for people who like to explore more of a particular topi..

  • Gensolve Practice Manager

    Gensolve Practice Manager is the only end to end, cloud-based practice management software specifically designed to help you run your whole practice, not just parts of it. Today, Gensolve helps thousands of practitioners run a better practice, including physiotherapies, osteopathies, chiropractors, and podiatrists. In fact, Gensolve is the preferred training platform for allied health students at Auckland University of Technology. Gensolve is cloud-based, so you can securely run your practice from anywhere. Gensolveā€™s unique design also means..