Web Sites

  • Flash Interactive Cartoon Maker by Cartoon Magic

    This website presents users an interactive cartoon maker which allows users to customize the readymade cartoons available with this site. It lets the users to create their interactive cartoon to send to their friends, relatives or anybody else. In this website the users can have the facility to edit the face of the person of their chosen photographs by using its online photo processor...

  • Fla files and other free resources

    Our company offers its customers a great variety of products. Everything you need can be found in this site: • Icons • Images • Fonts • Clipart • Logo • Sounds • Flash • 3D ..

  • CX Nav Bar

    CX Nav Bar is a drop down flash menu with a chrome style and sounds. The flash navigation system is very easy to use, all you need to do is configure the external file (xml file) with a simple text editor or with your html editor. Flash program is not needed to configure the buttons, links, etc. ..

  • Dowload Flash Animations, Flash Sound Loops, Click Sounds, Fonts

    AdobeFlash.com allows you to download free flash resources like click sounds, sound loops, pixel fonts, icons, most icons also come in png format with transparency so that it can integrate with flash. You can also subscribe and stay updated with new content. If you are an author you can contact us and we will post your resources on site..

  • Flash Calendar (Date Picker)

    A graphical calendar displaying a month sheet at a time, for user to select a date. The module can be integrated in another flash movie. It has extendable multi-language support. Also, very easy to change the look-and-feel..

  • Download flash files for free

    At FFILES you can find free flash files to download, photoshop files, sound files; all free. New submissions are posted instantly on website...

  • Gep Art

    Gep Art flash artist, inlcuding caricatures, illustrations, animations (3D, traditionals, stop mo, flash)..

  • Magic Magnify

    Zoom into an image through a magnifying glass! The user just rolls over the image and sees it in very high detail as though it were a looking glass. Perfect for products on an e-commerce website. Uses Flash for the photo zoom effect. Very fast, great user experience, easy to use, easy to add to your website (a small piece of JavaScript code). ..

  • Photo Capture | Photo Capture Software | Photo Softwa

    Mugshot is a simple photo capturing software application which enables you to take photos/images instantly through webcam. It offers easy integration with PHP websites, which gives you added flexibility and choices in adapting to new challenges and opportunities while integrating the software...

  • GestureWorks - Flash Multitouch SDK

    The GestureWorks package provides everything Flash ActionScript 3 developers need to author multitouch enabled applications. The software comes complete with its’ own multitouch drivers for the HP TouchSmart, Dell Studio One, and the Ideum’s Multitouch Tables. GestureWorks comes with a multitouch Gesture Library that includes pinch and scale, flip/flick, rotate, drag (one finger drag, two finger scroll), flip/flick, tap, double-tap, and press and hold.The Gesture Library is fully extensible; gestures can be added, dropped or modified. Gestur..

  • DevDude

    In this website the users can find some useful online tools for free and also a directory contains resources about flash. It offers a resource directory which has lots of resources including flash tools and actionscript tutorials. It serves as an one stop solution to the users for their flash needs...

  • Flash Puzzle

    To rotate click on block corner and drag it. You can drop block ( center of the block ) in free space of main area or in any space of work area ( where blocks are placed at the start of the game ). Check other puzzles on www.ztor.com ..

  • Flash Photo Gallery Website

    Clean Web Presence Our Flash Photo Gallery is professionally designed to give you a clean, aesthetically pleasing website that will keep your visitor's interested in your work while not detracting their attention from the most important thing... YOUR WORK! Dynamic Flash Actionscripting and PHP Code This is one of the features of our photo gallery that sets it apart from our competition. No more XML files to worry about. We have written powerful code makes adding images easy!!..

  • 123 Flash Chat server

    This is a website which presents a chat program for the flash users on any website. 123 flash web chat is a Macromedia flash which comes with good loading speed and interface. It enables the users to use for eleven languages to suit their needs in handling powerful chat system. The webmasters can post their web chatrooms in others forums also. Installation is very simple for this program...

  • Article Script 1.0

    JerryScript's Flash Events Calendar is a quick and easy way to share your calendar of events on your website. No need for advanced coding knowledge or confusing back-end installations, just download to your website, unzip, and start creating events. Administrators can set events, and create event discriptions via plain text or Flash supported HTML tags. End users can view events, and add personal notes that are stored on their computer and are only visible to them. Easily integrated into your website design, the Flash Events Calendar is also cu..

  • CyberXMedia.com

    For Free Flash Sound Effects - Loops, PHP and MySQL programs plus Graphic Icons and Web Templates..