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    Flash open source for flash developer and beginners, flash links, sound loops, flash tutorials, forum, latest in flash and more!..

    • Horizontal Scroller Motion Blur - FLASHTORY

      Features: - unlimited number of thumbnails; - supports landscape and portrait images which are then resized by ratio taking into consideration the limits you will setup in the xml; - easy to implement and use; From the xml you can change: - the scroller's x and y; - the scroller's mask width and height - the space between thumbnails; - the limits for resizing the image; - the normal and mouse over color/corner radius/alpha value and width for the thumbnail's background; - the animation time and type used for rolling over/out the thumbnail; - th..

    • Screen recording to SWF - with Zoom-n-Pan effect

      The zoom-n-pan feature of DemoCreator allows you to zoom and pan in a specific area showing only the relevant parts of your scene in specific details and make your point clearly. This tutorial will show you how to make this effect step by step...

    • Dynamic Flash World Map

      Dynamic Flash World Map. All links can be editable via text file no need to edit flash. Simply replace urls in text file with your website urls and flash map will start navigating according to your requirements. Can also integrate with database or asp,php files. ..

    • Flash Slideshow

      Flash Slideshow provides an easy way to add slideshows into your websites. The have many features like provision of configurable height, width and border color for the frames. It also performs automatic scaling of images to fit into the specified area, automatic frame and drop shadow, and fade in, fade out transitions between photos, and displaying playback controls when the mouse moves across a photo...

    • Flash Photo Gallery with php / xml

      Eyelash is a lightweight flash portfolio application using XML / PHP. Flash Photo Gallery takes input from a directory of images, generates thumbnails, outputs a flash layout of clickable thumbnails that click to the real size image. Add a new image to the folder and it will automatically be added to the gallery / portfolio. Features include : mouseover with fadein/fadeout effect, vertical scrollbar for additionnal thumbnails, drop down effect for image description, multiple gallery portfolio..

    • Isometric Virtual World Engine (Online Multiplayer)

      It is the free version of the isometric Virtual World Engine. It got a lot of functions there, including 4 rooms. You just need to upload to your website, then it works! And, you could simply replace the logo.jpg in the folder with yours. Then your website logo would appear on the front page. ..

    • Easy Before and After Photo Mask AS3

      This simple and yet very effective utility displays two images at once with a draggable slider that allows the viewer to easily compare the two images. It can display images vertically (like the preview) or horizontally, side by side. It's resizable from the xml file and can has three types of image resizing (original, fit inside, stretch). Images can also be links (independent link&target for each image) if you want to. You also have the ability to allow the button to move on the slider as well as customize the colors in the xml. ..

    • Arco Constructions Flash CMS Template

      Features: Highly scalable and customizable structure of a template helps to create professional flash website in the shortest terms. The simple and intuitive Flash WYSIWYG editor is a really powerful tool for deep template customization that may be done even by inexperienced users. The number of galleries, pages and video files is unlimited. This flash CMS template was created to assist you in building an astonishing corporate portfolio website...

    • Pixel Effect Banner Rotator

      This component can be used in a HTML page or even in a FLASH project. Key Features: XML driven content; FLASHVARS support ( for the location of the XML file ); unlimited number of images; use as many text lines per slide as you want; you can change background color, alpha value, text color and angle per slide; 4 modes of displaying text; choose from 2 optional filters to apply on text: shadow or glow ( or none); position each text field with x and y values; hyperlinks support on images ( opens external urls )...

    • Cascade Flash Digital Clock

      Cascade Flash Digital Clock is a smartClip allows you to add a traditional LCD Digital Clock Display to your Flash movies. The SmartClip also allows you to change the colors in the clock to give it a different look...

    • Puzzle Ad

      For the puzzle part, You can reset the puzzle when you would like to restart. There are four position for your choice to put the hint image and reset bar, you can customize it through parameters in html. The hint image Bar Size, the Puzzle Piece Size can be customize through parameters by js in html. The link of website can be customize through flash parameters by js in html. All the parameter explain is in the help.txt in the donwload files. ..

    • UniGroup Business Flash CMS Template

      Features: A set of various site features allows to realize the most sophisticated webmasters' dreams. All interactive tools for presentations and showcase are on board. Cool flash image gallery, video files showcase, unlimited number of contact forms and rich content text pages will assist in creating highly interactive and eye catching website your competitors may even dream of...

    • Flash-XML News Ticker

      Flash-XML News Ticker loads the news from an XML file and allows the users to view the headline news in the banner ad form. A method named get elements by tagname has been written for using with the action script built in XML files. This program also allows the display of different news categories without making any changes to the original movie. This player has some built in security constraints that prevents it from downloading files from other websites...

    • Accordion Menu V2 XML

      Simple copy the clips folder in your project and add the code in the frame you want and it will show the menu. If the main menu has no sub items then navigate to url else open the sub items.You can manage the menus items and sub menus items from XML file. ..

    • Flash Memory Matching Game AS3

      This is flash memory game XML driven and resizable. You can add your own images and configure the number of rows and columns. XML Settings: - component width and height - logo path - number of images - image width and height - spacing - customize every text that appears in the game - customize score - specify the maximum time interval for solving the game - set the image paths Enjoy this new release from Oxylus Flash. ..

    • Cool Contact Form

      Features: alarm effect,focus effect; time, date, day clock; very nice button effect; E-mail validation; Used mail $headers ,So that the email will never send to Spam folder. You can change the email address where the mails should be sent in the XML file; Very easy to use; Status message; 5 second auto-reset after the message is sent; No need to open the PHP file; ActionScript 3.0; Easy to understand PHP and XML file; Very small size only 30kb..

    • Flash Photo Gallery

      Our flash photo gallery is a cool way to display your personal photos. Just place images in a directory and our flash photo gallery will read the images and display them in the gallery. Knowledge of Macromedia Flash is not required. English is the only language supported by the photo gallery. Number of photos in the photo gallery Customize path photos Customize Background color Customize Font color Customize Effects Customize up and down arrow colors Customize Border size...