Selections of books on Web development in Flash.
  • Flip Books

    Flippies custom flip books are flipbooks for promotional marketing products...

  • All-into-One Flash Mixer

    AiO Flash Mixer combines SWF files into one SWF file visually. You can merge several SWF into a new SWF by dragging and dropping the mouse. New version is available for you to add background music, text and most format of pictures (JPG, dynamic GIF, PNG). In order to help you to make a wonderful Flash, we provide thousand of Flash ClipArts. All you need to do for an amazing Flash is to drag and drop them into a new SWF..

  • Flash Flip Book

    A flash flip book digital magazine is an enhanced electronic magazine replica presented in an on-screen flip-the-page format. This online "print magazine layout" formatted digital magazine can be viewed by anyone, anywhere, anytime over the Internet. This digital magazine solution provides new readership, advertiser, publication brand, and profitability growth opportunities for publishers. Give a web presence to your magazine, donít settle with website looks when you can give a book look. If you want to make a nice looking book with front and r..

  • Pix Editor

    Flash Pix Editor is a Flash component designed to provide an interface where clients can browse for images, Trim, Resize and apply filters on images live. On submit, resulting image is processed and saved as a jpeg, png of gif on the server. Optionally, a copy can be served to the client as download instantly. Companies and sites requiring clients to upload images can use this to process them online. Site include: Photo Print Shops, Portals, Membership Sites, Association Sites, Community based sites, DV-VISA Lottery Sites, Job Application Pages..