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If you think about a photo gallery on the web, try Thickbox Gallery 2. This is a program for photo galleries using PHP and ThickBox JavaScript library for images, audios and videos. No databases are required. Thumbnails and screen-size images with/without watermarking on the fly Use GD, Netpbm or Imagemagick Automatic album detection and hierarchical(tree) structure of album list Support Atom, Google Webmaster tools, bookmarks and mod_rewrite Valid XHTML1.0 and clean CSS design And some more... You want to use Lightbox JS? Yes, Lightbox, Highslide, Litebox, SmoothGallery, FrogJS, Slimbox, ClearBox JS 2, Lightview, Sexy LightBox, ColorBox or prettyPhoto can be used on Thickbox Gallery instead of ThickBox.

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