Scripts and Programs

Categorized database of scripts and applications written in CFML.
  •  Flash File Upload
     Flash File Upload is a file manipulation program where the users can upload file with the support of Flash, CF and javascript.
  •  2simplifi Group Forums
     2simplifi Group Forums allows the creation of unlimited discussion topics via a back office administration module. Administrators and moderators can create main categories and subcategories that are dynamically displayed. Members can easily communicate.
  •  KTML 3 WYSIWYG editor
     Online Visual HTML Editor
  •  CFBB
     This is a web based forum application developed in cold fusion. This application provides various features like providing important messages from the admin, blog application, allowing the users to generate statistics reports, etc.
  •   2simplifi Group Forums
     This tool, which contains 100% Open Source ColdFusion code and SQL Server 2000 scripts, allows the creation of unlimited discussion topics through a back office administration module.
  •  Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor
     This is a demo site for HTML Editor. Menu bar contents several links to pages with editable content. You should follow any link from menu bar to display this page. The bottom part contents
  •   2simplifi E-mail Contact Manager
     ColdFusion-based e-mail contact manager.
  •  CFM Mail Form with BCC
     This offers a quick cut and paste solution for a Cold Fusion E-mail form, that will e-mail you and also send a blind carbon copy somewhere. The server should have Cold Fusion and after submission of form, the surfer shall be directed to a thanks page.
  •  SimpleTable
     Build sophisticated, database interfaces in no time!
  •  Coldfusion Contact Form
     Coldfusion Contact Form